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50% Cashback (Max $10) at Book Depository via ShopBack


Got this on the email from shoback. Book depository cashback looks good. No other details yet.

72 Hours of Upsizes at 72 Stores

Monday 9 September - 30 minute flash sales + up to 30% cashback

Tuesday 10 September - 50% cashback at book depository capped at $10

Wednesday 11 September - Stay Tuned

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  • Shopback been bringing the fire lately with the cb combos

  • I've found shopback more consistently track cashbacks. What gives you soft spot for cashrewards?

  • I keep not using shopback simply because it does not seem to let auto fill work to login from my browser… Whereas cash rewards does. Just makes it more fiddely when I'm not on my PC and the difference has yet to be worth the effort.

    • I use edge for sb and it doesn’t seem to have your similar issues…

    • does not seem to let auto fill work to login from my browser… Whereas cash rewards does.

      Ditto. I find the same with the shopback app. Very annoyingly. If the app can't keep you logged in, why have an app.

    • I have the same issue. it is super annoying!! :(

    • I have this issue but its definitely not enough of an issue to miss out of more % cashback.

    • Logging into SB sucks, no idea who designed their ass log-in screens. But they are better at tracking and have better cashback rates, so I suffer the log-in woes

  • wonder if Amazon would be in this..

  • your move cash rewards

  • Eligible for Pre-order purchase?

  • Hell Yeah! Haven’t bought a book in ages but been itching to. I just hope I remember on he day.

  • wow maybe i can finally buy my own book that amazon wont post to me

  • Book Depository shipping takes forever.

    • +11 votes

      I've found it takes about 2 weeks from UK which I thought was very reasonable.

      • Took two attempts over 1.5 months for a textbook to Perth last month.

        • Most likely an isolated case

        • +9 votes

          Oh Perth, that explains it.

        • I wonder why… I've ordered 30+ books lately, most of them were from BD, and it takes 12-16 days.

          But I do hate how they ship every book separately. You can receive 6 books the same day, all in separate envelopes, and every one can have some damage which would only happen to one or two or NONE if they put them all in the same package.

        • Yup, fellow Perthian here. Can confirm it takes forever.

  • Curious what the other sb deals end up being

  • Awesome, the book I want also just went down by $10 :)

    • Expect it to go up again. Don't keep clicking on it in the meantime either… and make sure to clear your browser cookies/cache before you order it on the day, after clicking ONCE. A couple of weeks ago I clicked on a book multiple times while I was working out how to split my order between 2 or 3 stores, to get the best total price. Their price shot up on a book because they thought it was becoming popular from all the clicks. So I was ready to order, but that one book was now dearer, so I didn't buy it from them - I got it elsewhere but had to pay more than BD's original price. A day or two later it fell back to the price it was before.

      Edit: Actually it might have been Abesbooks I'm thinking of, not certain now.

      • Good call! I won't overdo it. Also I realised I was looking at a different sized version the first time… they have an A5 sized copy then a larger one for $10 more. Definitely don't make it easy to figure this stuff out!

  • Wednesday 11 September - Stay Tuned

    Can't wait to see the prices inexplicably collapse.

  • Make sure you check out booko.com.au to compare book prices.

  • good deals

  • I tried to order something from them today and apparently they don't ship to parcel lockers, which is disappointing.

    • They deliver to Parcel Collect

    • they don't ship to parcel lockers


      • No idea mate. Wouldn't let me enter the parcel locker address. Ended up paying a couple dollars more and ordering from Amazon instead. But next time might try Parcel Collect as suggested by grips.

    • I get stuff delivered to parcel lockers from bd all the time?

      • Hmm, might be a new thing? I dunno. When I enter a parcel locker address the checkout page says: "We are unable to deliver to Parcel Lockers. Please provide an alternative address". So they are purposely refusing parcel lockers it seems, at least for me. But Parcel Collect works, and I can try Occas redirect suggestion as well.

  • I wonder if some of the other book shops may lower their online prices over those 2 days as an additional incentive to purchase from them. Am curious to see if they do.

  • I like their app, it's great!

  • capped at $10

    Don’t get too excited.

  • Can you use this multiple times?

  • Hmm, made a purchase but noticed that in the "Other Terms and Conditions":

    Cashback will be tracked at the lower amount but will be uplifted once Book Depository confirms that the order is made by a new customer

    Edit: shrug it's tracked as $10 straight away, so nvm.

  • Can this be redeemed multiple times?

    • Cashback is capped at one transaction per customer during the 50% cashback promotional period (as of 9am AEST). Cashback for additional orders will be rejected post campaign.


  • Thanks for the heads up on this! I just bought Jamie Oliver's "Veg"f at $28.61 - $10 cashback makes (50% capped $10) it effectively $18.61. Xmas pressie for the best friend almost sorted :) Nice price for the hardback copy. :) Wish it could be redeemed many times lol

  • On the Shopback page, it mentions 50% off on the Bargain Shop tab, but is not in the details.
    Does anyone know if it is restricted to those, or is applicable to a wider range?

    • I think that means the books in the Bargain Shop are already reduced by a certain amount with many 50% off. I have bought many in the past from the Bargain Shop and they are already reduced to their 'bargain' shop price.

  • Someone above quoted "new customers". So is this cashback for everyone, or only new customers?

    Edit: Nvm… I can't see anything mentioned about new customers. It must be for everyone.

  • Hang on… "One transaction per customer"… That obviously means you get 50% off an order of one ITEM, so that one item would have to be $20 to get $10 cashback… But does it also mean you can place one ORDER containing multiple books and still get $10 cashback (as long as the order total is > $20)?

    • Sorry, to be more clear what I meant… say you have several items in your cart and each one is less than $20 - do you only get cashback on one of the items? Or do you get the full $10 because the cart total is more than $20?

      Edit: Nvm… Bought a single more expensive book to cover all possibilities.

  • After you checkout, the Shopback Cashback Buddy pops up and shows: "Hurray, your shopping trip has been recorded! To earn cashback on your next purchase…" and then you're supposed to click the red button with: "Activate 50% Cashback" plastered on it.

    This creates the impression you can get multiple 50% cashbacks.

    But as THEMAN_AUS quoted above: "Cashback is capped at one transaction per customer during the 50% cashback promotional period. Cashback for additional orders will be rejected post campaign."

    I can see this creating some angst in the days ahead.

  • Does anyone know if this deal applies to pre-orders? The book I want is showing as 76 days to go.

  • Was there ever a Wednesday offer? It says stay tuned, I’m still tuning in.

  • I placed my order, it was tracked by Shopback, and then a couple days later the order was automatically cancelled by Book Depository. No reason was given, and the book is still in stock. I give up with these guys and will just stick with Amazon.

  • Has anyone had their sale tracked or had their sale confirmed?

    • Still pending for me

    • First time (in a long time) that nothing was tracked. Definitely showed click activity. Submitted a claim

      Thanks for your responses @knobbs @luckyalways

      • Just checked mine again. It says it will be validated by 25/9/19 if all OK. At the moment its still pending so hopefully it will be confirmed today. Will check again later.

      • Received the book today, but nothing was tracked in shopback :(

        • I also have my book and its still pending in my shopoback Cashback overview. Don't understand the delay.I purchased on 10/9 and it says should be available by 30/11/19. That dates been changed a number of times.

          • @Luckyalways: Book received. Claim submitted and should be responded to in the next few days.
            I also note the original purchase shows Cashback should be available first week December. Weird as we all purchased on the day of the offer 10/9

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