Optus Alcatel A3 Mobile Phone $5 @ Target


Optus Alcatel A3 only 5 bucks. One of the cheapest phone with Fingerprint Scanner.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


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    Had a play with their "stock" API … appears only the following stores may still have stock…

    "Bull Creek":"lowStock"
    "Forest Hill":"lowStock"
    "Knox City":"lowStock"
    "Plenty Valley":"lowStock"


      Did you call up those stores? I can't seem to find it on their website

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      where do you check this? target website doesnt show alcatel a3

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      Low stock but probably you won't find on shelf unless being put away for staff to buy.


      Only these stores?


        Looks like it - I queried their API using the product code shown in the photograph… most showed "OutofStock" but I weeded out the above ones that differed. Good luck actually finding the stock though - as others have said, staff will probably scoop them up - that or they may be missing units / "out the back somewhere", which has typically been my experience with anything showing in their system as "low stock".

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      "low stock" often means "no stock" as I've discovered.
      So basically Doncaster and Sale are the only places.


      not gonna lie, i’m impressed .. i need to know how to do this.


      What's the api endpoint, or can you link to docs pls?

      target/kmart websites on mobile are awful and slow, a cml with curl woukd be so much easier to use.


      I need that new piece of code…

      Here's the latest update…

      "5223": "lowStock", Doncaster, VIC
      "5290": "lowStock", Plenty Valley, VIC
      "5278": "lowStock", Forest Hill, VIC
      "5075": "inStock", Sale, VIC
      "5032": "lowStock", Camberwell, VIC

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