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Entry Level Gaming Desktop: Intel Core i3 9100F CPU | GTX 1650 4GB GPU | H310M MB | 120GB SSD | 8GB RAM | $515 Shipped @TechFast


Amazing value on this entry level gaming PC that's perfect for offices too. Upgrade options available for those wanting extra features & performance. Apply code TA-HARDCORE to receive $213 off the price of any config. Delivery applies to anywhere in Oz. Offer ends Sept 16 unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

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    Thanks again TA! Lots of upgrades available on every line - my picks would be the B360 mobo for the m.2 slot, and the 240gb NVMe drive to replace the 120gb 2.5" SSD and you'll boot into Windows in about 10 seconds.

    I also added the RX 570 4GB as a GPU Swap option for those who prefer the AMD card.

  • Awesome deal. Much better price to performance than any of the 2nd hand options available lately.


      For gaming perhaps given they have to add a decent low-profile video card, but not for us mere mortals…

  • May I ask if we can get a special deal on one without the GPU? It's for people who have a spare/left-over one from upgrading.

    • And when your new TechFast PC + old GPU won't boot or gets blue screen, who will be responsible for troubleshooting and repairing it?

      • I am not sure myself, but I think they would have tested it themselves with a GPU, so it is likely your old GPU, however if you were to send it them with your GPU they could test it, and if it turns out your GPU is the cause they could charge for labour, but if not, they can fix it.

        • The extra time in testing should offset any gains

        • Lots of hassle and likely not worth the headache for them for one user.

          • @Zazer: I wanted the same thing on one of the last deals posted, so I suspect there is a few of us around.

            Re not being able to test it- Maybe they could cover all of their bases by offering a very low spec card like a 710gt? Who knows maybe a few people might want this PC in an office.

      • Take the GPU out and test on integrated graphics?

      • Whoever the faulty component(s) belongs to

  • Note RX570 are heaps better than GTX1650

    I think TechFast have both systems at similar price.

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      Thanks for the feedback - same price, correct, so I've added the RX 570 4GB to the config options as a "GPU Swap" at no charge if RX 570 is preferred.

  • Looks like it's using the Techfast Leaper Small Form Factor case. Anyone know if this will fit a standard internal DVD drive?

  • 125 i3 9100F
    230 4GB 1650
    53 H310M
    25 SSD 120GB
    50 8GB RAM
    30 PSU
    30 CASE
    543 TOTAL

  • can this play 2K20 & PES2020 at optimum level?

  • I want to play divinity original sin 2 on this with best graphics… Would it suffice?

  • the usb 3 ports on my techfast computer have started failing. if i plug in a usb drive they will all lose power. pretty crap to have to use the usb 2 drives to avoid data loss


      You sure they're not getting automatically disabled?

      • not happening during sleep mode. plug in usb hard drive and the other devices go kaput (mouse, keyboard). have to reset machine. also i was transferring files onto a sd card using a usb reader and boom. but plug into usb 2 port and its fine. so i know its the port and not the device

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          That was just a link i could get quickly. I had problems with non-operational USB 3.0 ports until i disabled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for a bunch of USB controllers. I think it can be an issue whether system goes into sleep mode or not.

      • thanks tho. ive unchecked to see if it helps

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    How would this go for live streaming?

    1. Please be aware the leader SSF has no usb3.0 ports so it’s basically a dub deal until you upgrade to the next cheapest case making it $590 - that’s the real deal… looking less appealing at closer to $600 than $500.
    2. If you’re going to buy this get the gtx1650 over the rx570 as you won’t notice the speed by much. Given the grx1650 is a much newer card it will have better reseller value when you’re ready to sell and upgrade
    • Possible to run an internal to external, from the mobo out through a gap?

      1. there's 2 rear usb 3.1 ports (+4 USB 2.0) on the H310M though, enough for most people.

      2. Yeah the RX570 will be 5-25% faster depending on the game but the GTX1650 has 75W TDP vs 150W for the RX570 so will be much cooler and potentially more quiet.

    • Really thorough advice thanks!

      • FWIW, I don't agree with his advice - there are two USB 3.0 ports on the mobo itself which is more than enough for most people.

    • What's a dub deal? What's wrong with the USB ports on the back of the motherboard?


    Gather the hard drive comes preloaded with some videos.


    is there a way to put together an i5 + 1660ti?

  • the 'F' suffix denotes a processor which doesn't have integrated graphics at its disposal. Within the processors listed, the integrated Intel UHD Graphics will be either absent or disabled.

  • How would this work as an HTPC plex centre?

    • It would be fine - perhaps even overkill.

      If that's all you want it for, you could go for a cheaper system with integrated GPU and save a little money….or a more compact, low-power system that's easier to tuck away somewhere.

  • Would anyone happen to know how well this would work with running video editing programs? ( aftereffects, premier, blender) cheers!

  • Would this suit for basic PC use as well? Like microsoft office and other small games like Peggle ect? It would be something for my mother.

  • Would a RTX 2060 Super be a 'good' addition to this system if I was hoping to squeeze a little more performance out of it? Or would you recommend a better build in terms of mobo/cpu?

    • If you're looking for a cheap gaming rig, then yes - swapping in an RTX 2060 Super would make this a very competent mid-range gamer, suitable for 1080p or 1440p depending on the game. Beyond that, the CPU might begin to struggle, but there's no reason you can't upgrade to an i5 or i7 and/or add more RAM later.

      Having said that, another one of Techfast's packages might be better value in the longer term, depending on your upgrade plans.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I was comparing the above deal to https://techfast.com.au/collections/intel-systems/products/i...

        Seems to be a similar build but with a RTX 2080 Super and Core i5 9400F for $1200 more…. Seems like a steep upgrade

        • Most of that steepness comes from the very high price of the 2080 Super GPU.

          You need to match your CPU to your GPU to some extent - a slow CPU can hold a powerful GPU back, and likewise a fast CPU won't make up for a slow GPU. If you're considering spending ~$600 on a decent mid-range GPU like the RTX 2060 Super, you shouldn't be looking at a lower-end CPU like the i3-9100 to put beside it.

          I would suggest looking at the Ryzen 3600-based systems at Techfast instead - they're superior to the Intel i5 range in pretty much every way and are also cheaper. If you can afford to wait for short while, I wouldn't mind betting that another good deal on their more expensive systems isn't far away…they seem to be popping up every 2 weeks or so.

          This expired one would have suited you very nicely: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/472957

  • I currently have a 1050 TI with a i3 3330 and 120 sata SSD that i could let go for ~$550 from someone interested. Should i get this deal for myself?

    • Yes absolutely. It would be a decent upgrade over your current hardware in terms of outright performance.

      CPU is about 50% faster in benchmarks (assuming you mean i5-3330 rather than i3) and uses 10% less power.
      GPU is about 25-30% more powerful based on gaming fps.

      If you can change over for virtually zero money, there's no reason not to.

  • Don’t get the rx570 as this cheap unit comes with allied 550w PS, which is unstable as it is for anything over 12months

  • @luketechfast Typo in checkout where its says "Bundled Intel Core i3 8100 Processor"?

  • My mother wants a new PC. Could we do an entry level with a 2070 Super? Haha

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