MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wi-Fi Motherboard + AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - $898 + Delivery (Was $938) @ Scorptec


Was looking around for a 3700x and came across this Bundle.

This bundle contains the following items:

1 x AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
1 x MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi Motherboard

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    Cheaper from shallothead eBay (with eBay Plus Membership)

    Total: $793.05 Delivered (with Coupon Code 'PEACHY15')


      This is why I love OzB! Thanks RichardL!

      Just about to get my 30 day free trial on eBay plus!

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        Might be cheaper option on eBay, those link I provided was from a quick search.

        Note: PEACHY15 expires at midnight (~4 hours from this comment)


      Based off my previous experience you have to be careful shallothead actually have it in stock.


    MSI mid to low end X570 isn't the one to get.

    3700X probably is not an issue, but if you ever want to get 3900X or 3950X later on, avoid the board.


      Aorus x570 Elite ?


      asus prime x570-p seems to be the best with lowest VRM temps, review even mentions Aussie summers of 30+ degree days.


        I wouldn't make my choice of which x570 motherboard to buy based on its VRMs (MSI excluded). They'll all negligibly close enough to each other, even under that ridiculous, artificially high power draw. Except the MSI boards which are dramatically worse. Temps of 80 degrees vs 60 degrees isn't going to matter when they're designed to run up to 120 degrees.

        The feature set is going to matter more, hell I'd rather make decisions on the looks rather than the VRMs seeing how well they all do. Even the MSI, it's probably good enough, and they money they save on VRMs means they have more features at the same price point than the other boards. Unless you plan to put an overclocked 3950x or the 4000 series equivalent, the VRMs are going to be good enough. They have as good VRM's as the decent x470 and b450 boards from last gen (it's literally the same as the Tomahawk), it's just the other x570 boards are even better

        The Asus prime doesn't have any USB C, wifi, and doesn't have a rear io cover. Kinda plain compared to other boards.

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        From what I've seen on the amd sub, go gigabytes or asrock (If their vrm is decent).

        ASUS apparently has awfully slow bios updates right now, and MSI has terrible VRM on their low end.


          My experience has seemingly been the opposite. I find there are too many BIOS updates for my ASUS ROG X470-F.

          I've updated it 7 times since I've owned it (9 months).


    I'd rather get R9 3900X with MSI B450 motherboard for better bang for buck.


      what ever mobo I purchase, I'd be purchasing for processor upgradibility


        The next gen will probably be more power efficient . Then again they could get more efficient and power hungry .

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        If you want to get a M/B that will run 3900X or 3950X well / reasonably cool, then you do need to do your research beforehand. Rely on brand is a big no-no as Steve pointed out in his video.

        Also, if a future gen Ryzen CPUs (4xxx) is what you are thinking about using with X570, you really need to think twice about MSI boards. Not only MSI is lagging behind on BIOS updates for X570 boards, you can decide whether MSI deliberately held back ComboPi for their X470 and B450 boards or MSI are just super slow on BIOS updates. The initial few B450 BIOS versions for Ryzen 3xxx were pretty sloppy. Honestly, buying a board to also cater for future gen doesn't make sense, especially we know USB 3.2 gen2x2, USB 4 (TB3) are on the horizon. And, there is also the annoying chipset fan.


    What do you guys say about R5 3600X ($330.65) with msi mpg x570 Gaming Plus ($262.65) from CA eBay with code?
    I'm about the pull the trigger before midnight.

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      It is a bad combo. 3600X is basically spending extra to buy the letter X (check the reviews). X570 Gaming Plus, the VRM performance is one of the worst for X570. Unless you are really getting a big bargain, I would avoid such combination.


        Thanks netsurfer. Which one is recommended then?
        My 9 year old intel desktop died. I can use old case, PSU, HDD etc. It was getting little slow anyway. I can do installation myself.
        Just need to buy MB, CPU, RAM and M2 ssd. And hoping to last another 9 years. Not a gamer ATM though but never know in the future so just wanted to buy now for later use.

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          Just get Ryzen5 3600 CPU. You need a dedicated graphics card (GPU) as 3600 does NOT have an embedded GPU. Depending on the graphics card you get, you may need to get a new PSU.

          Motherboard is a tricky one to be honest. While B450 boards are good value for money, most of them will require a BIOS upgrade using Ryzen 2xxx series CPU. Some stores won't do the upgrade for you for free even if you buy both the CPU and M/B from them. Only a small number of MSI B450 boards have BIOS flashback button, but now that we know the BIOS size is a bit small, and MSI lagging behind in BIOS upgrade, not easy to recommend. You also need to decide whether you want 2 m.2 slots (do bear in mind any B450 with 2 m.2 SATA would have restriction on the second one) or 2 additional SATA3 ports.

          Also, do you want to get a PCIe x1 card and whack AX200 on it or wifi is not a problem.


            @netsurfer: Thanks for the reply..

            You need a dedicated graphics card (GPU)

            sorry to mention I've Rx 570 8 GB already as well. And 650W PSU.

            You also need to decide whether you want 2 m.2 slot (do bear in mind any B450 with 2 m.2 SATA would have restriction on the second one) or 2 additional SATA3 ports.

            For the same reason I wanted to get the cheapest X570.

            It'll be wired.

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          Grab the regular 3600.

          Mono wise either go with the "max" line from MSI, or a cheaper Asrock/Gigabytes x570. Just make sure to confirm with reviews the boards are competently designed.

          X570 is overkill, but I've heard MSI is been slow on their software updates.

          Don't buy MSI's cheaper x570 boards, gigbyte offers far better boards with much quicker updates. Dont buy ASUS, their updates have been incredibly slow.

          Looking at the b450 series, only consider MSI. Everyone else has awful VRM. But even ignoring that, no one else has a reasonable way to get the bios updates. MSI has a bios flashback function and the new "max" boards should come with the necessary updates at stock.

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    I've seen good reviews for the Asrock x570 Taichi, would be worth looking at.


      I went with the Asus Rog Strix x570-e it is cheaper than the taichi and comparatively better according to few different reviews

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    I got Ryzen 9-3900x with Asus X570 Tuf gaming plus wifi. I can easily overclock to 4.2Ghz all core with stock cooler. I need decent AIO cooler if i want more speed. Got the m/b for $313 last month when on Ebay 20% sale. Hope it help.

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