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Tenda Nova Dual Wi-Fi Mesh System MW3 3pk $94.95, MW3 4pk $124.95, MW6 3pk $199.95 + Del ($0 w/ eBay Plus) @ SS eBay


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  • bought a MW6 2 pack on last deal. just unbox yesterday and found one dead. quality seem not very good :(

    • Probably for the best. China can’t spy on you now.

      • That's a shame.
        China have very little ability to impact on my life, as I live in Australia.
        Where as western governments could; if they were so inclined.

        We've seen the tools and backdoors in western stuff thanks to various tool leaks; just gotta pick your evils I'm afraid.
        There is no 'good guy' in technology these days, unless you're using peer reviewed open source, right down to chip level.

      • are you okay with Aus or America spying on you? cause they are doing worse lol

  • A 2 pack of MW6 usually hovers around $100, seems more worth waiting for a better deal to get 4 for $200.

  • I got the MW3 a while back when they were sub $100 for three, and they work pretty good. The only problem I have with them is that I can’t work out how to do backhaul over lan instead of wan. I was sure I’d read somewhere you could do this, but I’ll be buggered if I can find where I read it now…

  • For your reference….

    Q 18: Can nova be modified the wireless channel?
    A 18: No. In order to ensure the stability of the network, the current nova 2.4G channel is fixed to 6 channels, and the 5G is fixed to 40 channels.

    Q 19: Can nova be modified wireless encryption?
    A 19: No. Seamless roaming protocol requires encryption mode is WPA2-PSK, so the Nova encryption mode is fixed to WPA2-PSK.

  • Hi guys, just a quick question before I jump onto buying a set of the mw3. At the moment I have the xbox one x connected directly into the modem by Ethernet cable. If I set the modem I have to bridge mode and connect the base mw3 node to the modem can I then connect the xbox one x directly to the spare port on the mw3 node and have the xbox one x as fully wired connection? Hope that my explanation makes sense, thanks.

  • The PSPRUNG code works on this for 20% off too - picked up the MW6 3 pack for $174