1 Month Free NBN Trial (Unlimited Plans Only) @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)


Got this on my Facebook feed today.
Thinking about upgrading to high-quality nbn™? We’re your telco 🤓

Australia deserves awesome internet so we’re letting you try it FREE!

Start your 1-month FREE trial* of our award-winning nbn™ today. Use code ‘FACEBOOKFREE’ 🖖

*Not convinced our internet is awesome? No worries- you can cancel anytime within 30 days. This offer applies to new nbn™ customers who sign up to any nbn™ plan up to $99 per month and cannot be applied retrospectively. You can view our promotional T&Cs on our website.

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    This appears targetted to only those people who can access NBN.

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    If your area is in pre-order phase, then hypedup20 is $20/month off for first six months which is better value, except for the 250Mbps plan.

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    these guys go alright.
    The modem they include is pretty rubbish though. Can't reach from one side of a two story town house to the other.

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      BYO modem router is the way to go here.


        What do you recommend for a modem? ASUS DSL-AC68U seems reasonable for the price.


          Netgear Orbi RBK50 mesh networking is well reviewed topped the smallnetbuilder comparison tests.

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            @Levity: Netgear Orbi RBK50 doesn't have a modem and I don't need an inferior mesh network as the house is cabled.


              @mathew42: Seriously on the lookout for a new modem. ASUS DSL-AC68U appears a bit expensive at nearly $300??

              Any other decent solutions that will be better than the Aussie BB one? I don't live in a 10 bedroom mansion, just a town house.


                @Tool: Most anything that says AC1600 or AC1900 with external aerials should work well in this situation. Some connection types don't need a modem, just a router.

                There is one modem that is recommended if you are on FTTN (connected to a node) and pretty far from it (like 1km or more) and that is a specific D-Link model. DSL- 2888a AC1600. It has a different chipset (TriDuctor) to most combined with the latest firmware that D-Link seems to have tweaked, it will sync at a higher speed to other modems and also drops the connection less, if that is an issue for you. The down side is, it does not support VOIP. This modem has pretty good WIFI range and performance. I only mention as I lost out on Node lotto, 1.4km from node, sync at about 33 with Netcomm and Netgear modems I tried but get nearer 40 with that D-link model.


                @Tool: ASUS DSL-aC68U street price is just under $250.

                Whirlpool recommend a second hand technicolor as a modem with a separate router. Note that you only need a DSL modem if your connection is FTTN, otherwise you can just buy a router.


                  @mathew42: Thanks Mathew and Ruprect.
                  I have a coax connection, so the cable runs from my wall to a black NBN box (modem!??) then from the black box to my router… So does this mean I only need a router and not a router/modem combo? If so, is it still necessary to spend the $250 on the ASUS ac68U? Or is there a cheaper alternative with good signal coverage
                  I do realise how stupid this question may appear to someone who knows what they are talking about. :)


      I agree with Tool.

      Bought the modem they'd provide on their website and returned it in the week.

      Signal strength is so bad, drops off speed exponentially.


        There's a joke here about signal drop off in the context of physics… I am not smart enough to make it though.

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      The NF18ACV? I find it pretty good.


      The latest firmware has improved wifi performance. Backup your current config settings.



    Free 1 month trial to Aussie Broadband for new customers

    This is pretty much the standard ABB deal, they ALWAYS have the first month free.

    No deal.


      Why negs? ABB has had either 1st month free or $10-20 off monthly for 6 months for at least more than a year now.

      edit: Oh, you said “no deal”. Well, still a deal to me.

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        edit: Oh, you said “no deal”. Well, still a deal to me.

        If its the 'standard' offering from ABB, then yes how is this really a deal?

        As you said

        ABB has had either 1st month free or $10-20 off monthly for 6 months for at least more than a year now.

        Hey Ubereats has $10 off your first order, would this be classed as deal then?


    I was with ABB for 12 months on the 50/20 plan and it was great.

    Switched to Kogan on the same speed and get the same speeds at a lower price.


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    I highly recommend these guys. Having been with exetel for many years I switched to ABB when I was switching to NBN. Too many people have teething problems with NBN and I didn't want to be hold for an hour each time each call to tech support only to reach someone I couldn't hear properly in an overseas call centre every time there was an issue. I did have a few teething problems with my NBN and I never waited longer than 10 minutes on the phone for ABB, and they even rang me back to follow up.

    You can get cheaper plans, but I think it's definitely worth going for a premium service ISP for the first six months.

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    I considered trying these guys out once, and got about a page into their online enquiry form before deciding that I didn't have enough issues with my current connection to warrant the risks of jumping ship. Never actually submitted the form, but over the next few months they proceeded to hound me with calls and emails. I don't doubt the great feedback about them but that was off-putting.

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    Don't forget, aussie are transparent about their POI utilization:

    So you can check yours before any (free month) commitment?


      so acacia ridge POI as an example has a cap of about 4000mbps, does that mean Aussie BB are allocated 4000mbps to distribute to customers in that area?


        Yeah that is yesterdays allocated limit.

        The CVC cap is artificial which can be lifted lower or higher as more users connect or the bandwidth of current users increases or decreases.

        If an ISP buys too much CVC it just sits there not getting used and the ISP is wasting money for no performance benefit. It's a balancing act.


          What CVC do you think an ISP like telstra would have in a metro area like brisbane?

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            @TheNightKing: I don't know. Telstra don't post their CVC graphs publicly.

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            @TheNightKing: Telstra can purchase significantly less CVC than other providers because they have a higher number of total customers and a higher percentage of low usage customers. The fact Telstra rates lower on typical evening speeds indicates that profit not service is their priority.


              @mathew42: Wow. What?

              significantly less CVC

              Nah they would have more, as one of the top RSPs selling nbn

              Higher percentage low use customers

              Where’s your data on this? There would be a lot of business customers on telstra nbn so not sure you’re right here. Are you insinuating that only pensioners are on telstra nbn?

              the fact that telstra rates lower on typical evening speeds

              Not my experience, but hey YMMV depending on a whole bunch of factors. Appreciate there is Choice data or (whatever consumer affairs organisation) but seriously there are so many variables when it comes to actual experience that the best RSP for you doesn’t necessary correlate to the reported results

              profit not service is their priority

              You’re absolutely right - telstra is the only for-profit enterprise out there - eyerolling intensifies


                @ajole: In the age of unlimited data plans, CVC per user is the key metric not total CVC. The more users, the less CVC per user is required because the peaks and troughs are smoothed out. However it doesn't take many people on 100Mbps plans to cause performance problems for everyone else on the same POI.

                Experience is very subjective and does vary the ACCC report finds Telstra sub-par.


    With NBN does it make difference in speed if it’s TPG or Aussie Broadband?
    I understand customer service is different…
    But what about infrastructure congestion?


    f***. I just joined ABB.

    Do you think if i call up now they'll give me a free month or -$20/month for 6 months?

    Any advice given to my question is appreciated.


    Been holding off on getting NBN, but this has just made me sign up! Can't wait :D

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    Not sure why the code was changed from FACEBOOKFREE, but I just called and OZBARGAIN9 doesn't register. FACEBOOKFREE does until end of Oct however.
    BTW Thanks OP.

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      Thanks for letting me know, the AussieBB rep requested me to change it. I have changed it back.

      Aussiebroadband on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 09:57
      Hi Levity,

      Just wondering if you can change the promo code to OZBARGAIN9 and add the following UTM tracking to the link to our website:


      This offer will end on the 31st of October.


      Levity on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 10:22
      I have changed the code, but Ozbargain is not allowing me to change the URL.
      Regards, Levity

      Aussiebroadband on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 10:30
      No worries Levity. I appreciate your efforts to get it changed.

      If you can, can you also change the sentence where it mentions unlimited plans to: "This offer applies to new nbn™ customers who sign up to any nbn™ plan up to $99 per month and cannot be applied retrospectively."

      Just opens it up a little bit :)

      Cheers, Nicole

      Levity on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 15:19

      Aussiebroadband on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 15:19
      Thank you so much. Have a great day :)

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