expired $25 Belong Mobile Starter SIM Kit for $10 at Coles


Better than 1/2 price.

Unlimited national calls & text.
Month to month plans.
Unlimited data banking and gifting (as long as account is kept active).
Can be used to active on the $10 plan (effectively giving you 2.5 months access).

Limit 1 per customer. New customers only. Available in store only. Not available at all stores.

Double data hack: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/416353#comment-6587812

Use a referral below and receive $20 credit to your account.
Edit: Random referral - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/35

More information can be found here: https://www.belong.com.au/mobile/plans
Whirlpool wiki: https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/belongmobile

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    10 dollars 22gb for 3 months (7gb per month)

    (Use referral code. Activate on 25 dollar on a non-billing date, get 10gb. Get another 10gb on the first non charging billing date. Switch to 10 dollar, get 1gb each on the next two billing dates, paid by the $20 referral credit)


    Anyone know what happens when you upgrade say $10/1GB to $40/30GB mid way through the month?
    Do you get the data upgrade at any time during the current month or have to wait until your real, actual regular billing day.
    (because I did it today and didn't get any data increase)


    I used to be excited about amaysim until recently when they abruptly cancelled 4 of my services. Apparently, they enforced their 1 connection per person policy and so overnight I lost the 4 numbers I activated on similar offers.

    My trust is shaken and I’ll be moving on somewhere else. YMMV.

    Source: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7670686/redir

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    Dont refer yourself too much. And gift data to yourself excessively…

    I got banned. They terminated my services without notice immediately. I am still in the process of getting my number back… its a headache. Not worth it guys beware….

    This was the email

    Hi from Belong Mobile

    We have positively identified and validated that your account and service/s have been set up and used in breach of our customer terms.

    We have investigated and found that your service has been used mainly for commercial or business use which includes but is not limited to use outside of personal use, or by making the service available to third parties, and otherwise by reselling the service to other parties.

    In addition we have also found that you have manually manipulated or bypassed the limitations on your service.

    In light of this serious breach, we have no choice but to immediately terminate your service/s with us in accordance with our customer terms, which may be found at www.belong.com.au/customer-terms. A summary is extracted below:

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      me too, they suspended my main number, I spent nearly one month to get back my numbers

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        did u end up getting your number back? im stuck in the dark as they respond very slowly..

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          Yes, in the first week I received 1 reply per day from belong. I told them I tried to port out to Aldi but failed, Aldi said probably my number been cancelled, but Belong initially said my number was not been cancelled. After one week communication belong support team said they will ask their tech support team to restore my number and they will let me know once my account be re-activated. I wait another two weeks but still not receive reponse. So I check with them again and they said my account was re-activate now. Then I ported out to Aldimobile immidiately.

          I suggest you can try port out to Aldimobile as Aldi's port out process is very quick. Aldi normally can port out your number in 15-30 minutes and let you know if it is success or not.

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            @ozblspfamily: yeh ok. a bit of a D@#k move by them by cancelling your number without notice so you cant even port away… they can just like take away all your credits and data or something instead…

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