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LG C9 55"/65" $1996/$3400 (Bonus Visa $150/$300) | Panasonic GZ1000U 55"/65" $1944/$3160 P/up or +Del @ Appliance Central eBay


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  • There is $300 Visa card bonus with 65C9 or $150 with 55C9. Does this work here?

    I know Appliance Central is Betta Living Villawood

    • Just called Betta Living Villawood and its eligible for Visa card promo.
      So tempting now

      • Maaan, just called Batta Villawood.
        The salesperson is quite clueless.

        Manager isn't in till tomorrow to confirm this $300 Visa Card deal on LG Oled C9 65"

        Can anyone else confirm or have purchased that this all stack up?

      • Thanks OP! Great deal indeed. I do have a question though.
        How can it be eligible for the gift card if you're actually buying from Appliance Central?
        Betta Living is located under the same address, however it looks like they operate as separate entities?
        To get the gift card you need to upload our invoice, so not sure they will honour it.
        Maybe they were confused and thought you were buying via Betta vebsite?

        • Nop. They are the same. Betta Villawood store is owned by a person, same person who owns and run Appliance Central eBay. Source: email from Betta customer service. You will be eligible for the gift card. I asked them specifically on an email for Samsung RU8000 last week which was on AC eBay.

          • @ashftc: Just called them and was told they are different businesses and I wouldn't be eligible for the gift card.

            Let me know if anyone hears anything different

            • @DarkAvernus: Called today and they confirmed they are the same business and that you will receive a Betta Living receipt with purchase from Appliance Central on the eBay store. They said they weren't able to tell me for sure if I would be successful in claiming the cashback as they aren't advertising that promotion as part of the eBay store. However, they said 'in theory it is possible as you will receive a Betta Living receipt with which you can apply for the cashback'.

    • nice find

  • 55" Panasonic OLED also comes with $150 VISA

  • That 55" C9 price with gift card seems very good

  • Wow, $3100 seems like a really great deal for the LG 65C9! Anyone on the fence for a new OLED atm, I would certainly recommend it at that price-point!

  • :( I bought last week from VideoPro with 20% off but was capped at $300 discount. So paid $2170. The C9 55" with this 20% off is $1996

    How do you get a $300 voucher from BETA when this deal is from Appliance Central?

    • Same company.

      • Isn't it just the one NSW store (Villawood) you can pay click and collect and receive the Visa bonus?

        I don't think a random Betta store will price match an eBay discount code item?

        • So.. I'm in Melbourne.. Can I order on the Applinace Central ebay site, get the 20% discount then go to the Betta website to get the $300 voucher?

          • @r1mick: Terms and Conditions say:

            "Offer only valid at participating Betta Home Living stores"

            If the stock is coming from Villawood and is ordered online via Appliance Central, then would need to claim purchase from Villawood store, upload invoice and hope for the best. Does the eBay invoice have Betta Home Living on it or Appliance Central?

            • @tone212: I ordered a QLED 65" from Appliance Central about 3 months ago, no issues in getting the gift card.

              I had to apply for it on the Betta Electrical Web site and was approved in a couple of days. Card took about 6 weeks to be posted.

  • Daaaaamn sub 2k for the 55" C9 is an excellent price! Awesome TV I paid $400 more for it 4 months ago but don't regret it at all!

  • Would this perform ok in a well lit room, or would LCD still be the better choice?

    • My room is fairly bright and it does fine … It's a stunning tv get it

      • I agree.

        Although if you have a really really bright room and it is super glary already, you might just want to get a the highest NITs TV you can find.

        I gotta say though, I do way much more of my TV watching during the morning/night. Gaming during the day and I barely notice the glare.

  • So I bought the C9 55" from JB negotiated it to 2695 for those who can't be bothered with the visa thingy you could try that. In the end I actually got my money back from JB and bought the E9 55" (sexier in my opinion) from BuySmarte for 2995 delivered same day for $29

    • What’s the difference between the C9 and the E9?

      • Speakers mainly…

      • Yes speakers are bit better and they are great as far as tv speakers go but I still got a sound bar (LG S8 Atmos) anyway that takes it next level But further the E9 has wisa capabilities (with a dongle) so it will work with the the next gen speakers that will hit next year more main stream and they are totally wireless plug n play awesome speakers for dummies (me). But but but the biggest difference is purely cosmetic, the E9 is mounted on a sheet of glass so when you look at it and if you position it correctly it can appear like it's floating in space.. god I love this tv … I'm still blown away with it every day.

  • Oh no… just paid $2,300 for a GZ1000 at a local The Good Guys. However, I haven't been advised the order is in for collection yet. Anyone know The Good Guys policy for cancellation before collection? Thanks.

  • Side note: IF YOU HAVE BUDGET FOR THE 65" GET IT!!! My only regret with my purchase is being a bit too tight and getting the 55" (still amazing obviously but had I known how much I would love it I would have gone up in budget for the 65")

    • Yeah I got the 65 inch C8 when it first released, which put a massive hole in my wallet. But I don't regret it one bit as it is glorious to watch on.

    • What if your room is only 3x3m?

      • then probably 55 is more than enough. viewing distance would be too close for 65 inch

      • I have a similar sized room and came from a 40" LCD and I'm happy with the 55". However if have your TV close to the floor than maybe a 65 would be better.

      • If you are 3m away from the tv, then 65".

      • I have a 50" I'm only about 2.5m from the screen, and it looks just that little bit too wide to me.

        I have to scan the tv from one side to the other with my eyes, often a few times a second, because I can't see the sides of the tv looking at the centre.

        Ps. Now that I think about it I'm probably closer to just 2m away.

  • Just jumped on it, thanks OP. Been watching this for months waiting for a decent deal, and I'd say this is the one.

    Keen to hear how anyone goes about getting the visa gift card.

    • To answer my own question: When order is confirmed your invoice comes from Betta, which you can then plug into the redemption page on their site.

      Just got approved and I'll apparently have the card in ~8 weeks…

      • Appreciate the update. How long after ordering was it confirmed? Seems mine has shipped but am yet to receive tax invoice.

  • 120hz OLEDS already below 2000?

    • LG has finally started selling OLED screens to their competitors.

      I can't remember if Samsung did the same.

      OLED panels were only made by 2 or 3 manufacturers untill recently, so there was no real competition.

      I think Hisense can now make their own OLED panels too (or have announced that they will).

      It's the old supply vs demand that determines the price, and until recently demand outweighed the supply.

      Now that supply is catching up with demand, and with increased competition, prices will hopefully continue to fall.

  • Hmmmm I need (yes, need!) this for my extension which will be under construction till the end of the year. To buy or to wait…

  • For anyone not yet aware it's been announced that the 9-series LG OLEDs will be getting nvidia G-Sync certification, making these probably the best choice for a gaming TV

  • Recently announced that the LG C9 & E9 will have Gsync technology.

    From my standpoint, it makes these TVs the best for PC gaming (probably even if you don't have an Nvidia GPU).


    • Yep couple that with the lowest recorded input lag out of all of the 2019 tvs at just 13.9ms, makes this a killer PC gaming display!

  • Anyway for JB HiFi to match this? Would be awesome if we could use the recent 500$ gift card on this.

  • LG C9 is getting G Sync btw.

    • I think you mean Freesync.

      It already has VRR via HDMI 2.1 not that there's any devices to utilise it.

  • Is there an actual confirmation that you will get the gift card? Seems like the posts above are suggesting a chance at best

  • Damn my brightly lit room. Would make a great mirror but struggle otherwise.
    Tempted by the 75" Samsung q80 @ $4090+delivery.

    • Like others said majority of the watching time is at night. Can't you draw the curtains in the daytime?

      • Actually we run a restaurant, so 90%+ of our viewing is during the day. The wall of North facing sliding glass doors & open plan kitchen, dining, living area make full blockout impractical. At any rate, new q80r has been ordered

          • @Thypeople: Brightly lit room from North facing windows (the whole wall basically). Not sensible to block the light & throw the whole house into eternal darkness.

            Hisense reflects like a Zen master. Samsung is brighter & has better reflection handling. It's pretty obvious in a light controlled corner of a major retailer, so I've no doubt of the result at home.

            I'm replacing a 10+ year old sharp aquos that was built when matte screens were still the norm which has performed admirably, but isn't coping with me being home all day.

        • Better opt for LED instead of OLED if you run a restaurant due to the permanent burn in risk.

  • What’s the difference between b8 and c9?

  • As a C8 owner, all i can say is goddamm thats a great price for the C9! :p

  • Damn, looks like the 55" C9 is now out of stock. The code is valid til the end of the week, so if they add more stock, deal might come back.

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