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Hisense 75" 75R6 UHD Smart TV $1464 + Delivery @ eBay Appliance Central


This would be the cheapest decent brand 75" TV on the market and I haven't seen a 75" under $1500 besides the Soniq

Yes it's a plain LED 4k TV and it's only 100Hz but if all you care about is size this is definitely a bargain

Shipping in Sydney is $40 Which makes it $1504

Some of the 20% ebay codes have a $300 limit which makes it not as good of a deal. It has also been reduced by $50 retail making it a deal

BONUS $150 Visa card Link to eligible products , Redeem Here

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  • This model is on par with the RU7100 Samsung, but this is much better value and no ads in the smart UI!

    • Samsung and LG are clearly better…

    • +10

      You get ads in the smart UI, are you serious?

      • The only way to teach them a lesson is to bombard their feedback and more importantly BUY SOMETHING ELSE

        • What TVs have ads in the UI?

          • @spriggan43: Im guessing the Samsung tvs. Samsung can kiss my ass, ill never buy one of their products.

    • -3

      Highly doubt the r6 is as good as the Samsung ru7100 or lg UM76, for the small price difference would be going bigger brand names anyday, you have lg oleds selling like crazy doesn’t seem the ads are that intrusive, also better resale value with bigger brands, in the end each to their own

      • +8

        Resell value on a second hand 75 inch TV? Lmao

        • just assuming someone likes to upgrade every few years, no doubt will be easier to resell lg/samsung than hisense, read the review at the bottom of comments says alot about what to expect, considering its only $100-$200 difference to get the lg um76/samsung ru7100 equivalent makes no sense to be buying the hisense, bit of heard mentality everyone liking the deal without research

  • 75Inches! That's getting a little crazy now.

    • -2

      How am I supposed to measure up to 75"!? How can I look at my gf in the face with my palty 55" incher.

      • +2

        You tried

      • +1

        She'll probably lie to you, and say size doesn't matter. 😀

        • .#SizeMatters

  • +6

    Don't think it's 100hz.. Rather just crap marketing on the "100 smooth motion".

    Cheap and cheerful but don't get caught out by the marketing terms.

  • Postage is $220 for Melbourne??????

    • Im getting $110 for South Eastern burbs in Vic.

  • +2

    And $150 visa gift card form betta

  • +2

    Great find OP.
    Can you please include:
    BONUS $150 Visa card with the R6. Just checked and the R6 is eligible. Link to redeem the invoice is here

  • so whats the next option up? say 120hz and some smart functions i really like the lg remote where its like the wii

    • It's not a matter of 'higher is better' with refresh rates. Maybe if you are playing games and your console supports 144hz.

    • -1

      I'd pay hundreds to avoid that (!:'*$ REMOTE. God it made something simple become complicated.

  • 100hz bad for AFL?

    • No. I'd go as far as to say that anything over 120Hz is just marketing mumbo jumbo. Source material is either shot in 24, 25, 30, 50 or 60 frames per second. 200hz would do jack-all to enhance that.

  • 41+ no one bought

    • now changed
      1***a ( 321Feedback score is 100 to 499) AU $1,830.00 1 15-Sep-19 20:28:04 AEST


    Supply range [Voltage / Frequency ] Volt / Hz100 ~ 240V / 50, 60Hz

  • +5

    We have this TV and it is terrible, yes the screen is nice the resolution is good but it's functionality is unusable it won't connect to our receiver correctly the inbuilt features fight with each other it freezes constantly and Hisense, they just keep wanting to reset it, to try fix the issues. the recording function will not work if the TV is off, that includes standby it will only record if the TV is on. I cannot recommend Hisense TVs at all especially this model we should have spent more money and got a better TV I think the TCL would have been a better option.

    Our old Samsung TV that is 7 years old is better we have put a Telstra TV on to the Hisense just so we can use the EPG and smart features correctly

    • +1

      Even Sony up until this year seem to have undercooked their processor to support the software. I reckon there's a lot to be said for Hisense as a big monitor (honestly kind of my preference anyway given how quickly tech moves), as long as you're in a light controlled room.

    • If you just wanted to use this TV as a screen - i.e connecting it to an external source (computer) via HDMI - would it work ?

      I'm looking for an application where we take a camera feed (webcam/ IPTV) and just want to display it on this screen..

      • Can't bag the actual screen the images are fairly good and I don't have an issue when I can get my receiver to play the movies through it, also works very well with the Telstra TV as the screen only and you don't want to worry about the functionality of the TV don't see why it would be an issue.

    • If you use Chromecast to stream and surround sound and just have the Hisense as a monitor it will work well. It may be that the screen is LG or Samsung anyway.

    • My experience is very different from yours regarding the Hisense. I get the occasional freeze on the native Netflix app but that is it. I can have it record in standby mode, so the tv is off but the audio will come through (turn the audio down). The EPG is good for the best part. Sometimes I have to go to that channel so it loads all the channels. Overall very happy with it. Will I buy it again, quite possibly. I'm using the 55' N7

  • Bought one thanks op. For $1354 delivered (after $150 voucher), I'm not expecting it to be mind blowing but should serve its purpose. Hopefully 1% shopback comes through too which will bring the price down a little more

  • +1

    This vs Kogan quality wise?

    • +1

      Hisense, doesn't even compare. Kogan are truly exceptional crap.

  • +1

    Hisense is generally a pretty good screen. I've had a 55" HD for about 8 years and it's been fantastic.

    I just bought a Hisense R8 65" which should be good when I get around to plugging it in. But if you buy the cheapest technology currently available in the R6 and then push it in to the biggest size 75" available then you're probably asking for trouble.

    As for the in built display stuff. Until someone provides a TV with decent speed and memory for the inbuilt Smarts, it doesn't matter what you buy…. it's going to be pretty poor. I have a Shield so will just hook that in and use my R8 65" as a monitor and away you go. Got the R8 two weeks ago with the super deal on here for just over $1200 delivered.

    • Mostly agree, I feel like Android TV inbuilt might be good enough, in that case you won't need a shield.

  • Thank you so much OP for letting us know about the 20% off, offer through this post at Appliance Central I grabbed a new TV went all out this time.

    Samsung QLED 82 inch, don't think I'll have any functionality issues with the good processor in this one.

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