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20% off 8 Selected Sellers (Appliance Central, Futu Online, Kathmandu) @ eBay (Max Discount $1000)


Non stop ebay sales. Here's another one to add to the list.

Search link - thanks Murpha

  1. Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEST) on 11th September 2019 and ends at 11:59pm (AEST) on 17th September 2019 (“Offer Period”).

  2. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in five transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

  3. “Selected Sellers” means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

  4. Selected Sellers means:
    Cosmetics Now Australia
    Hobby Warehouse
    UGG Express Australia
    Toys R Us Australia
    Futu Online
    Appliance Central

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  • +2 votes

    LG 65C9 is $3320 + Delivery. Be quick before they jack up the price

    • Lol priced jacked up already $4,250.00 now!!!!

      • what the deuce.. Geez they are quick

      • So dodgy. That's not a real 20% off then.

        Boycott appliance central for that reason.

        There should be laws to protect consumers from such dodgy practices…

        • There are laws, they're just not enforced very often: https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/kogan-pays-32400-penal...

        • think you need to take into consideration appliance central ebay is pretty aggressive with prices & usually the cheapest by big margin, likely working on small margin big volume, far from dodgy try get these prices from hn, tgg, jb likely laugh at you

          • @RogueWolf: So just sell at the decent price and don't pretend people are getting a further 20% off already discounted prices. Not that hard. It's pretty clear that ebay is trying to create the illusion that buyers are getting 20% off already low ebay prices and not 20% off RRP. It's a bloody joke that the ACCC will take Kogan to court but won't touch ebay. (not implying that kogan should get off scott free of course)

            • @bohdud: Please show me where you can get anywhere near most of there prices especially with some deals stacked with Visa cards, only videopro comes close, stop being so anal expecting retailers to sell it to you at a loss to please you, only so much they can discount certain products especially with the A$ tumbling

              I agree some retailers are shocking with price jacks but appliance central is pretty good to date & usually the cheapest by far

              • +6 votes

                @RogueWolf: We are not asking for them to sell at a loss. What we are asking for is if they cant offer 20% off without pricejacking then dont. Why is that so hard?

                Every retailer starts at rrp. Percentage off is from rrp. Not from price jacked values.

                • @xoom: so Maybe you better go check the RRP prices of the tvs & appliance online starting price, then tell me I’m still wrong, think they would be more then happy to just give you 20% off rrp

                  Eg: lg c9 65” rrp is $5589 & 55” is $3589 on lg website, appliance central starting price is 65” $4250 & 55” $2495 then 20% off those prices

                  Think you should also realise the op at start of this thread meant they jacked it $80 not $1000

                  • @RogueWolf: No one is asking for 20% off rrp. What they are asking is start from rrp and offer whatever percentage off they can give.

                    What is stopping a shop jacking prices hard then offering 50%? Thats right. Nothing. Is it a real 50% off. Ofcorse not.

                    If all a shop can offer is 5% off rrp. Then so be it.

                    • @xoom: Xoom if we are arguing about appliance online ebay store then your totally wrong, this whole argument started cause amar claimed they jacked the price by almost $1000 when they actually jacked it by $80 but the end price is the cheapest c9 deal by far, I challenge you to find a retailer with more consistent cheap tv deals then appliance central, only one that comes close is videopro

                      If your talking about other retailers none of my comments above were about those retailers or defending them, & agree some are a joke with jacking prices

              • @RogueWolf: No vendor is selling at a loss during these "sales". Seller would list a price of $1000, I pay $800 and eBay would cover the $200. But instead greedy sellers are jacking up prices and absorbing whatever discounts are to be had.

                • @krisspy: eBay cover 9% of the sale fyi , I didn’t say they sell at a loss I said some here expect them to with constant whinging over price jacking, I agreed some stores are a joke & jack heavily but appliance online to date offer the best tv deals around consistently, nobody could come up with where appliance online has massively priced jacked anything, they just run around having hissy fits negging my comments lol, they also just miss read Amar comment at the top of this thread claiming it was jacked by almost $1000, they raised the prices by $80 big deal, the end price is by far the cheapest of any retailer

                  • @RogueWolf: Wether they pricejack by $80 or by $100 or even more.

                    The point is why they need to pricejack at all?

                    If you want to offer the best price just offer % off rrp without price jacking.

                    Why make it look like you are doing something dodgy if you are not? Price jacking makes it look like it even if they are not.

                    • @xoom: you do realise they need to make a profit, they will calculate after the ebay discount whats the furthest they can go down & adjust prices, if it was changed to $4500-$5000 would be total bs, focus on the end price & how significantly cheaper it is than anywhere else, rather then if they lifted the price or not before the sale, some on ozB have way to big expectations

                      Appliance central eBay price $3400 + $300 visa card, now compare the same tv at other retailers:
                      TGG -$4795
                      HN - $4795
                      Buy Smarte - $3780
                      catch - $4652
                      JB - $4795
                      MYER - $4999 lol typical
                      DJ - $4049
                      VideoPro eBay - Out of stock usually around $3500+ when on sale

                      • @RogueWolf:

                        you do realise they need to make a profit,

                        No one here is saying they should not make a profit or sell at a loss.

                        If you cant offer genuine 20% off rrp. No one is forcing them. Offer 5% off rrp instead if thats all you can offer.

                        These companies participating in price jacking act like they are victims of a crime. If you truly are offering the best price say by offering 5% off rrp. Then so be it.

                        No need to price jack so you can offer 20% off pricejacked prices when it really only equates to say 5% off rrp. Just say you are offering 5% off rrp. If you are truly offering the best price no one else will be able to offer 6% or more off rrp.

                        • @xoom: as said above lg rrp is $5589 vs AC eBay $3400 + 300 visa card roughly 43% below rrp, what your saying is they are not allowed to move their prices around at all, must be kept the same no matter what sale they have, sorry makes no sense to me, retailers have different offers weekly & adjust prices accordingly, anyway debate is going in circles, agree to disagree..

                          • @RogueWolf: No. What i am saying is. Every shop that sell any product start at rrp. You want to show you have better prices. Offer x% off rrp.

                            Not 20% off price jacked prices. Or 50% off price jack prices. Or 80% off price jacked prices.

                            Want to offer better prices increase % off rrp. Want to offer less discount offer less % off rrp.

                            They have offers weekly. Even daily. Sure. Change the % off rrp accordingly. No need to bamboozle your would be buyers with fake % off offers. If you are truly offering the best prices make it easy to see that.

                            You are clearly pro business or may even be a business owner so you will never understand the outrage people here are expressing.

                            • @xoom: Is RougeWolf defending price jacking there is no excuse for it and no reason for it. How can anyone say otherwise…boggles the mind.

                              • @lonewolf: RougeWolf is justifying the price jacking.

                                So long as the end price is cheapest price jacking is justified according to RougeWolf.

                                Therein lies the problem. Are every shop price jacking to offer the best price? Thats a no.

                                Can shops still offer the best prices without price jacking? Absolutely.

                                Hence the price jacking outrage.

                                • @xoom: its not ok!!!
                                  its deceptive,

                                  if they said 5% off everything, thats fine

                                  but if they hack up price by 18% and say 20% off bargain, its simply deceptive,

                                  that means that the other shops who did the right thing and offered 7% off normal prices, will lose out from not getting customers, because other customers think they are getting a bargain at 20% off,

                                  net position for the consumer might be the same, but the implications to the busines ar emuch higher!

                                  not on!

                                  • @hellohello123: I agree with you. Like I said. If all they can offer is 5% off rrp. Fine. So be it.

                                    If shops can't offer 20% off rrp ok. Don't. Offer whatever % off they can.

                                    These shops are acting being hard done by when all we are calling for is a level playing field for all retailers.

                                    Start from rrp then offer whatever % off they can.

                                    If a shop is truly offering the best price it will be very evident by the % off from rrp. The bigger the % off the better the deal.

                                    Right now with the price jacking. 5% off rrp would be better than 18% price jack then offering 20% off.

                                    To be honest if one is truly offering the best price there would be no need to bamboozle the consumers with fake % off sales.

        • True. Appliance Central also charges premium delivery fee. I live near Newcastle and get charge $240 for a 65 inch TV.

      • Showing as $3400 for me + $40 delivery. Did you add the code?

      • 20% off actually means a 2% increase in price.

      • Report to ACCC

      • +1 vote

        The Phantom has little time for Appliance Central - repeat offenders.

    • Did you get a screenshot before jack?

    • I emailed them and asked why they jacked it up… and this is what they replied with

      "There was a special on that was supposed to be on the weekend only.
      BUT Please note that the price now is $3400 ( after 20% discount) "

    • The price was $3750 (without any voucher) a few days ago. Now raised to $4250. What a shame!

  • Yeah. Just add to list….

    Not much to buy… Thanks to Jack!!!

  • Toys-R-Us not mucking around with their big comeback.

  • appliance central not appliance online T.T , need to fix the title

    • Thanks for the clarification, thought it was appliance online jacking prices. They are pretty cool with a good rep on ozb

  • Hope someone can actually find something to buy as they have now jacked up the prices. Not attractive anymore.

  • I'm itching to buy a new system, what's everybody's experience/review/feedback for Futu Online?


    • They've fine, I've bought PC parts from them with no issues.
      Watch out though, they jack the prices right before these sales.

    • +5 votes

      most of their items are still more expensive at 20% off than the other stores 15% off were.

    • Offer absolutely no after sales support in my case, but your mileage could be different. Personally I would rather pay a few dollars more for a local retailer or perhaps another eBay seller with previous instances from others stating their support experience.

      ~edit I think Futu and shallot head are both Kai Seng computer

    • wouldn't bother. see the rest of the comments in here - shopping express at 15% off was way cheaper. Hopefully they'll get another deal soon.

      • I've never buy from Shopping Express before. What's your experience/feedback with them?

        • super stoked with them. was the best deal and came the quickest (ordered on weekend and got it tuesday morning in brisbane).

    • Well, I've just added the components for a system that I want. Savings on some but lose on others.

      At the end, only save $20 for the whole system compared to MSY, which is quite close/local to me.

      Oh well..

  • I've noticed Futu is one of the biggest culprits of the jack hammer.

    • Yes was looking at Orbi recently during a 20% sale. their prices were $100 more than others. when i asked they just say their supply cost is high. Not a good seller greedy AF

  • Futu are selling three different wireless Windows xbox one controllers for three different prices. Does anyone know if they are identical other than the colour?


    • They all look identical to me.

      AFAIK there are three hardware revisions for the Xbox One standard controller. The Bluetooth controller being the most recent revision from 2016, launched together with the Xbox One S.

  • +12 votes

    The code JACK20 isn't working am I doing something wrong?

  • Do Toys R Us price jack? Which sellers generally do and don't from your experiences?

    • They all do. It’s a marketing tool not an actual sale.

    • Haven't noticed price-jacking with an eBay sale.
      However, they do have different prices for eBay vs their own stores.

      For example, TrU & HobbyWH (who now own TrU brand) have had Lego sales on their own websites for a month or so, but price in their eBay listings has never matched those, always been higher (but still less than RRP).

      TrU has #10261 Roller Coaster for $399 on their site on sale, but on eBay it's $453.85 (so $363.08 after discount).

      It's still a good deal, but the double sale price + eBay discount would be best.

      TL;DR - they don't bump up their pricing for eBay sales, but their listings rarely have the same "on sale" prices as their own sites.

      • I don't have a problem with stores having a higher price on eBay than they do on their own sites because they quite rightly need to cover the extra costs. But price jacking during a so called sale sucks ba**s.

  • The only thing I'm looking for right now - Western Digital RED WD40EFRX 4TB hard drives.

    Price at Futu - $209.00, less 20% = $167.20.

    Everyday price at UMart - $165.00. They show RRP as $179.00.

    I rest my case.

    • Ebay sales are like trash with a diamond (non jacked or already discounted item) hidden somewhere in among the bad deals.

  • Just checked Seagate Ironwolf 8TB HDD for NAS from the link. Price is even higher than usual after 20% discount. I'm tired of this so-called deal.

  • any cheap 10amp oven recommend?

  • Nice post OP. But gotta neg due to price Jacking.

  • Futu Online BX500 SSD 240GB i purchased recently from Amazon for $40 shipped, no BS code, nothing, just buy it and ship it.

    Futu Online have it for $50. With the 20% it makes it $40.

    That's utter BS.

    • funny.. i paid $27.50 for that same drive on the last ebay sale when the seller didn't jack up the price.

      Its a slow SSD not worth more then $30 lol

      • It was particularly shitty in performance (I wouldn't recommend it) but it went into a 2008 MacBook which is already shitty also.

        • Beats the snot out of any 2.5" mechanical hard drive though and its as cheap as a family pizza

  • Asus DSL-AC88U at $374 with free postage is cheaper than $399 street price. Only for those requiring a FTTN modem.

    Not sure why there is a second listing at same price plus $12.95 postage.

  • Need a bot to make ACCC submissions

  • Non-stop eBay Jacking

  • 20% off Appliances Online would have been great!

  • This price jacking is getting out of hand.

  • Price jacking is giving me the shits

  • Can these 'shoppers protection' credit cards cover against these kind of price Jack's?

    Purchase at 20% off in the pricejack then claim back the difference when they drop the price when the 20% promo finishes..

    Anyone tried?

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