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15% off iTunes Gift Cards (Excludes $20) @ ALDI


15% off iTunes Gift Cards (excludes $20)

  • $100 = $85.00
  • $50 = $42.50
  • $30 = $25.50

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    Awesome timing, my ATO assessment just came in

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      The ATO's been calling wanting iTunes gift cards to pay my tax bill, so this is a handy deal…

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      2012 called

    • I do love the good wink and a nod this comment provides :D

      Seriously, the number of idiotic old people who fall for these scams shouldn't surprise anyone.

      Frankly, I think this ATO Press Release should be printed out and stapled to the hands of every pensionner in this country, as well as being stuck to the top of their phone:

      Do your part - if you've got any elderly folk in your family, make them read this press release every three months or so, just in case they start going senile and fall for this scam. Or staple it to their hands.

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    lamest comments

  • I think I’d rather do a price match with officeworks as Aldi charges a credit card fee and so if you want to buy a large amount of these cards you either need to go to the ATM beforehand or cough up the fee.

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      Or pay with savings or check where there is no fee?

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      Yeah I went to officeworks this morning and got a couple hundred dollars. Saved almost $40 through the price beat to Aldi.

      I hate some officeworks staff just being annoying when you ask to price beat. Their first excuse was “oh I don’t think we price beat Aldi”!!! I helped the staff understand their policy that they price beat all physical retailers, doesn’t matter if they are a protein station or supermarket. Their next excuse was, “oh I don’t think we price beat gift cards”. FFS. They have exclusions yes, but not on particular products.

      Sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth the extra $8.50 to put up with the game they play for 5 minutes pretending they don’t have that massive sign painted on the front of their store saying “lowEST prices”

      • Exactly, they seem to take it personally. I wonder if it's directly linked to their pay? Maybe no commission or performance bonus on these after price beat?

        • I've heard them mention about "getting in trouble"… so obviously there is some kind of stick they get.

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    Can you use these to buy the new iPhone? It says "You can use up to 8 Apple Store Gift Cards." on Apple's checkout?

    If yes, that means you can potentially save $800-15%=$120

    No more OW PBG as they are offering the same.

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