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NOHON $0.01 3m Long Lightning Cables or 1.2m 2in1 (Micro/Lightning), $0.19USD 3in1 (with USB-C) (New Users) @ AliExpress


Just stumbled across this deal while replying to another post, so I can't verify details of it, not sure if it's permanent or time-limited sorry. It says there's something like 10,000 available.
First deal I'm posting and it's something I was trying to share even without the discount. Please comment if you can buy/not buy.

Nohon has a couple of their phone cables listed for $0.01USD on Aliexpress for new users. Not sure if this means new accounts, or new customers, sorry. But everyone should grab one if you can. Obviously no one has heard of this brand, but they seemed like they might be one of the main aliexpress cable brands when I was looking for one, and has held up to that expectation very well.

I bought one of these exact 3m Lightning cables a few months ago because I wanted a long-ass cable, and I've been recommending them to people even at their full price of $4.27USD. I was just doing that in another post, when I noticed they were on sale and deal-worthy.
It's great, everyone should replace their tiny cables at home with these because they can reach everywhere. I don't know why anyone would bother with wireless charging when you can just walk around the house with a long-ass cable.
Quality is good too, the cable feels very thick, and the connector reinforcement is sturdy.

They also seem to have 2in1 (micro & lightning) on sale for $0.01, and 3in1 (+usb-c) for $0.19USD. I can't comment on these but reviews are good. Regular length though :(

There may be others on sale too, I dunno.

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  • probably wouldn't get this for the lightning cable as it doesn't look like it's MFI. Had far too many cheap lightning cables stop working, really annoying.

    • Is MFI just manufacturing quality, or do they get software locked? I haven't seen that MFI warning some cables get.

      Basically these don't feel like usual cheap cables. I was expecting them to, and already accept that mine may die early. But so far the nylon outer makes it feels sturdier than any other cable I've used, kinda like I'm wrangling a rope.

      • MFI is the coding on the chip itself within the connector.
        It doesn't matter how awesome the cable feels, when Apple does its "security updates" and eliminates more 3rd party cable manufacturers, cables without up to date MFI coding will stop working.

        It's dodgy as hell, but that's Apple for you. I'm suck in the Appleverse… I've tried Android, but came back to Apple because it just works. No security issues, no crashes, just plug in and be a sheeple.

        I have to pay for that privilege by being ripped off on cables, but so be it. I'm happy otherwise.

        • Well that's crap. Luckily I don't think I've encountered it yet. Funny thing is Daiso sells non-MFI charging only cables, so I thought maybe this would only apply to data transfer.
          If they block charging that's ridiculous. So far so good though

      • it's their DRM. I've bought many non MFI cables and while they work for a while, they eventually stop working and show the "unsupported apple accessory" error when trying to charge. it was one of the reasons why i am now on android.

        • Hmm I'll keep an eye on it.
          Weird thing is that Daiso sells non-MFI cables, that work fine. They are specifically charge only though, and have less pins than usual

        • i even get unsupported apple accessory text from the cable i purchased from amazon says it's MFI cable
          does that means it's fake and i should report back to amazon?

  • showing it as around $4 for me.

  • Let's roll the dice, ended up having a $0.30 USD tax added on at checkout but still USD $0.31 for a 3m phone cable that i'll forget about during the 5 week delivery time is still a good deal

    • Lets hope they aren't just trying to flog off cables for next to nothing because they don't work with the latest update!

      • But it's for new customers only? Better to lure them in with something that will bring them back for more, you'd think

  • NO IT'S $0.02!!!

  • Not showing for $0.02USD for me

  • I have bought replacement batteries for Samsung. As well as usb extender and cables QC3.0 and they are all great quality. I would buy again from this brand.