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3 Seeding Kits if You Spend $30 on Fruit/Vegetables,Bonus Seeding Kit for Every 10 Fruit/Veg Items Ordered Online @ Woolworths


Just saw this nice little hack to get up to 3 seeding kits at Woolies.

…you can receive a bonus plant pot kit if you spend $15 on fresh fruit and vegetables within your $30 shop.

The offer means that if you can take home TWO Discovery Garden kits with your $30 as long as you spend half that amount on fresh fruit and veggies - instead of the usual one.

But if you spend the entire $30 on fresh fruit and vegetables, you can take home THREE plant kits instead of just one.

Mod update 17 Sept: This is stated in the FAQ of the offer, not really a hack as such but part of the original offer. As this deal has amassed over 50 votes, duplicate exception applies.

How much do I need to spend to get a Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedling Kit?

Qualifying Spend: For every $30 a customer spends at Woolworths supermarkets, participating Woolworths Metro or
Woolworths online during the Offer Period (excluding any money spent on Excluded Purchases, see Question 3) you will
receive one Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedling Kit, while stocks last.

Bonus Seedling Kit: For every $15 spent on eligible fresh Fruit & Veg products from the Fruit & Veg department in a
qualifying $30 shop, customers will receive a bonus seedling kit, while stocks last. Limit applies of 5 Bonus Seedling Kits per eligible in-store transaction. See Terms & Conditions for details.
For example: If a customer spends $60 in a single transaction at a Woolworths supermarket (which includes $30 on eligible
fresh Fruit & Veg) during the Offer Period, that customer will receive 4 seedling kits in total.

Bonus Seedling Kit Online: For every 10 eligible Fresh Fruit and Veg products purchased from the Fruit & Veg department in a qualifying $30 shop, customers will receive a bonus seedling kit, while stocks last. See Terms & Conditions for details.
For example: If a customer spends $60 on a single transaction online (which includes 20 eligible fresh Fruit & Veg products) during the Offer Period, that customer will receive 4 seedling kits in total.
Woolworths may, in its discretion, offer additional methods to collect seedling kits during the Offer Period. These offers will be communicated through in store and on our website

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  • +27 votes

    as long as you spend half that amount on fresh fruit and veggies

    problem is that their fruit and veg is not fresh, not good quality and not cheap either…

    • +11 votes

      The Fresh Food People (from the freezer)…

      • +4 votes

        Where the apples only last a few days when you bring them home.

        • Yeah, I like eating apples too.

        • Talking of apples, why was the price of "in season" apples this winter the same price as cold storage apples being sold now? They are usually far cheaper in winter. Or are the "in season" apples actually the same ones as the cold storage ones?

      • +44 votes

        We get our stock almost daily, nothing kept in the fridge or freezer. The quality definitely varies from supplier to supplier, but it's usually as fresh as we can easily provide for the amount we sell.

        • It's not the store putting it in the fridge/freezer its the supplier. That said the amount of wrinkled old veg I see at woolworths (and Coles) is unbelievable. They both need to reduce the price of old stock to get rid of it before it's worthless

          • +15 votes

            @Yabadabadoo: Agree there. Can't confirm or deny whether they are frozen before arriving at our stores.

            Sadly it's hard to hire (within budget) people mature enough to care about doing good quality control, so often the vegetables can be of poor quality, especially the Asian greens.

            • @Salmando: I can agree it is hard to keep the fruit n veg fresh… experience.. from a number of years in the f&v section and from being 2IC fresh foods.. now this was.. oh crap.. 20 years ago…

              Even when you think you have it all good, the area manager walks in unannounced with the store manager and bam, they find something not so good..

            • @Salmando: Can I just ask you please why woollies are selling ginger as 20$ kilo when I can get in 6$ kilo in country fresh or any local grocery

              • +7 votes

                @ivegan: Now that's a great question, and difficult to answer.

                Volume for large chain, combined with man hours and set-up for a high maintenance/semi-low demand item

                Ginger and garlic from Australia is really expensive, with a surprisingly low margin on it too.

                When we import it from mostly China, they can be sold at roughly $3/kg at around 87% profit.

                Honestly I think it comes down to quantity. Small growers can't supply the necessary shipments for a chain as big as Woolworths, so it limits sellers.

                These items have a surprisingly high amount of human interaction when harvesting, especially Ginger.
                While a small provider can perhaps sell to a local store what they alone grow, trim, and clean; Woolworths needs a quantity that requires a reasonably large product investment for a single growth item. Lots of man hours involved, and a warehouse dedicated to a average demand product

                • @Salmando: Thank you for your reply. I'd expected that they are making great % here. As a feedback, being vegetarian the only time I go to Woolworths is when it has something special, or for milk. Otherwise, all my friends and family members now spend their $ on local groceries, which is cheaper and hopefully all sourced from local producer.

                  I think Woolworths and other big chains should really think more being fresh and make fresh rather selling everything in plastic or containers.

                  Back to the main topic.

                  It is a great initiative that Woolworths is now sharing seeds to grow. +1

                  • @ivegan: Checked further, profit margin for Ginger/garlic are 38%\42% at $25kg. Garlic is rarely dumped, though the ginger gets dumped often enough due to growth and selective picking or snapping. Current actual profits for my store are -18% for Ginger, and 63% on garlic - probably forgot to change the self service unit price for a batch of import on the garlic's once..

              • @ivegan: Ginger and garlic is $25/kg every week where I shop in Woolies in north west Sydney.

          • @Yabadabadoo: They 'donate' it to charity as a tax write off.


          There defintely is some kept in the fridge e.g. apples/lettuce/oranges etc. but yes, there is daily deliveries of stock when the product is getting low.

          At the store i used to work at, the manager really emphasised quality of fruit (he threw away fruit that I thought was fine), however our store was quite quiet so that might explain why.

        • Well that's not true, your fresh cuts are kept in the fridge

      • Woolworths The Fresh Freezer People.

    • Wait until you see how they ripen your bananas. 🤪

    • +10 votes

      my anecdotal evidence tells me quality is dependent on where the store is located. if it's in a nicer suburb, the fruit & veg is typically quite decent.

      • Can confirm, I live in between 2 Woolworths and one is noticeably better than the other.

      • No issues where I live, the same as the local fruit/veg markets.

      • Not really true. I know of two stores and one in the nicer suburb is on par with the poorer suburb and I would say that I not happy to shop at either for fresh fruit and veg.

        What I have found is that the flagship stores or the ones that are the "prototype" stores for each other majors are usually the ones that have the better "fresh food" options going on. I think because the stores are constantly innovated and the head office types are trouped through them often (and they are often in high turnover areas) they are the ones that at least have the higher turnover so you at least have the chance of getting something mildly fresh.

    • +2 votes

      …making it easy to spend the $30….a hand of banana or some tomatoes will probably do it. Or potatoes, caps, rockmelon, will do it too.

    • You need to move to a better suburb

    • It's not specific to Woolies, it's a problem with the whole supply chain for large supermarkets. You're never going to get the best freshness and quality. If you want decent fruit and veggies you need to go to a farmers market or grow them yourself.

      • I don't know how true this is…maybe someone can tell me otherwise…but I regularly go to farmers markets and don't think the produce there is any better than the big supermarkets. Seems like they are just the stock the supermarkets didn't select then markets up cause of a perception of freshness. Looking at the boxes at my local farmers market seems to indicate the food comes from all round Australia and not necessarily local

  • Not really a deal when the local fruit shop is always much cheaper

    • +9 votes

      I don't have a local fruit shop, and they usually are not cheaper. Usually better quality though

      • Who is

      • My local fruit place has bananas for around $1 a kg woolies is $3 a kg

        • +26 votes

          Somebody told me anecdotal evidence like this was reliable.


          They’re like $5/kg at my local fruit shop, and brown and mushy.

          So I just pay $3 at Woolworths.

          If you’ve got a great local fruit shop, then good for you. But they can be super hit-and-miss.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Guess unless you in the middle of nowhere, then there is heaps of local fruit shops and fruit and veg markets etc


              @asa79: There are only a handful of independent places here, and nobody seems to go there, so the veggies are bad.

              There’s also a huge Harris Farm Markets (that put all the old greengrocers out of business), but it’s gone up-market now, so it’s not cheap.

              There are a couple of Saturday morning markets, but by the time I get out of bed on a Saturday, they’re closing up for the day.

              I could drive 15 or 20 minutes to another suburb, but it’s hardly worth it for fruit and veg.

              So I just get what I can’t grow in the veggie garden from Woolworths.

      • I think you'll find that some stuff in season is a LOT cheaper and other more not common things are more expensive.

      • in many cases it seems like the same supplier as woolies

      • How are they usually not cheaper and better quality if you don't have a local fruit shop, h?

  • Title reminds me of the horrific McDonalds hack days


  • One time i got two big red capsicums for a stir fry, cut both open, got huge masses of black furry mould in both. Messaged woolworths and they said ok just bring your receipt back.

    All good and well but i threw out the receipt and i need the capsicums now! Ah

    • +7 votes

      Just bring a capsicum back, it's not if a value that we would usually ever reject a refund and replacement.

    • WHY is there an option at the self-server "DO you want to print a receipt?"

      • +6 votes

        Save paper. Again, shouldn't be an issue for anything under $20.
        After that a receipt goes nicely, depending on how presentable you are - yep, discrimination 👍

        Do is a favour and try to return it to the same store you got it though

      • Buying a water bottle. swipes

        Card only. Yes/no.

        Touch yes.

        Touch pay now.

        Do you have woolies card? Yes/Skip

        Touch skip.

        Touch Card.


        Do you want receipt. Yes/No.

        So many popups.

        • Scan woolworths card > Use Saved preferences? ~ done

          • @blehgg: yeah Woolworths would like our buy history data wouldn't they.

            • @joshmutch: yea ~ which they already have….

              • @blehgg: the difference is that it's linked to your ID. which can be useful for targeted advertising or selling to third parties. But I see your point maybe they'll just use facial recognition or CC numbers instead.


                  @joshmutch: Most systems can aggregate data by credit card number.

                  If you don’t want to be tracked, you’ll need to use cash, or maybe the new Apple credit card that generates new, untraceable credit card numbers on the fly via the app.


      I work at the Woolworths customer service desk and we rarely reject refunds for cheap items without a receipt.
      Woolworths has "fresh or free" guarantee as well, where if the produce is bad, you get a refund AND a replacement for free

  • This is not a hack, Brenda. This is exactly the intent of the offer.

  • I didn’t order any fruit or veg with my online Order today should have got 2 kits they put 5 in the bags I’m guessing the staff at my store don’t really care that much about the promo rules

    • As with anything, you go in today, spend $29.98 and they give you heaps and don't seem to care. You go in tomorrow, you get exactly what you should and they circle the reciept, sign it, pose with the store manager and a copy of your reciept for a photo and film on CCTV handing the seeds over..

  • "90% of parents place importance on their kids having a good understanding of where herbs and veggies come from…"

    that's actually quite nice to hear, and a great initiate by Woolies compared to the trashy plastic collectables they've been doing.

    • "90% of parents place importance on their kids having a good understanding of where herbs and veggies come from…"

      Somehow I read as… 90% of parents told their kids where they come from…

    • "90% of parents place importance on their kids having a good understanding of where herbs and veggies come from…"
      Because when the zombie apocalypse hits, what good really is English and Math anyway?

      • Knowing the parabolic effect on rifles will be very handy. You'll want to be covering all those guys in a nice high tower while they go out on foot to scavenge for food.

  • Does it stack with metro scan and go 25% promotion? If so, is $30 spend before or after the 25% off?

  • Spent $33 on fruit to be picked up tomorrow and the confirmation email states only 2 garden kits. What did I do wrong?

    • It says in the catalogue T&C's apply . "See in store for full list of eligible fresh fruit & veg…" Maybe some items were excluded?

    • Dried fruit and nuts are officially excluded.
      I’ve just done a quick test “bundles” even of fruit/veg don’t count towards the bonus for $15

      There’ll be 1 item for more then $3 in your order that Woolworths deems not a fresh fruit :-)
      You can see the number of promo items before you complete the sale so you can double check/go back and change etc

  • Cheezels ($1.20), Mars Bars ($1), McCains Pizza ($3.25) and Darell Lea blocks ($2.50) are all half price at Woolies. What are these "fruit/vegetables" you speak of? ;-)

    • The best things are always on sale (except maybe that pizza).

      Currently on a diet and thankfully none of that stuff is in my pantry.

  • Here's a hack, buy the 3 seeding kits and spend the remainder of your money at Aldi. You still end up with more groceries in your cart and you don't have to spend it all on fruit and veg.

    • Aldi need to lift their game in the meat department and then I might consider going back. Even though you still can't buy everything you need in their store for young families.

      • Like what? I shop at woolies Coles and Costco also, but try to spend more at Aldi for the savings.

        • Exactly. You should elsewhere because you can't get everything you need/want at an Aldi. Otherwise you'd just shop there.

  • They are very tiny, just got 3 today.

  • That 7news link reads like an ad, influencing you to do exactly this… I mean it’s from New Idea!

  • How is this a "hack" when it's clearly mentioned in the promotion? I don't get it.

  • from Tam’s comment above they spent $33 and only getting 2

    Was playing with it and noticed the online banner is 10 item not per/kg fruit and veg for the bonus. -THIS IS THE HACK

    Instore must be $15, online is 10 items in a $30 spend
    I’ve added 10 carrots/apples/bananas/bananas/mandarin totaling 50 pieces of fruit

    My cart is showing $31.70 and 6 kits

    • Hope the person in front of me at the self-serve checkout doesn't try the equivalent!

      Quite strange for them to care about number of items rather than just $ spend on fruit/veggie category.

  • +1 vote

    For what it's worth to people getting these - each box comes with 3 or 4 layers of these seed containers, with each layer having 1 of every different seed, though sadly not in any order that I can tell.
    The actual product can't be determined until reading the seeded paper within. Doesn't take a whole lot of time to find out which seed, so maybe ask them to check the first.

    Of course being in a randomish order I wouldn't start asking for a certain seed unless they aren't busy.

    If you want something that grows like crazy, find the Cress

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