Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS $319, 42mm $369 (Nike+, Space Grey, Silver) @ JB Hi-Fi (OW $303.05 with 5% Pricebeat on 38mm)


Good price.

38mm $385 @ OW link for pricebeat

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    series 3 old tech no kudos from the cool kids /s

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      series 5 has an always on display, every other Apple Watch does not. Some people say it makes them exactly the same, I think it makes them pretty different.

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      First off it’s the new RRP so not a deal.
      However, this price is less than the new Fitbit Versa2 @$329.

      The Fitbit lasts longer on a charge, has more targeted fitness features, but losses badly in comparison to the broader range of smart watch features, ecosystem and capabilities for this series 3, with its much superior range of apps and more powerful CPU.
      If I was Fitbit I would regard this series 3 as a real threat.
      Assuming one has an iPhone of course.


      I think people are missing the /s…

      But anyway, if any one is wondering about this vs a s4 (and s5 really, the standout is the always-on display). It's very capable.

      The big differences if they matter to you are s3 doesn't have fall detection, no haptics on the crown and the biggest of all, fat ass bezel on the screen.

      The s4/s5 screen space is a pretty big upgrade even though it sounds small on paper, it really opens up the UI and made things much easier to touch. However, you also spend 95% of your time not really touching your watch, so this might not be a big deal breaker for a lot.

      Performance wise, day to day I doubt you'd really notice, Apps do load and run a bit faster on a s4 but if you swapped out it for a s3 (and some how faked the screen), I doubt I'd notice.


    New RRP?


    now i need an iphone to use it

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    This is the new street price. If not in hurry, then better wait for those ebay 15-20% codes.


    I am interested to see how JB handle the Apple Watch series 4 since Apple discontinued it. The series 5 is just a minor update and I am hoping for some discount, that way. it's a no brainer, series 4 is the way to go.(No, I don't care about the always on display)


    Series 3 are much slower that later models, with a smaller screen. This makes a BIG difference in their usability. The processors on these watches are marginal at best, the Series 3 is just a bit too slow and baulky during use. The Series 4 IMHO is the first model that works well. The processor is fast enough to not be frustrating, and the screen is significantly larger as a percentage of the face of the watch, making it much easier to use with human fingers.


    Will get an Apple Watch when it gets thinner. Still looks too thick!

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