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Whole 18" Pizzas $12.99 (Save $2) @ Costco Food Court


Costco Membership is not required for food court purchases.

In my opinion Costco food court pizzas beat any pizza chain out there.

To give you a perspective of size Domino's New Yorkers are 16" where as Costco's are 18"

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  • 16 inch vs 18 inch

    200 square inches vs 250 square inches

    Math doesn't lie, bigger is better

  • Not sure about some stores anyway about not being a member. At new Ipswich store, you are only allowed to enter via the main entrance that requires your member card. Last few times I've gone it has been the same, and really frustrating.

    At the North Lakes store, there's no problem (except one time I sudo argued with a staff member which wanted to see my member card to get food, another staff member ended up finding me in store to apologise)

    • Just say you’re heading to the membership counter then go to the food court can always say you’re there with a member who’s shopping but I’ve never had them want my membership card at the food court and I often just walk in through the exit past the membership counter straight to the food court. Never had anyone query me at the Ipswich store

    • yeah, Costco Kilburn they want to see membership id sometimes too.

    • Just enter via main entrance saying to door keeper "need a refund"

    • sudo lmao

  • Do they have a menu?

  • Not sure about the pizza, but their churros and dip was really bad , as well as their mango shake!!

  • Last time I had the pizza at costco ~5 years ago, it was extremely underwhelming and plain. Domino's these days is fairly consistent and I find delicious.

    Can anyone share their views?

    Should I be buying these pizzas, freezing them and adding more toppings when reheating in the oven?

    • Domino's these days is fairly consistent and I find delicious.

      Taste is subjective. If I want to talk delicious in Sydney, I'd start at Lucio Pizzaria in Darlinghurst. It's not $13 for 18" though, so Costco holds the value card for me.
      I've only bought them a few times, but twice I've gotten either Margherita or 5 cheese and added prosciutto etc once I got home 👌👌

    • I think they're great (for the price) , freezing it would probably make it disgusting though.

    • Dominos is in no way delicious.. that is my opinion.

      • I tend to agree. But may I ask then… who might you suggest instead?
        I've been going to a Caesars Pizza not far from me, finding it to be better… not many stores here in Sydney though.
        I recently asked them to make a pepperoni, mushroom, capsicum pizza. My god, it was off the scale amazing.

        • I just make my own. Mix 2 parts s/r flour 1 part greek yoghurt or i make italian bread dough.

          I make the sauce with a can or 2 of whole tomatos oregano garlic and vinigar from jelapenos.

          Top with your favourite toppings.

          If doing a large (i use 15 inch pans) put sauce on and bake till crust starts to firm to touch to ensure firm cooked base.

    • I’d keep away from the avocado at dominoes.

  • Are these frozen pizzas or cooked in store?

  • Just an opinion but I'm not a big fan of their pizzas….the combo supreme is quite flavourless (bad tomato base maybe?), The chicken is too sweet, and the cheese is fine in small doses. Would go a pepperoni New Yorker from dominos instead..

    That being said…..still get a slice most times I'm there so ymmv

  • In my opinion Costco food court pizzas beat any pizza chain out there

    I second that, it's the best compared to those greasy and crappy toppings pizza chains.
    Costco's ingredients are just like a home made pizza ones with even distribution to all surface area.
    I highly recommend them.

  • Do Ringwood do these?

    I'd be tempted to become a member just for a decent pizza when at Eastland every now and then.

    • Had pizza at the Ringwood Costco.
      Just got to keep an eye out on one of the team member as he always seems to prioritize pizzas for sell by the piece.

    • You don't need to become a member to buy food at their foodcourt, it's open to everyone.

  • Amen

    Couple that with the hotdog and (bottomless) soft drink combo and you’re set! ($1.49 for the hotdog combo I think)

    We usually go into Costco and buy individual slices of our liking and will buy the hotdog combo too. So I’d like to say their plain cheese one is one of the best than the other Cheese ones that I’ve tried to elsewhere.

    But as a few people mentioned above- taste is subjective

  • Can I add a caveat to OP's "Costco Membership is not required for food court purchases." (I am a member btw)

    I once asked if I could go straight to the food court which is where the exit is (as I only wanted pizza), and I was told I needed to go through the front, which required showing your membership card.


    • Yeah one time i went in the exit to go to the bathrooms, going past the food court, and got asked for membership as well

  • I've been eating Costco pizza since they opened in docklands. Usually grab a slice every time I shop, or bring home a full pizza. They used to be great value - taste, toppings, size and price wise.

    However in the last 2 years I think, the quality has gone down significantly. The sauce is bland, toppings can be undercooked, and for a 18" pizza, there will be like 2-3" of plain crust at the edges.

    YMMV but for that reason I don't get full pizzas from them anymore. Don't mind a slice every often, and they have changed the pizza menu recently.

    It still beats the likes of domino's any day, and the price is good value if you're trying to feed a family or have people over for a game, etc.

    Not sure about other Costco food courts, but the one in Docklands requires membership.

    • I noticed this too actually. When the north lakes store first opened their combo pizza was some of the most delicious I'd ever eaten but a year or so later it suddenly changed and has been fairly awful since.

      I asked one of the staff and they had no idea. They guessed the oil may have changed.

  • I’m st Costco Lidcombe right now and don’t see the discounted sign?

    Is it aus wise? Members only?

    • grab the voucher and show the counter

      • Realised why there’s no signage. It’s in the member coupon email.
        So only advertised to members and the one at Lidcombe is outside of Costco.

    • The $2 off for whole pizzas is a members only offer in the form of a voucher. They usually hand them out in the store or you can download them on the Costco website.

  • Costco Membership is not required for food court purchases

    Food court is supposed to be for members only. However, many stores don't enforce it very well or at all.

  • My biggest surprise at Costco (Epping VIC) was that they don't sell hot chips. Would have thought it would be an easy crowd pleaser.

    • Epping VIC store gate keeper almost refused my entry using an overseas issued card.

      • That's strange, I've used my AU card in both US and Canada Costco stores without any issues. Even got fuel with an older card that didn't have magnetic strips to scan at the pumps.

  • nice! lunch sorted!