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3% off Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions of Klimt + Free Shipping - PaintingZ.com


Own a premium quality re-created reproduction of Gustav Klimt at 3% off by PaintingZ.com's professional studio artist.

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  • These were cheaper when backpackers would go door to door ripping off old people.

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    3% off replica paintings? Lol no deal.


      Or submit any idea and our artists can work out an original for you. Let's say replica is not a bad word. People love artists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Klimt, whose artworks are in public domain for anyone to use or sell without legal issue. You may own a replica by a printing machine, with the colors deliberately brightened or tweaked to fit modern eyes, or a replica by a real artist. It's a personal choice I guess.

      • Or a screen in a frame that i can change.


          Like the digital frame that appeared a decade ago, just bigger and in a real frame? Most people may just stick to the traditional way. Problems include the sense of canvas, the subtle shades and colors, the art ratio. Not all artworks are about the same aspect ratio.

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      Prices from ~$220 thru [over] ~$450…?

      Are there No IP rights violations here?

      How long does it take an artist to make 1?


        It takes about 25 days for an artist to finish an artwork. Photos will be sent. Feedback will be collected. And improvement will be made if it's necessary. Shipping takes from a week to 10 days.

        About the IP rights, as long as an artwork is in public domain, it's fine. All famous paintings on PaintingZ have entered into public domain, given the artists have been dead for over 70 years. Means the public owns these works, not an individual artist.

        The prices usually depend on the art size, the complexity and so on. Landscape is often easier than portrait, for instance.

  • Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

    Impressive painting and movie, but originally made using gold leaf. I'm guessing the reproduction would be with gold paint with less reflectivity?

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      We normally use gold leaf for sure, i.e. gold foil pasted on the canvas. Gold paint can also be used but it lacks the mirror-like effect. So we always use gold leaf.

  • Legitimate question. Not trying to take the piss. Difference between a "forgery" and a "hand-painted replica"?

    • Forgery usually means passed off as an original/real.

      Replica usually means passed off as not being original/real


      The difference:

      Forgery: You may be told it's real. Or in real life when you display it, it may fool people into believing it's real. So the point is "made believe".

      Hand-Painted Replica: Literally. it's hand-painted and it's a replica, due to your love and due to your dislike of a print or a poster. No one would ask you if it's real or take it for granted it's the real.

      • Ahh they're public domain works! So saying they're a copy is legit. Quite cool!

        Do you make mention of the reproducing artist?


          Some customers do insist a signature of the reproduction artist. Some would prefer the original signature. For a Van Gogh, such as his sunflower series, signatures may be part of his painting and it's better to sign just "Vincent van Gogh".

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        I'd like to see the artist(s) at work…

        Maybe sell a video stream of artists @ work
        (serious suggestion, Swedish TV broadcast
        an artist painting… for 2+ hours); more
        to learn than what some pay for: Streaming
        of others playing video games, IMO


          2 hours is like the length of a big movie. Maybe we will post some shorter videos on youtube. Maybe upon request, we can upload the video of a specific order.

  • No Pointillism!? … sigh

  • Hi, I love your online shop. I will consider to purchase from you after I make up my mind. So many to choose from!

    Thank you for sharing the information. I have been searching such an art shop for a while

  • 3%! this is ozbargain not an advertising venue.

  • agree with the others, 3% is just advertising not really a discount at all. Whats next 1%?


      Maybe 10%? We will consider it. Thank you.

      We are not a big fan of "buy one and get one for free".