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CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16gb) DDR4 3000MHz C15 $251.14 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16gb) DDR4 3000MHz C15

Memory Size: 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB)
Tested Latency: 15-17-17-35
Tested Voltage: 1.35V
Tested Speed: 3000MHz

Heat Spreader: Anodized Aluminum
Package Memory Format: DIMM
Performance Profile: XMP 2.0
Package Memory Pin: 288

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  • Already have G.Skill 32GB 3600Mhz CL16. With these mix well?
    Will have to lower the current profile to 3000Mhz? Or can you run 2 different profiles?

    • i think only one profile
      and it is the lowest one

    • What the hell you gonna do with 64gb RAM. Run 10 instances of Rocket League?

    • I wouldn't, if you're running anything else in that system to justify 64gb of ram 3000mhz will end up being a bottleneck I reckon

    • It's not ideal because your DDR4-3600 CL16 could be Samsung B-die. These are likely standard Hynix die based memory chip (quite ordinary).

      You must lower the RAM frequency to DDR4-3000 if you want to mix them. There is also a likelihood that you need to change the command rate to 2T. Essentially, you will end up wasting your quality DDR4-3600.

      However, if 64GB is more important to you and you don't really care that much about gaming, then you can. The price is decent for RGB RAM (but once you removed the RGB factor, price is only okay). The proposed setup could be double sided RAM modules on all 4 DIMMs so that could be 8 banks. Would be a true test on how good Ryzen CPU's memory controller really is. Honestly, if I really want to do that setup, I would prefer quality RAM throughout, rather than 50% top quality, 50% cost effective. Anyone truly needs 64GB setup should be able to afford quality RAM modules.

  • Just keep in mind that people are currently gravitating to some of these 3000 CL15 kits because they think that's the important feature of the Ballistix RAM that's really popular, when the important thing is the Micro Revision E die being used.

    This is not a Micron Rev. E kit.

    • $263 ATM for the 32GB Ballistix Sport LT at Newegg, worth that extra bit for Rev. E IMO if you had to buy right now even though that's not a sale price. I paid $232 a couple months ago though, don't know what the price trend has been but still not sold on this being a deal for the Corsair stuff. I suppose it doesn't matter if someone's just going for XMP though.

  • Is it really bad to mix and match same brand/spec 16gb kit (2x8) and 32gb kit (2x16) in an x570 4 DIMM motherboard?

    • It's not really bad, but it is definitely better to stick to the same thing.

    • No there is almost no difference.

      People are buying high speed RAM for 0 to 5% performance gain.

      I hope they aren't spending that money on RAM when it could go to a higher CPU or GPU because that would be stupid.

  • i have the 2x8gb sticks of these(3000 MHz, would i be able to mix and max these together? (16+32)

  • whats the best ram kit you can get for the new AMD cpus? 2x16gb

    • Define best? Performance? Value? RGB?

    • Best in terms of performance. Any Samsung B-die based DDR4-3600 CL16 RAM kit.
      Best in terms of value for money. Micro Rev E kit when they are on heavy discount (i.e. DDR4-3000).

      You cannot just trust brand and model as they can change RAM chip/die provider.

      • Ok thanks, I'm going for performance

        • If money is no object and you simply just want to use XMP, go for Samsung B-die based kits.
          If you don't mind overclocking yourself and you are just after 2 DIMMs, do consider Micro Rev E because even the DDR4-3000 can easily go DDR4-3466 with no voltage bump. DDR4-3600 needs voltage bump.

          Also, unless you have RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 2080 with a proper gaming monitor, you won't notice much difference. In fact, if you simply bump up the infinity fabric frequency to match DDR4-3600 or 3777 (but leave the RAM speed as is for slower RAM), you will get some performance improvement. The CPU performance is more important (you probably want the AGESA ABBA BIOS update - assuming your system has a Ryzen 3xxx CPU) so avoid cheap MSI 570 boards with VRM issues.

          • @netsurfer: Ha man I appreciate the info, but looks like I have a lot to learn as this is all mumbo jumbo to me. I do have a 2080 ti and 1440p 165hz monitor though. I wanna upgrade to a new ryzen cpu/mobo/ram though.

            • @cortex: Do some research before you buy. Avoid MSI low and mid range board altogether (I would avoid MSI 570 series altogether - they are so slow on BIOS upgrades). If this is your first AMD Ryzen based system, then REALLY get quality RAM. I had RAM modules which work very well on intel but really bad on AMD Ryzen 3xxx.

              Don't rely on brand, make sure you know the exact model of motherboard, RAM you need/want to get.

          • @netsurfer: I thought MSI made good boards with good VRM?

            • @congo: Brand is not a good indicator. For B450, MSI made some with "decent" VRM + slightly above average heat sink for the VRM (P.S. for Ryzen CPU without embedded GPU). However, naturally, other makers caught up and overtook AMD this time around as Ryzen 3xxx series is attractive to people. MSI simply screwed up this time around for most of their 570 boards. It may not be an issue if you don't overclock and only use it for 3600 or 3700X (but if I am spending $$$ on 570, I want to get a board that runs cool).

              Another issue with MSI is BIOS quality and lack of timely BIOS update. MSI just released AGESA ABB for B450 boards (and still just the beta version), not to mention the previous non-beta version was buggy. It was/is frustrating because I use both Windows 10 and linux. How long will it take for MSI to release ABBA for older boards (another 3-4 weeks)?

              Don't decide your purchase on brand alone and don't rely on info for previous gen boards. Every gen is different.

              • @netsurfer: I thought the premium MSI x570 boards got great reviews eg MEG ACE and GODLIKE? I personally went with MEG ACE for my 3700x.

                That being said what I don’t know yet is how good they will be with firmware updates.

                • @jace88: MSI Godlike is great in terms of VRM and temperature. MSI Ace is fine as well (a notch below Godlike, but still considered above average). 4 SATA3 ports on Ace is a bit disappointing. I get MSI probably enabled SATA3 support on most, if not all of those m.2 slots, but most people wouldn't use m.2 SATA SSDs on MSI Ace (they would use NVMe).

                  In terms of BIOS updates, those two are okay. We'll wait and see how soon MSI get ABBA out for those two (MSI clearly lagging behind). Anyway, Godlike will be the first MSI board to get the update I think. We know Gigabyte and Asus already released them.

                  However, majority of MSI X570 mid-low end boards are pretty sad (even MPG Gaming Edge Wifi is no good if you pair it with 3900X or 3950X). Also, Asus and Gigabyte allow PCIe gen 4 on quite a lot of their B450 boards (but AMD killed it with ABB BIOS) - MSI, on the other hand, no such thing for their B450.

              • @netsurfer: I think I should talk to you when I pull the trigger on updating my rig. Don't have a clue on which RAM and mobo I should get.
                Currently have a RTX 2080 and eyeing on the 3700x.

                Looking at the asus tuf x570 but idk about the ram. What would you recommend? Thanks!

                • @monchee: Tech changes real fast.
                  The 3700X is good value. For B450 mobo the Tomahawk and Mortar are popular.
                  X570 is a bit overpriced IMO.
                  Get a fast M.2 drive and 3000Mhz RAM goes well with the new Ryzen.

                • @monchee: Asus TUF-Gaming-X570-Plus? It's a sensible choice. AGESA BIOS already released (unlike MSI Godlike or Ace). 8 SATA ports is good. The minor down side is Realtek LAN port and not quite sure about Realtek audio chipset either. The VRM isn't spectacular, but compared to competition in that price range, it is decent.

                  It's hard to recommend a board for 3700X to be honest. A B450 board is probably sufficient, but ones with prompt BIOS updates do have some minor issues (you need an old CPU to flash the BIOS, most tend to have only 1 m.2 slot). X570 seems like an overkill for 3700X (unless you can really take advantage of 6-8 SATA ports, and/or the extra USB 3.1 gen 2 ports).

                  • @netsurfer: Just curious, and i'm sorry to hop onto someone else's comment thread but could i ask what mobo would you suggest for the Ryzen 3900 or 3900X? I've been trying to research, however people always suggest different ones so it can be a little confusing.

          • @netsurfer: Yeah I second this. Got a Acer Predator X34P and RTX 2080, so had to overclock my Micron E-Die kit. Took forever but in the end it was worth it.

          • @netsurfer:

            If money is no object and you simply just want to use XMP, go for Samsung B-die based kits.

            Sorry, why spend money on premium RAM to run XMP profiles without manual overclocking? That's pointless. Buy a cheaper kit with the same XMP speed if that's what you want.

  • Sux, RAM prices are still coming down from the looks of it. Paid $321 about 4 months ago for C16

    • I was lucky in that it was under 30 days since I received my ram of same model 3200mhz from amazon. They were willing to credit me price difference rather than me refund and rebuy.


    My motherboard can only support up to 3000
    Currently putting 2 x 8GB but facing out of memory issues from time to time (over 95% usage)

    This ram kit is good but might be overkill my purpose (I most likely dont need 48GB of ram)
    Hope there are cheap 2 x 8GB again during Thanks Giving and will pull the trigger!

  • On zen 2 The last review i checked out using slow DDR4 2133mhz vs DDR4 3600Mhz showed a 1% gain in FPS using a RX GTX 1660ti at 1080p. At 1440p and 4k there was 0% improvement..

    If you have a GTX 2080ti and play at 1080p faster ram will be worth it but for people with RX570s and 580s its 100% pointless.

  • For intel i7-9700 build: this deal (DDR4-3000 C15) at A$ 251 or some other DDR4-3200 C16, say, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (3200 C16) at A$ 256? or any other recommendation for 32 gigs around this price range please?

  • Any recommendations for 8GB X2?
    Just got a Ryzen 3700X and ASUS X570-P/CSM for cheap.
    Looking to run a little bit of OC. Heard the ASUS X570-P has ok VRM design in this price range.
    Mainly for applications, no gaming.

    Is this 3600 MHz any good? Price seems to be ok, high frequency at CL16-19-19-39 while other sticks run at CL18 or even CL19 at 3600

    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C16D-16GVKC
    DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800)
    Timing 16-19-19-39
    CAS Latency 16
    Voltage 1.35V
    Is the 3600 MHz runs at XMP profile and higher voltage instead of 1.35V?

    Or shall I get the sticks you guys are talking about, samsung b die or micro e die at 3000 MHz default?


    • Try and get the 3200 or 3600 XMP ram.. set it to XMP in bios and forget it.. ive had nothing but issues trying to run my 4x8gb 3000mhz gskill rgb trident ram at anything but XMP settings. But thats on a B450 motherboard.

      • Thanks. I heard Ryzen 3 runs best at 3600~3733 ish, I'll look for one 3200 OC to that or just buy a 3600 one