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MSI Nvidia RTX 2060 SUPER VENTUS OC $635.20 + Delivery @ Futu Online eBay


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Might be a good deal for a 2060 Super card. Unsure about how it stacks up against AMD

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    Unsure about how it stacks up against AMD

    It doesn't really. You can pick up a 5700XT for similar money which gives performance of another tier.

    It's a hard place for nVidia, being between the 5700 and 5700XT.

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      Yeah AMD is good for gaming at this point.

      The only justification for nvidia currently is RTX, which personally I'm not a fan of at this performance point (really need 2070S/2080 tier for good 1080p60fps) and ML, which most people just won't do.

      Cooling CAN be an issue if you're packing in a small case.

      Some people will talk about driver support etc. I haven't experienced this gen so can't comment.

      I also take freesync over gsync due to cost.


        The latest RTXes support FreeSync now so it's not that bad.


        RTX, DLSS and even GSync are going the way of PhysX and 3dNow. Unless you have a 2080ti and want to play at 1080/60 with it enabled on a handful of games. It's a massive performance hit on a 2080s/2070s/2060s.Who wants to spend $600+ on a card to play at 720p with RTX enabled to have effects you won't really notice in an FPS.5700XT is a better buy at a similar price point, considering it's close to 2070s.Since Nvidia now supports Freesync is there a point to the GSync price premium.


      Yeah really loving AMd


      Assuming, of course, you aren't fine with the reference card.

      Because tmk the reference has dipped below 600 with these deals.


    Yea, yea, nah on the 2060 super.

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    I think the 5700XTs are widely considered a much better buy at a similar price.


      Just waiting for AIB boards' prices to come down first, now only MSI Evoke 5700 XT is reasonably priced, but I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole due to the thermal pad issue

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        it all depends what you're in for, xt5700 run hotter, chewing more power. As far as I'm concerned, electronics and heat don't match, the cooler something runs, the better. Not convinced with AMD's graphics card being a better buy. The only thing AMD's got running for, its cheaper, a sacrifice in quality. However, the MSI Ventus accourding to reviews, runs hot with loud fan's. Hence the price, I guess. I wouldn't even touch it with 20 foot pole


        The gigabyte model runs around this I think, and there's a single store selling the pulse at exactly what it should be after the 20 percent off.

        Still a decent bit over reference seeing as they drop crazily cheap with these deals, but in the range of reason.


    My eyes popped wide open at this price thinking it was a 2070 S. Then I realized the 6. T_T

    I think I'll be going for the 5700 XT next week.


    Got my 2060 Super Ventus OC for $582.25 on eBay last week:




    A quick and dirty list of gpus, ranked by performance.


    I have this card (got it for $595 on eBay) and I don't find it at all loud and that's in an NZXT H210 case.

    5700XT AIB boards are around $700 (Best I could find was $685) so not sure why people are comparing it to the 2060 Super which I got for around $100 less.

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      Have had my MSI 2060 Super Ventus OC for a week now, very very impressed with this card. The Ventus is very quiet at idle and even when under moderate load (despite not having a 0rpm 'Twin Frozr' fan), that I can now hear other noises I hadn't noticed before lol.

      Needless to say it's been a BIG step up from my 970, so much so I wasn't going to overclock. But hey, that lasted a whole day before I decided to give it a go lol!

      Anyways, I used Afterburner's OC Scanner to look after the Core clock, and then manually adjusted the Memory clock to a safe level. Core clock was bumped to +210Mhz by the OC scanner. Memory was bumped manually to +1000MHZ.

      One thing I've noticed is at 100% fan speeds, this card can get quite loud – but I've only ever seen it at 100% when I have forced it manually. It certainly is louder at full throttle than my old MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G, but not drastically so.

      When overclocked, playing Control with settings bumped up sees temps rise to 75-77C after 20 mins or so and stabalise. I notice the clock shuffles up and down slightly, but it does not seem to affect FPS (GPU Boost 4.0?). I should point out that this card is installed in a m-ATX case and I'm in NQLD – so load temps would be lower in a cooler climate with a larger case.

      Here's my Time Spy result with my i7 4790:


      Certainly no CPU bottle necking going on at all which is good. My result is equal top position for this card (single GPU), regardless of CPU. :)