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Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard $151 Pickup /+ $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys


Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard for $151 at Good Guys (+ $8 delivery), JB for $198, seconds cheapest option I could find is $179 at https://www.myessentialtech.com.au/surface-ergonomic-wireles...

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Microsoft Product Page

    Bluetooth only.

  • For this price, I would expect mech.

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      not everyone likes mechanical keyboards. I can't stand them.

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        Especially it's hard when you like them and your co-worker hate them :D

  • You can get them for $142.23 delivered on Ebay, somehow I couldn’t post the link

    • I only managed to get it with postage from overseas which should take more time + should incur additional tax and issues with expensing that to ATO

      • Here's the link from seller:mediaformcomputersuppliesptyltd with code SPRUNG, not sure if you need Ebay Plus or not.

        • Indeed, slightly cheaper for $154 delivered

  • What's better about this keyboard than the Ergonomic Desktop which can be bough for $120 including mouse?


    • Bluetooth for Surface devices, also its con if you're looking to use it on a PC that is without a BT adaptor.

      • Other than BT, are there any advantages to this keyboard over the $120 version in terms of ergonomic? Thanks

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          You don't have the keypad seperate, and then it gets pushed aside and if a key on it is held down the only key on your main keyboard that doesn't work is backspace…. It will mess with you all day until you work it out.
          Also no chance of losing the dongle making the keyboard useless as you can't buy another one like my colleague did

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          What porsche804 said, and a proper INS-PGDN block and inverted-T arrows block, and a few more shortcut keys. The proper key blocks are important if you can touch-type in the dark. I have the sculpt ergo desktop and I always have to turn on the room light to find those INS-PGDN keys.

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      I am using this ergonomic set since 2014 and so far it is the best you can get, but the function keys are actually buttons, not keys. The mouse from set is good as well, though Logitech MX is somewhat better in my opinion, plus MX Vertial is a good second mouse (for second half of working day) for those who spend whole day at computer.

      The new Surface Ergonomic one uses bluetooth instead of USB which is a plus as you can use it with laptops (even if these days your laptop is equipped with USB Type-A it you have to plug and unplug the dongle every time). And reportedly it has better tactile experience than old one. I've just ordered it and will share feedback when get my hands on.

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      Horses for courses.
      In addition to the comments already made, you could argue the tenkeyless design of the Desktop set is more ergonomic because if you have the keyboard separate, it allows you to have the mouse positioned closer to the keyboard so you aren't reaching as far for it, which can cause shoulder and arm issues.

      For those worried about losing the dongle, it actually slips into a little slot in the mouse if you ever need to transport it.

      • Valid point. But it easy to lose dongle if you use different mouse.

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      Here's another alternative

      Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Combo for 79$


      Bought at a pricematch at my local JB HIFI and I've been using it, feels really solid, really like it, the mouse is also good and comes with a unifying receiver.

      • I used this one, defo not bad esp comparing to standard keyboards, but for me it is not even close to Microsoft ones.

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    That’s right, sweetheart,
    Ergonomic Management Keyboard.

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    Actually, it is far from ergonomic. I felt my hand is in an unnatural position when using this keyboard.

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      Horses for courses I guess - i find this the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used (and I've been using MS ergonomic since they came out in 1995 or so….)

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        I had the USB version for years, was extremely comfortable and probably the best keyboard I have ever used.

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      I have 2 sets of the older USB Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. One for home and one for office. Just love them.

    • Also, you need to have enough table space to put your hand at least until your elbow. Otherwise you'll feel weird. If this is the issue then it's time to get a bigger table :)

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        I used to put hands on the desk, but then discovered true magic of adjustable armrests of the chair.

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          That's what I do at home, which I have a shallower table. My home office experience is much better this year with the ergonomic keyboard plus my Herman Miller embody chair.

          • @wongjy12: afaik herman miller has wonderful handrests

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    Have owned this keyboard since launch basically and it replaced my Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. It's a lot more comfortable and the key actuation feels more premium. The 2 dings I would have to mention are that:

    1) The alcantara palm rest gets dirty sadly, way too quickly for such an expensive product. I'd recommend regular cleanings with isopropyl alcohol.
    2) On certain Win 10 PCs, I've run into a driver issue whereby after a few minutes all the key mappings are incorrect and random keystrokes will be recorded. You literally have to uninstall the keyboard to return your computer to normal.

  • After using it for a day I must say it feels more premium than Sculpt Ergonomic one, but it is way too big and reaching mouse with your right hand is not handy at all. It must be perfect for left-handed users.

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