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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch Lite $229 Delivered (First 160 Per Hour from 12pm - 5pm) @ The Gamesmen eBay


According to Press-Start, the price for this device will be $229.

Here we go again. Every hour starting at 12 midday (12, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm). 160 items each hour.

ebay banner.

T&Cs -

  • Grey - 100 available per hour
  • Turquoise - 30 available per hour
  • Yellow - 30 available per hour

5.Dispatch of pre-orders will begin 20 September 2019.

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    160 items

    160,000 bidders

  • Any color or just grey?

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      You can have any color you want, as long as it’s grey.

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        you can have any color you want if you get yours in cart before it's sold out.

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        Thank you Mr ford.

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    • You can have any colour you want as long as it exists

    • edit: nvm OP has the deets!

      Just tried the code on the turquoise one. It gives the error:

      "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

      Think that means the other colours are eligible for discount.

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    I think this is about the price Nintendo needed as RRP anyway. current RRP makes 0 sense to me.

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      Yeah just looked it up and its a handheld device that can't connect to the TV. Most the time we play the switch it's connected to the TV and playing with friends. So to not have that ability puts this in the DS/handheld market. Would probably prefer to pay $350 (on sale) for the non-lite version.

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        Or sub $200 for this.

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        Only played ~3hrs handheld, in front of the same screen as docked. Just to try the gyro aspect.

        Blown away how far consoles have come (PC Master Race!), then I need to remind myself the little beast undocks, and is completely mobile.

        Absolutely hit the brief.

      • +3

        Depends. Wife mostly plays her in handheld. I think dock version is better but at this price I think it's reasonable. She only ever played 3ds prior and obviously some people are happy to play games entirely in handheld mode.

      • Yep, I have no use for a handheld - I've owned a DS and Vita in the past and not got enough use out of either one to justify buying another. I'd have been much more interested in this if they'd ditched the portability and just made a cut down version that would work only on the TV. You'd think they could do that cheaper than this once you get rid of the need for mobile aspects such as the screen, have a slightly larger form-factor to make cooling a bit easier, etc.

        Maybe I'll get the full-fat Switch at some point down the track when it gets to a sensible price and then I can just keep it docked.

        • Think I have docked my switch to the TV twice. But the fixed controllers put me off this model still.

      • the Lite has a different purpose to the regular Switch.
        its smaller, more portable, sturdier, not for docking. replaces the DS as you said.

        I'll be getting one for the kids, I have one docked, but the portability is good here.

        I just wish they fixed the game sharing for families

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    288 @ Amazon

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      So $47 discount… But having to go through this COTD style BS… Not sure it's worth it for me

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    eBay can see the traffic numbers going down sence Amazon came along this is just a desperate attempt to bring them back up.

  • Is a switch or this worth it? Nostalgic me loved the early Nintendo stuff (64, Game Boy Colour..), is it totally different these days?

    • +9

      I love my Switch, great system.

    • 100% worth it if you like video games. There are 69 Switch games with a Metacritic rating of 85+. Multiple AAA exclusives, and more to come. It's by far the least expendable console on the market.

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    PSP is back.

  • +12

    Waste of time. By the time you click the add to cart, 160 snipers have already bought it.

    • I manage to grab one around 1230pm, doesn't seem to be that hard to get it.

    • +14

      Yes. You can play PS4 games on it.

      • -5

        ur so funny

        • +6

          No, only the much older ones before Nvidiot patched the Tegra chip.

  • will it be delivered on release day though? doesn't seem like it

  • Good price if you can grab one from catch of the day at ebay

  • Thanks op although it’s these sales that make me glad I didn’t renew my ebay plus.

  • +1

    Not this again. I still haven't recovered from my previous Ebay PTSD!

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    Bought the SNES 3DS at a little under this price…..

    Still… I do love the little bugger. :)

    • +2

      The best one :) Have it myself…

      • I think the felt Mario cover plate on white was the sleeper winner of that generation. Maybe Kirby plates or wooden Mario second.

  • Doesn't seem that good of a deal. Certainly not enough to tempt someone who wasn't interested in buying to take the plunge.

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      Dont know about that……its sorta working on me LOL

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      The other eBay hourly deals were crazy awesome deals. This is just a decent deal.

  • -3

    Is this price really a bargain?

    • +3

      It's a $330rrp, cheaper than anywhere else, down $90, how is it not?

      • -1

        Both Amazon and Hardly Norman are selling for $298? Still cheaper obviously, but certainly not $90 cheaper.

        • It's still $90 off RRP. So why don't you say how it's not a bargain then when you admit its the cheapest????

          • @DisabledUser139667: What? Helps if you string a proper sentence together. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
            No one here cares about RRP. People compare against real market price, which to me is around $298.
            Still cheaper obviously but not as good a deal as what we had through these ebay hourly limited quantity sales.

            • -1

              @keejoonc: I see.
              I would give it a pass.
              Hope those who need it could got one today.
              Thank you for the reply.

            • +1

              @keejoonc: Has it been cheaper before? No.
              Then it's a deal

              • -2

                @puzzles2: Point me where I said it's not cheaper? Please?
                I said it's not 90 dollars cheaper given you can order from Amazon and Harvey Norman for less than RRP.

            • @keejoonc: Can't you read? Real market price isn't a thing when it's been out days.

              Its cheaper. It's a bargain. Pretty straightforward.

              • -2

                @DisabledUser139667: I can definitely see you can't write nor read. Please tell me where I said it's not cheaper?
                You were saying it's 90 dollars cheaper than RRP which is misleading when it's really 60 dollars cheaper compared to other cheapest prices available.

                Also, what do you mean market price isn't a thing? You can order it from other stores so there definitely is a market for it. Doesn't matter it's not released yet.

          • @DisabledUser139667: thank you for the reply.

      • why is it 90 off not 100?

        • Price got changed, was $240 odd here.

      • -1

        the last time they did an hourly deal it was a $299 RRP coffee machine for $89. Before that it was a bunch of products for $20, including some worth hundreds of dollars.

        This discount is not big enough to sell out within 10 seconds.

    • +3

      Most places are going $300. This is effectively $60/20% off. Not bad for launch price

      • -1

        An hourly allotment for a 20% off discount?

        You'll find that eventually from an ebay selected sellers % off code.

        • +2

          This is 20% off going rate and no price jacking .
          It’s not often these sellers have Nintendo games and consoles.
          Also plenty of stock, unlike previous hourly deals which sold out in seconds

          • -1

            @FireRunner: The reason it's still available is because it's only a 20% discount as opposed to 80%+.

            • +2

              @lostn: I don’t think we’ll see this price again for a while.

              • +1

                @FireRunner: You might be right.

                It's a good price. But my socks are still on my feet.

                Normally with these hourly deals the price is so good that even if you didn't want it, you'll try to buy it anyway just because of the saving. As a result it sells out in seconds.

                This is a deal that's a good price if you were already looking to get one. But if you weren't, it probably won't tempt you to impulse buy it.

                • +2

                  @lostn: I see that as a good thing. A bunch of people aren’t buying just to flip for a quick profit. People who actually want it or were perhaps borderline got a good deal

  • +3

    Upvotes followed by 500 rage negs.

    • +2

      I skipped the upvote part ;)

    • +24

      One man.

      One switch deal.

      But can he obtain it?

      "It's not a bargain… It's a competition…"

      Starring hippyhippy

      Switch Lite: The Movie

      Coming this Summer

      • +7

        "I'm gonna make you my Switch"

        • +6

          "Jimothy, you forgot to pack the dock"

          "Baby, where we're going, we don't need no dock"

      • +1

        Its sequel: Return of the Switch

  • You need a browser extension to automatically submit that order when time starts

  • +2

    I'm not going to be participating in this one. good luck to those who are.

  • Another eBay Plus sale that I don't need lol

  • Hmm around 300 RRP and with how Switch has gone (I think lowest was 315 amazon prime) this might be close to the lowest we'll see for this version. It's not a breaking deal but a reasonable one.

  • I was told by EBay PR that they’d be $229 each so will be interesting to see.

  • 1000 clicks from OzBargain alone. If you can't buy it within 5 seconds of availability, I wouldn't bother.

  • I have been successful with both AirPods and coffee machine deal, I’m surprise that this deal isn’t tempting for me. Would love to see the switch console on Sale :)

  • Great price, but you'd need even greater luck to actually get one.

  • +3

    I feel like this is more of a lottery than an actual bargain! If this is deemed a bargain can I make a post regarding the $3 ticket lottery to win a car?

    $340.95 on eBay site, $329.95RRP on Nintendo AU site.

    • -2

      Game of skill, not chance. Sniping skill and internet ping speed.

  • The Ebay Plus membership drive continues…

  • +9

    Here we go again! This is a great way to waste an entire day.

    You can get it for $288 shipped here:

    Costs you $47 more in dollars, but saves you from this shitshow / waste of a day.

    This one will be particularly shitty because of the 3 separate item listings. Two of them only have 30 units ffs!

    Edit2: This should be in competitions

    • I feel this should be in competitions too.

      • -1

        Agree, this is not a deal if only small number of people able to get it. It's more similar to competition, or even more like a lottery…

        • +1

          This one is less of a lottery than previous ones, I don't think it'll be that competitive. It's a normal 'good sale' price, rather than the "competition price" of a lot of the previous deals.

    • +1

      Got a Turquoise first go, grey looks to be staying available for quite a while after each drop, picking one up doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  • +1

    Its not like the last speed test a coffee machine easily saleable for !00 % profit . Its around 20% take away Feebay commissions not worth it for em .

    Whoever wants it will probably get it especially the nice grey one lol . Coloured more of a challenge :)

    • +6

      You buy to sell?
      Cool story bro…den

  • +5

    no thanks, I got a switch lite on amazon for $268 with amazon prime discount and MacDonalds monopoly coupon

    and it gets delivered the day it comes out

    • How much did the Amazon voucher discount?

      • $20

    • +2

      MacDonalds monopoly coupon

      Is this a joke?

      • +1

        The McDonalds Monopoly $20 off $79 spend at Amazon is a real thing

        • Yes but you have to win it.

  • +3

    eBay Plus is the biggest joke. You sign up to get access to a lottery. Otherwise you receive coupons once in a while to purchase from 'eligible' sellers who engage in price jacking practice.