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5000 Free Large Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizzas, Wednesday (18/9) @ Domino's


September 18th is #NationalCheeseBurgerDay, and we're celebrating by giving away 5,000 FREE* Large Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizzas!
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for your chance to get a code..

*Entrant must follow Dominos_AU on Instagram. Offer valid for limited time only and while stocks last. Limit one voucher per customer valid for use until midnight 18/09/2019. Voucher includes code for 1 x Large Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Only valid for online purchases via or the Domino’s ordering Apps only. Vouchers are single use only. Minimum delivery order $22. Voucher is not redeemable for cash or transferrable. You acknowledge that any personal information you provide to Domino’s will be collected, used and held in accordance with our Privacy Policy found here:

CODES EXPIRE 18/9/19 Please post unwanted codes here

Mod: See all Cheeseburger Day deals here 🍔🍔

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  • +12

    Oh no, I was going to actually be productive tomorrow.

    • +2

      Me too but can't say no to free right?

  • +6

    Free pizzas, cheap Krispy Kreme… Ah good week!

    • +5

      It's all good until you get on the scale.

      • +30

        If you get on the scale ;)

    • +1

      And $1 maccas cheeseburgers

      • +1

        on app ?

        • Yea just do a search, it's been posted before

      • Pffft should be free.

    • Also free hotdogs deal tomorrow too!

  • +7


    • 🎶on mahh ownnnn!🎶

  • +10

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page for your chance to get a code
    Entrant must follow Dominos_AU on Instagram

    Which one is it - Facebook or Instagram? Is worded like you get the link through Facebook, but then have to get the code via Instagram?

    • pretty confusing

    • Not really sure on that one but the previous promotions have been through Facebook.

    • +5

      It's likely a link where it will ask for your email then redirects you to Facebook to sign in there and you'll receive your code after.

  • +9

    Yep here we go again lol last time I just gave my voucher away cause I wasnt even hungry haha

    • +3

      Can you make sure you PM me your voucher this time around?

      • Lol a lot of people gave theirs away so dont give up if u miss out in the rush!

    • +3

      Gave you an up vote, no idea why ppl would downvote you for giving away discount code.

    • Send itt

  • My bet is 3pm like last time

  • +7

    "I would rather pick the cheese from discarded pizza boxes than deal with another Domino's promotion via Instagram"

    • "Barry", 54, homeless man who hasn't eaten in 3 days and offered a fully charged phone for the day in lieu of food (now featuring the Shopasave app for $5 off at PappaRich)
    • +12


  • +5

    I assume pick up orders is OK because I ain’t spending $22 on delivery

  • I tried this and I don't like it

    • +6

      wat? this is one of their best tasting pizzas

      • +2

        How much is regular price?

        The best IMO is BBQ Beef n Onion for 5 bux

    • +3

      It's their best pizza imo

      • -6

        if you can deal with the headaches and chest pains afterwards

        • +6

          It's not a good meal unless you have chest pains after

      • +4

        Both statements are correct

      • Regular price?

    • +1

      Great, don't get one and leave it to us :)

    • +1

      Then just swap a few toppings to your desired pizza, even if you have to pay a few dollars extra, geez

  • Do you have to redeem the voucher tomorrow on the 18th?

    • +1

      T&c says have to use voucher by 18th midnight.

      • +1

        Ah cool, my bad. Cheers mate

  • Oh no.
    It's happening again.

  • +7

    Last time so many OzBargainers grabbed the code, but didn't order pizza. There were so many give away codes at 11 PM.

  • +2

    It says the code isn't "transferable", but how can they tell? Surely it's not 5000 unique codes that are tied to you as soon you link your FB or Instagram account.

    • yeah I don't have FB or insta. Don't want to sign up either, hoping a kind OZ'ber will share an unused code…

  • Good luck all :)

  • +1

    Whens this suppose to happen?

    • Some time today. They expire tonight.

  • My guess is 12.45pm

  • +2

    They'll probably wait till the end of the day again. These types of giveaways are such a disruption to the work day.

  • Can't wait! Always a nice treat

  • +1

    When is this crap happening?
    This hoop jumping pisses me off

    • +1

      Lunch time is drawing near…


      • +2

        I got one however mad post-carb regrets

  • +1


  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +2
  • thanks op

  • Got one! Thanks

  • Thanks Got One !

  • Thanks op

  • Got one thanks OP

  • Cheers! Got one.

    Edit: Aaaand sold.

  • Free lunch! Thanks!

  • Got one :)

  • Got one! Thanks OP

  • Got a code, thanks!

  • got one yay

  • Got one! Cheers

    Edit: Just checked again. All codes have been issued

  • +1

    All gone

  • +1

    All gone? Damn

  • +1

    Aaand gone already

  • gone….

  • Got one wow

  • per Facebook:

    Domino's Australia
    1,000 codes given away in 4 minutes!
    4,000 to go 🍕

    Domino's Australia
    Congrats to everyone who got their code today - we hope you enjoy a Double Bacon Cheeseburger pizza this #NationalCheeseburgerDay!
    Stay tuned for more giveaways VERY soon!

  • removed bacon for prawns

    • Pic of the prawn festooned pizza available?

      • demolished it already

  • -2

    If anyone has a spare code ill graciously accept it

  • Thank you OP.

  • Managed to get one :)

  • -1

    If anyone has a spare code, I would appreciate it! :)

  • Shattered. Turned away from my phone to hang the washing and codes got released. If anyone got two and aint gonna use one, I'd appreciate one. Cheers

    • Shattered

      Indeed. Sad day.

  • +1

    What the… I didn't want to waste my time refreshing all day until 3pm like last time. And now before midday they're all gone in 9 mins. Wow. Need to dedicate a lot of time to get a $5 pizza, it seems.

  • -1

    Darn missed out =(

    If anyone has an extra would love one

  • +1

    Has anyone got a spare code? Of course they drop the codes during a meeting…

    • exactly my situation!

  • Yell out if anyone has a code they aren't going to use :-(
    TYk in advance

  • any extra codes would be much appreciated

  • I just missed out, if anyone isn't going to use their code i'll use it.

  • Wow all gone. If anyone does not use it, please share :D

  • +1

    I get: There are no products in your order. Please update your order before continuing to payment.

    • You still need to choose the double bacon pizza. And it will charge $0.