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90mm 12W Wi-Fi Smart RGBW Downlight Needs No Hub $47.95 Each Delivered (20% off) + Free Shipping @ Lectory.com.au


This 12W Wi-Fi RGBW Downlight comes with Au Standard Plug

  • Same lumen output as the 13W LIFX RGB downlight at only half the price

Compatible with:

  • Brilliant Smart App

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa Echo Plus

  • IFTTT (through Phone app)

  • SAA Approved LED Downlight Kit (please contact us for SAA certificate)

About the offer

  • 1 Week only

  • Large quantity in stock

  • 2 Years replacement warranty


  • Free shipping with coupon code "OZBARGAIN20" to apply on the checkout page

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

  • There will be no express postage, all shipping will be carried by registered couriers service with tracking.

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  • +1 vote

    Where do I buy a no hub from?

  • +1 vote

    Does "no hub" mean the lights will be permanently connecting via the home router to a server in China?

    Is there any standard protocol to control them, or are you dependent on one particular app?

    There issues probably apply to most wifi lights, but make me uncomfortable.

    • +2 votes

      I've got something similar(zemismart) or the same, setup with an app, smart life, create an account, connect each light to app/account/wifi, then I connect Google home account to the smart life account login, then I can control via Google home speakers or home app.

      So lights always taking to smart life app/account, google home talks to smart life account


    seems very expensive to me
    on a lan?? or must it be wan?

  • +2 votes

    any deals on Philips hue downlights?


    How does this compare with Hue downlights going for $10 more on Amazon?


      Philips Hue does not have RGBW downlight, this 12W Wifi downlight has a plug and comes in 90mm standard cutout.

      The Amazone's Hue downlight does not come with a plug and the cutout size is 120mm.


    These look like the Brilliant downlights Aldi was selling a couple of weeks ago for $29.99. They may still have some if you have an ALDI handy. Their warranty was 5 years, which is a bonus.

    For the electricians out there, how practical is it installing a bunch of these in a ceiling given they have a flex and plug? I imagine most people would require more than one installed. I've seen the socket style for downlights. Do they all hang in series off a single piece of flex loose in the ceiling space?


      Do you mean Brilliant Smart Downlight? Is there a link to the downlight you takling about?


          Thanks for the link, it is 9W Trilogy Downlight from Brilliant Lighting.

          $29.99 is a very good deal, but it is a Warmwhite -CoolWhite Only downlight.

          Its RGB version - Smart Prism is at $79.95.


            @Lectory LED Lighting: Yep, you're right on the white only with the ALDI. How does your one compare in quality to the Brilliant Smart downlight? I notice the warranty of yours is 2 years vs 5 years for the Brilliant. Would you price match ALDI on the Trilogy downlight?


              @bigrizz: $29.99 is the best deal you can find on the market, we can not match their price as it does not even cover its trade price.

              We can only offer up to 15% discount + Free Shipping, you might find a better price on eBay.

              It feels like they are coming from the same manufacturer somewhere in Shenzhen, as they even use the same Phone App.

              Warranty for LED nowadays is more like a marketing strategy, most of the certified LED has an average life span of 7-10 years.


    How do I turn these lights to "warm white". i can set them to yellow in RBG mode but that reduces the brightness considerably. On white mode I seem to only be able to set it to cool white. (On the smart things app).

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