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Xiaomi Mijia Home Electric Screwdriver Motor AU$59.98, Induction Cooker Youth AU$89.99,Mi Band 4 NFC AU$58.69 Delivered @ Geardo


We are running some specials on some xiaomi products. All products will ship via express postage after handling time.

All Prices are Include GST but without postage

We have 3 Express Postage Methods.
Basic ( 3-8 Days ) - Good For small Packages - ex - Mi Band 4 ( 1 Mi band X 5.49) | Tracking updates are Slow but delivery as scheduled
Priority ( 3-8 Days ) - Same as Basic but best suits when you buy more.(10 X Mi Bands cost A$11.99) | Tracking updates are Slow but delivery as scheduled
Premium ( 2-6 Days ) - Service Better than priority but Prices remain very closer to priority. | Regular updates and fast delivery

More you buy, more you save.

Buy More and Save on postage. We calculate the postage base on the weight for product less than 2kg and Flat Rate for products over 2 kg ( Flat Rate Express 19.99 per unit).

Free Xiaomi Pen for orders over AUD50

Power Tool Deals

XXIAOMI MIJIA HOME ELECTRIC SCREW DRIVER - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-Home-Electric-Screw-Drive... AUD 49.49
XIAOMI WIHA 8 IN 1 RATCHET SCREWDRIVER - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Wiha-8-in-1-Ratchet-Screwdriver AUD 21.99
XIAOMI MIJIA WIHA SCREWDRIVER KIT 24 n 1 - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-Wiha-Screwdriver-Kit AUD23.09

Smart Home Deals

XIAOMI MIJIA INDUCTION COOKER YOUTH EDITION - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-Induction-Cooker-Youth-Ed... AUD 69.29
XIAOMI MIJIA INDUCTION COOKER - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-Induction-Cooker.html AUD 87.98
XIAOMI MIJIA SMART HOME SECURITY KIT - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-5-in-1-Smart-Home-Securit... AUD68.18
Xiaomi Bluetooth TV Speaker - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Bluetooth-TV-Sound-Bar.html AUD103.39

Smart Light

XIAOMI RECHARGEABLE TABLE LAMP - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Rechargeable-Table-Lamp AUD27.49
XIAOMI MIJIA LED BEDSIDE LAMP 2 - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-Mijia-LED-Bedside-Lamp AUD39.59

Airdot Deals

XIAOMI AIRDOTS BLUETOOTH EARPHONES YOUTH EDITION - https://geardo.com.au/xiaomi-airdots-bluetooth-earphones-you... AUD45.69
XIAOMI AIRDOTS PRO BLUETOOTH EARPHONES - https://geardo.com.au/xiaomi-airdots-pro-bluetooth-earphones AUD 83.59
XIAOMI REDMI AIRDOTS BLUETOOTH EARPHONES - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-redmi-AirDots-Bluetooth-Earphon... AUD26.39

Smart Band Deals

Mi Band 4 - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-MI-Band-4 AUD 40.69
Mi Band 4 NFC - https://geardo.com.au/xiaomi-mi-band-4-nfc-version AUD 52.79
XIAOMI MI BAND 4 WRIST BAND STRAP ( ORIGINAL ) - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-MI-Band-4-Wrist-Band AUD 5.49
XIAOMI MI BAND 3 4 WRIST BAND STRAP - https://geardo.com.au/Xiaomi-MI-Band-3-4-Wrist-Band-Strap AUD 1.75
M4 Band ( High copy of Mi Band 4 )- https://geardo.com.au/M4-Smart-Bracelet-Fitness-Band.html AUD 10.99

Please see the difference on Real and Clone Mi Band 4 - https://youtu.be/ilBUDaqToxU

Customer Support:
Email: Info@geardo.com.au
Phone: 0395325391 MON-FRI 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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