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Gardenline 4 Piece Brass Hose Accessory Kit - $9.99 at ALDI (25/9)


This is a good deal for a 4 piece brass hose accessory set

1) 1" tap adaptor with ¾'' insert
2) brass hose connector without waterstop
3) brass hose connector with waterstop
4) adjustable nozzle

High quality, durable watering accessories

Bunnings equivalent is $38.59!

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  • Wow what a deal. Will be buying some. Thanks OP!

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      i bought these and would not recommend them

      • Yeah they are a bit shit the water pressure isnt strong at my place and kept having issues with the fittings popping off the tap

        • +1

          while the brass/gold brass looks premium (which is why I bought)

          I actually prefer green trigger nozzle one from aldi better
          since it lets you choose the different type of spray head quicker..

          • @pinkybrain: What's the best bang for buck garden stuff? Seems less moving parts the better

            • @SirMurduck: just get the garden spray nozzle (with rotatable spray head and trigger) sold by aldi for around $10..

  • Crazy good price!

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    Brass contains lead so don't use these for drinking water.

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      How much is leached under normal flow rates? If it were a problem, surely the structure would degrade?

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          From your article: Water sits inside the brass barrel of your tap, where it can be exposed to lead for a long time, especially if it sits there overnight

          We're looking at transient flow through connectors, not a tap that has an internal dead space - albeit the nozzle serves a similar function, but I can't imagine people drinking the first flush from a hose? It'd be hot or stale…

          • -1

            @pensionday: I certainly wouldn't risk it, especially with kids.
            Recorded levels would fluctuate with factors such as the composition of the actual brass, heat, age, internal patina.
            Lead is a significant neurotoxin and accumulates within the body.
            Best just to use quality plastic ones and be done with it.

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      I saw an article while browsing today. They've proven tap water causes cancer. In 4 of 10,000 cases I think it cited. So we all may as well stop drinking water, eating food, and breathing. Besides, most people won't go outside and unwind the garden hose when they're thirsty - and - they'd probably be poisoned by the plasticizers in the hose, the lead in the outside brass tap itself, the feint whiff of diesel from the school bus driving by, etc. first. ;-p

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    Bought them last time. Worth every cent

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      Yeah they aren't bad at all.

      I like Bunnings, but I have to say deals like this show you just how much they are gouging from you at the everyday price they charge for the Holman equivalent.

      Bunnings has the buying power to get these and sell at $9.99 everyday, but they wouldn't make the same profit as selling Holman at $38.59!

      • Or it's a loss leader

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        IMHO bunnings gets worse every day Si ce masters is gone

        • +5

          Unfortunately it was worse before Masters as well. Sad how WW implemented Masters so badly when the opportunity was open.

        • +1

          Same with JB since retail store dick smith. And just about everything. Chemist warehouse is the same. Bully the others until they can no longer and then monopolise the market. But they seem to be having a harder time since people don’t care too much about prices rather than convenience for a lot of health products.

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            @ATangk: Amazon is doing the same on a massive scale…

            • -1

              @jimmy c: I don’t really care because amazon is competing with eBay mostly right now, and they need some healthy competition. And eBay in Australia is much larger than amazon.

              • @ATangk: Ebay is just a market place. Amazon aims to strategically take over existing retailers as they did to book stores. IT was targeted adn began with book buyers because they were seen as the market with the most disposable income. Ebay is more like an online mall where anyone can sell. Amazon aims to shut down malls like it shut down book stores.

                • @jimmy c: We just had people dump millions into eBay in the recent sales. Amazon ain’t gunna take over eBay anytime soon.

      • Bunnings used to sell this set under the aqua systems brand, they were also $9.90ish from memory. The Holeman set is in a quality level (or several) above this set, I don't know if it's worth 3.5x more though. These are good for the price.

      • Perhaps not gouging, but taking advantage of charging what the market can bear as most of us would in their situation. Gouging sounds like a malpractice.

  • +1

    Yes amazing quality.
    Still going strong from last time

  • I bought this 2018 spring at aldi it is good quality but my brass hose connector broke in summer 2019. Don't mind for the price though the rest of the accessories I have no issues with

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    These are great. I've lost the nozzle somewhere, but that's okay, it got crazy hot if I left it in the sun! Connectors are great.

    • Ohh.. Good to know. Don't buy with little kids running around. Thanks. Will give it a miss

  • damn it i just payed top dollar for pope fittings

  • +1

    Here’s hoping Bunnings drops it’s price to match Aldi like they’ve done in the past.

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    I don't think these are legal to use in Vic.
    Under the permanent water restrictions, I thinks we can only use trigger nozzles.

    • Same would apply in NSW.

      • The pencil neck that attempts to fine me for a hose fitting either better be a fast runner, or prepared to have it surgically removed from their @#$% passage prior to presenting it in court as evidence.

    • Wouldn't turning the nozzle be the trigger?

      • No

    • What's the fine? Why are they legal to sell?

      • You can use a non-trigger with your own rainwater tank.

      • Just because you can't use it for mains water now doesn't mean it should be illegal to sell. Water restrictions won't last forever. I'm sure bunnings don't pull all of their sprinklers off the shelves when water restrictions hit.

  • -2

    Rubbish quality, got from last year, already broken two of them!

  • They are selling hoses too, are they any good?

    • Hoses are reasonable quality, bought one a while back and still going

  • +1

    Not legal in NSW either as is not trigger nozzle

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    My 2 cents, don't be fooled thinking this hose set is brass and will last longer than plastic, the parts inside are plastic as well and prone to leaking and failure.
    Better off with something like this:
    I'm enjoying using quality Gardena German made hose fittings.

    • +3

      Agree 100%, it's always the plastic inside that goes first

      • Agree and agree. Brass sounds great but I have older brass fittings which simply don't work as well as or last as long as decent plastic versions.

        • +1

          Yeah I am not sure i agree on plastic - they get brittle in the sun and also if you run over them with the car they break

          I will stick to brass.

          • +3

            @aussietivoman: Not sure why you want to run over them with your car but each to his own.

    • Yeah, exactly. I bought an expensive one years ago. It was difficult to connect after just a few weeks, it always leaked worse than plastic ones do, the grub screw in the collar fell out so I had to use a screw that would cut my hand, plus what you said. Why bother.

  • +1

    I've bought two sets in previous times from Aldi. I can recommend them.You need a set for each tap and hose system. I don't know about plastic, if they have a significant plastic content as been suggested ^, it's the heaviest plastic I've ever encountered. Rubber/plastic seals are always the go and of course it is these which will most likely go first.

  • im keen on those gardening shoes. $9. Croc clones.

  • +1

    Seems like a good Christmas present.

  • +1

    These look the goods!

    My 2c… a while back I went on a mission to replace all my fittings with brass fittings. It was a bit of a frustrating process to be honest - several went in the bin. Some worked and some were rubbish. Many internally have plastic latches inside the female coupling, and I'll never buy a HOLMANN product every again (especially their auto hose reels) they're worthless rubbish. The best ones have the 3 small ball bearing's inside the female connector. These ones look like just that, so I'm keen to give them a go as I need some in addition to the good old ones that have been faultless for many years.

  • I hope there's not going to be riot just like over the lacura creams.

  • +1

    Bought this before. They are crap. Nozzle became very hard to turn shortly. Not recommended.

  • +1

    I'm tempted but last time I left a tap fitting screwed into the tap out the front someone stole it. The thing was 10c worth of plastic!

  • Great price, but I prefer hoselink connectors

  • One of the connectors in this set has a one-way valve, for some reason. You can almost see it in the picture, it has a coloured fitting.
    I tried everything - connected it to each end of the hose, connected it to the tap, tried slowly increasing the pressure - it just never let the water through and popped off every time. I had to throw it away. So the 4-piece set became a 3-piece set.

    • Oh yeah - I forgot about that 'gem'. I lost count how many times I uncoiled the hose, connected two hoses together to reach all the way around the house, plugged the wrong end in, turned the tap on, only to find no water coming out when I hit the trigger - and having to drag it back, plug it in the right way around, and start again. Like someone else said above, it quickly gets too tight to use too.

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