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Kogan 27" Curved QHD 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560 x 1440) - $359 + Delivery (Free delivery with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Good looking monitor for the bux, im still undecided as usual on what i want to buy as its the thing you look at all the time, just like how tires are the only thing that stick you to the ground so you might as well buy good ones to potentially save your ass from accidents.

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    This or AOC CQ32G1?

    AOC is about $100 more, but 32" as opposed to 27", same DPI as a 24" 1080p monitor, so definition shouldn't be an issue, but it probably won't look as sharp as the Kogan given Kogan's smaller 27" size…

    AOC also claims 1ms response time compared to Kogan's 5ms.

    Will use the monitor mostly for PUBG, BF5 etc


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      Have you tried sitting close to 32 screen while playing games or doing normal browsing ,, it’s not comfortable
      It’s all up to you liking … I advise against 32 size for PC

      What are u mainly using the screen for ?
      If for gaming then the AOC you mentioned is bad as per reddit users for the horrible smearing grey like color in games..

      I would say go for Kogan if your budget is tight you can’t go wrong With this price for games and office work
      If you can up ur budget to the 550$ then it’s different area in which u can get a really nice gaming monitor


        Thanks for the advice. Happy to bump it up to the $550 range, considering that I rarely change my monitor, the old monitor has lasted me for 7 years. Any recommendations at $550?


          again screen size is personal preference ,, if you happy with bigger size and conformable its yours

          I went for this one after discount code 585$ delivered , General Amazon review were in favour



        I sit close to a 35"

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      I have this screen - mainly used for BF5 and R6 Seige.

      IMO it's a very nice screen - plays nicely with G-sync and looks good.


      That's 1ms MPRT (or pixel persistence), as opposed to the 5 & 8ms gray-to-gray listed on the Kogan specifications. They aren't the same kind of figure, so can't really be related to one another.

      Here's an article that explains this thoroughly:


      That being said, just skip out on 32" 1440p altogether. It's awful to use compared to 25" 1080p and 27" 1440p. 32" 4k and 8k would be a much more interesting proposition, in time.

  • +1 vote

    This price is so temping, but afraid I will have buyers remorse.

    Anyway, its a great price for the specs offered.

    • +4 votes

      I have one - it's pretty sweet, and more than enough for my needs.

      I note the criticism's in Jasswolf's comment below, but I think it looks great for gaming, mine doesn't have any yellow tinge and I don't care about colour accuracy much anyway. It certainly doesn't have scuff marks either.


        Its more likely a QC issue, you probably got a good unit. Glad your liking yours.

        Anyway I will probably pass as I don't want to take the risk, especially since RMA means sending it overseas.

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        Can you run the Blurbusters UFO ghosting test and comment on the top section of the testing?


        I could visibly see 3 instances of the UFO outline streaking behind the image.

        If yours is anything like mine, anything cartoonish, cel-shaded or high contrast will just look horrible due to the sheer amount of dark-to-gray/dark-to-light transitions occurring.

        The problem I'm seeing is that this is compared to the Viotek GN27DB (and rightly so given they have the same basic look), and those claims don't add up in my experience, which I think comes down to how this panel is being tuned by whoever is buying these from the ODM on Kogan's behalf.

  • +13 votes

    Just returned one of these under RMA after taking the same bet others are thinking about.

    Panel is uncalibrated, which you expect, but the default settings gave everything a yellow hue. Once I adjusted RGB values, gamma, brightness and contrast, I still needed to change Windows gamma settings to make it not look washed out (and force games to use these gamma settings).

    Adaptive Sync worked on my RTX 2060, colours were acceptable, contrast was nice but with an almost electric look to some brighter shades. This panel tech is used for 10-bit HDR presentation, so the impact of trying to shoehorn this into sRGB on the cheap is noticeable, but what was unacceptable was the basic QA.

    The stand screw taps weren't all properly threaded, to the point where you couldn't screw down the VESA mount properly.

    The response times might peak close to 5-6 ms, but the darker transitions (the weakness of a VA panel) were easily 16-18ms, which is to say the dark smearing on high contrast content was awful compared to every other VA panel from the last few years, especially Samsung and MSI products. Overdrive settings did almost nothing to clean this up, to the point where I'm not sure they were actually working.

    This was worse than a B-grade panel, and arguably should not be rated for high refresh rates despite said peaks.

    Again I have just sent this back under an RMA, so YMMV, but it came out of the box with scuff marks, so it seems they've pedalled this unit a few times already (and that begs the question of why they aren't offering a refurbished model). I'll report back once they've assessed my unit.

    If you don't have discounted Kogan gift cards, go take a look at the C27JG50 in a store, or even wait for the Freesync variant to arrive here (C27JG56).

    You can also take a look at the C27HG70 to get an idea of the panel technology, with sale prices being about $480. Motion testing is absolutely critical for VA panels, but they should all be vastly superior than the model I bought (11-13 ms for 100% response time).

    • +1 vote

      This +1. Great post


      How's your RMA replacement?


        Unwanted… they just went ahead and authorised a replacement for me the very next business day after receiving my unit, ie. they didn't even notify me once a fault was determined to discuss options.

        But at least I can report that they deemed it faulty, I guess?


    Bought, fingers cross no dead/stuck pixels!!!