This was posted 2 years 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Huawei Battery Replacement $49 (P9/P10, Mate 8/9, Nexus 6P) @ Huawei Service Centres


Exactly like the old post deal, this is back again with new promo period : 23/09-22/10.

Apply to P9/P10, Mate 8/9, Nexus 6P models

Enjoy 😉

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  • +3

    Well worth it. I was getting less than 2.5 hours battery life on my P9 and now I'm getting 10 hours life as I did when it was new.

    The $49 includes postage. Make sure you sign the Express Post dangerous goods declaration to get it there quicker.

    • +5

      75% degradation?

      • +2

        Yes, I tried to not actually use the phone so I could at the very least receive notifications.

        When the battery got to 30% remaining you could see it rapidly go down 1% every 5 seconds then at 10% left it just turned itself off. Terrible… I waited far too long to replace it.

        Accubattery reported the battery health at 50%….but in real life it was 25%.

        Accubattery now reports the new battery at 96% battery health at 2880mAh. It's supposed to be a 3,000mAh battery but I've also read reports it should start at 2,900mAh so that's pretty good.

        • +1

          Sounds exactly like my Note 4 back in the day. Replacement batteries despite claiming official didn't fare much better either.

      • 2.5 hrs.. Is that bit of an exaggeration lol

        • Nope…2.5 hours "in use". Turn the screen off and it would've lasted longer but what's the point of having a smart phone if you can't use it for long. I had it plugged in most of the time. As I said I waited far too long to replace it.

          The 10 hours is also "in use". It'll last for days if I don't actually use it.

          • -2

            @mysterytal: Sounds a rubbish phone to me then if battery degrades like that!

            • +1

              @capslock janitor: Agreed. The battery lasted 3 years and rapidly degraded after 2 years of daily use. It's not something you really discover until more than 2 years (the warranty period) has passed.

              The camera uses a lot of power so if the battery was 60% or less it would just shut down and display 1% remaining battery refusing to turn on again until plugged in.

              I would have liked to have replaced it with a new phone but it is quite expensive. I wanted to get a bit more time out of it before finally replacing it. I'm hoping for another 2 years. Fingers crossed.

              It's on Android Nougat and won't be updated any further.

            • +1

              @capslock janitor: It’s batter than my iPhone 6, the battery not working properly after two years, now it can goes from 50% to 1% in a second. I doubt it will last for half an hour usage. I only use its hotspot n plugged in power

    • Free interstate post?

      • Postage was included yes.

  • +4

    Wish samsung would do this!

    • +4

      In Korea yes.
      Outside of Korea no.
      Samsung will repair or replace all their phones even out of warranty for parts fee only.
      But they don't do that outside of Korea.
      So every Samsung product u bought u subsidise Koreans.

      • WHat about LG?

        • No idea, but my Korean colleague confirmed the case with Samsung. Even a overseas model they fixed it for almost nothing.

  • If you've got a crack or something with your screen, they'll also need to fix it or you won't be able to change your battery.

    • For real? So they won’t change it unless you fix your screen first?

      • For some of their phones, you have to remove the screen to change the battery and may damage the screen even more

  • +1

    Assume grey imports are fine too?

  • I have a 6p with a shot battery, but my camera glass is cracked. I assume that will cause complications?

  • got myself a 6P and i hardly get 10 seconds without a batteryback or power wall connected. i've missed the first promo but im sure to get this promo.

  • -3

    They do this for about only 10 AUD in China…

    • +1

      Are you suggesting we go to China to get a battery swap?

      • +1

        He's saying australians are getting hosed

        • Per capita GDP of China is 1/5th that of Australia.So its reasonable…..

          • @techno2000: It's actually about 20 AUD. So I guess it's over priced in China. LOL.

    • You sure less than 50 rmb?

      • Sorry, my bad. It's 99 RMB, around 20 AUD.

  • +1

    Anyone know if imported Nexus 6Ps are allowed?

    • +1

      Yes, it's out of warranty already so they will accept yours.

  • Do we have to make a booking or is it just walk in?

  • +4

    Not sure if I should spent $49 towards my P9 that I bought in January 2017 or towards a new phone.

  • Also can I make it worse by doing this? Right now I don’t have the issues some people have mentioned on here and previously, my battery life seems ok , I am sure it’s not as good as when I first got it but it’s not terrible but i i was thinking if I do this I can make it last longer and back to brand new

    • +1

      If you can't recognize any old battery symptoms such as mentioned here and battery seems ok, personally I would just keep using it and put money towards new phone in the next year.

      Unless you have a flagship you want to keep for years to come, even then you could lose it/stolen or crack screen and then partly wasted.

      • +1

        I have a nexus 6P and its my secondary phone as my primary is a Sony Xperia XZ for personal and a Iphone XS Max for work. But i figured for 49$ seems like a good deal to upgrade the battery on my nexus and keep using it in the car system or occasionally elsewhere? Is there anyway to find out if it does have battery issues as in using apps? Because perhaps i dont notice it as much as a lot of the times i dont really use it or its just used connected to the car.

        • +1

          There are apps you can get to analyze battery condition but it sounds like they are a bit unreliable and are out by more than 25% sometimes.

          I also have a few phones in use and find that unless you use and charge your phone once or more everyday, a mobile phone battery can last many years, even over 5. So if your battery seems ok in real world use, don't use it too much and if powered up whilst using in car I would just keep using it like that for a few more years until you eventually will replace it or battery eventually gives up.

          • @ozhunter68: hmm, You may have talked me out of the upgrade :). How much are these phones worth these days anyway? I was considering replacing my Sony over the next 6 months.

            • @lonewolf: Exactly why I'm thinking this way. If your a good OzBargainer like most of us on here, you can get a decent mid range new smartphone or a good second hand or refurb for $200-$300 and old phones, even flagships are often not even wort $200, sometimes even hard to get $100 if in really good condition.

              Better off putting your $49 towards your next phone and just keep enjoying your 6P which sounds like is still running nice and a saw it can be upgraded to Oreo which is nice.

              I am still happily using a HTC 10 as my main phone that was only $200 last year ex demo and battery was never as good endurance wise as my Moto G5+, but that is due to higher res screen and SD820 V FHD and SD625 on the Moto. My friend got a new Sony Experia XZ four months ago and even brand new battery is not fantastic due to the also SD820 but nice phones all the same within expectations. I have older $100 prepaid phones still that are 3-4 years old and I have heavily used them as hotspots and battery still surprisingly ok, but I do not abuse my tech and do my best to not run them down to 0% or let the devices get too hot, only sometimes lol.

  • +1

    My Nexus 6p was grey import and they refused the service last time - what are my options to change the battery?

    • +3

      I did mine myself, it isn't hard but it is fiddly, and you will need a hairdryer or a heat gun to melt some glue. Find a tutorial on youtube if you want to see what's involved. Didn't realise just how bad this phone was until someone gave me their old Samsung 8+.

    • I'm pretty sure oversea version is accepted, including other models (P9 Mate9 etc.)

      • How did you know that? They refused to replace mine (from Kogan) last time.

        • +1

          One senior friends of my family got his Chinese P9 battery replaced. Guess they had some complaint and become soft on this.

          • @jeremyshen: Glad to know that. Will give it another try this weekend.Thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    I probably do my 6p just so I got a good backup phone.

    • Get it done for $49 if local stock, or are you game to do it yourself like "BaryGusey" above comment?

      I am going to have to change a battery myself one day after watching "JerryRigEverything" for so many times, "just unsnap connector like a little leggo" and don't forget when heating up and lifting glass, "glass is glass,…and glass breaks lol.

      • +1

        Get the extra glass panels just in case you break them, I think they were $5 each, I broke one the first time I did it.

        • Did you replace battery on a Nexus 6P, so only $5 for front glass? Seems cheap, was that delivered price together with battery?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: No - the little glass bits you have to melt the glue to get at the screws underneath, camera and whatever the bottom one is called, they are a cm high and the width of the phone.


            • @BaryGusey: Thanks. Had to go to youtube to get good idea of where these go as I could not picture the full back of a 6P lol.

              So if you did not break the glass back, would you still need new glue strips to re-install those two back pieces? Also no heat needed to remove the main phone from the back?

              • @ozhunter68: You just reheat the existing glue to soften and stick I think, was a while ago but I did it twice trying to rescue the phone. Second time I did not break anything. Cant remember where heat was needed but a youtube should show you. Not sure if I saved the one I followed the first time but I will check.

                • @BaryGusey: Thanks for replies but just generally curious as I don't have this phone nor have plans to get it. Just interested as I looked at video and keen to open up phone some day to change battery or replace screen/glass.

  • got my Nexus 6P battery replacement for free from last deal.

    • For free, how?

      • +3

        I send my out of warranty Nexus 6p via their service portal as I'm in ACT.

        It will create a shipping label addressed to the Auburn service center.

        There is a drop down selection when you create a return repair ticket. Just choose the one related to battery charging. In the description
        I just put "random shutdown and battery does not hold charge". I even put that I bought the phone in May 2016. As I don't have a receipt I just uploaded the confirmation order email from Vodafone where I got the phone from.

        Received the phone but did not received any payment notice or tax invoice.

  • Copying Apple with the cheap battery replacements.

    • Yup but without the controversy of Apple.

  • Mmm my phone is at 93% after 3 years. Not sure I should get this or wait till it dies and get a new phone…

    • Save $49 towards a new phone, 93% isn’t too bad after three years

  • my 6P went to my son who loves it - but battery is shot - he walks around with a powerbank and cord
    My question - is it worth repairing battery even for $50?
    Wouldn't we get a better phone for ~$200 and be a better investment?

    • +1

      If you can pick up a Samsung a20 for about's probably a better investment. The battery on the a20 is a beast and you'll have warranty.

    • +2

      Both front and rear cameras on 6P are excellent, not far behind last year's Pixel phone, you'd never get anything like that for 200. Can't tell how good the performance would be with a new battery

    • +1

      I got a 6P with a shot battery, replaced it myself and it is like a new phone. If I'm busy, it lasts a whole day, 2 days if not.
      Camera works brilliantly, firmware is still pretty snappy. There won't be any more updates but that is not going to be a problem anytime soon.
      With 128GB, it runs great.
      If this deal was around when I got the phone I would have done it in a heartbeat.

  • Just found out my nexus 6p is having battery issues when it drops below 20% or so, also i bought mine from kogan but i didnt realise till now, it is apparently from Hong Kong, not sure they will do the battery replacement even if i tried.

    • Mine is also from Kogan, and I got battery replaced just now.

  • Do they need the bar number on the back of the phone? since mine is already peeled off due to old age

  • Anyone know if it requires a factory reset and if you have to send it to them how long they take?

    • No factory reset is required. It takes about 30 minutes to replace the battery.

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