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Sydney-London (LHR) Economy $1365 Mid-Dec / Mid-Jan @ Virgin Australia / Virgin Atlantic


So due to Hong Kong protests my Lufthansa flight was cancelled (reason they stated) leaving me little time to find another at a good price, but came across this:

Not sure how to categorize this deal as I cannot find a promotion for it, but seems to be over a few dates and is a very good price for peak travel. Most airlines now over $1800 mark.

I booked SYD-LHR
Outbound: 12th Dec (1010 via HK) $598.78
Inbound 14th Jan (1315 Via LAX) $1403.08

Once both are selected will then overide price to $1365 (Inlcuding taxes) (or around that amount depending on dates selected).
Currently the cheapest for those dates on skyscanner is the same flight at $1701 via agent.

Don't forgot 1% Cash Back using Cash Rewards

Note: Is a full service airlines and offers 2x23kg baggage p.p. on Long-Haul flights (Which is very nice).

Can also be booked for $1291.86 on Bargain Flights (might not include seat section)

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  • Good price for the time - Can get it slightly cheaper with OTA's but paying $70 more to go direct is def worth it :)

    • Totally agree. BYOJet did my head in with the Lufthansa cancellation and $70 is really nothing to book direct and get the peace of mind.

      • Were they annoying in terms of rebooking options? Just curious as I've used them quite often when the discount is decent but never had a problem to contact them about.

        That said if I'm not sure about flight times etc I never book via an OTA. Direct is much easier 100% of the time, even if it sometimes isn't cheaper.

        • So I booked in Feb and last week they called to say the airlines cancelled the flight (which was the outbound 24hrs flight). The option they gave me (well Lufthansa I guess), was almost 80hrs long (Take off 10th and land 14th). They told me if I didn't accept they would cancel all my flights and I might not be refunded at all.
          I spoke direct to Lufthansa and suddenly they are playing ball. No rebook, but a refund (which takes 12 weeks to process).
          Hope this helps

  • Great price. How did u work this out? I’ve got a Europe trip coming up next June July and would love similar fares

    • Well Normally I use "skyscanner" to search, but nothing, Then looked on "I want that flight" and found them gem. Went to virgins webpages (Normally check the airlines and also the agents page) and click through the dates I wanted and it's seemed like more, but once selected show discounted price (Then displayed the cheaper price). Hope this helps. Luck I guess

      • Yeah usually I just find on Skyscanner and then check direct with airline. U struck gold. Well done!

        • I also try to book with "hubs" in mind. Example London Heathrow is a hub and Edinburgh Airport (Scotland) is not. If I book direct to Edinburgh I will pay alot more than if I book from Sydney to London Heathrow and then take a "domestic" flight from LHR to Edinburgh.

          Charles de Gaulle, Berlin Airport are other examples of hubs. So I ended up paying
          SYD-LHR $1310 (when I booked) and then LHR-EDI $340 (Business class tickets) return, rather than the $2k it would cost on another airlines to fly direct. Really don't have any more suggestions.
          I tend to book early, but have seen prices go down days before flight and others have doubled in price.

  • Both great airlines, good value price

  • Inbound 14th Jan (1315 Via LAX) $1403.08

    Wowzers, been a while since I've seen someone take the Southern Cross (instead of Kangaroo) route to London!

    • Haha. I was like not keen at first, but still isn't that long of a flight compared to others. Hoping to clear customs for USA in UK and then hit up In and Out burger for my 6hr stop over (outside the airport). Need to make the most of my only visit to the USA lol

      • To be honest, it's not that bad. It's definitely longer, distance and time wise, but psychologically, the breakup of the flight into two 12-ish hour flights is fine. It's only a few hours longer than the Kangaroo route, but for me, a 9-ish hour flight and a 12-ish hour flight is pretty similar.

        • Yup. I agree. Done this a few times an a break is good. Last time I only had 50 min between flights at abu dhabi and I'd rather a break than the stress of rushing between planes and its nice to stretch and get some food.

  • Can you explain Once both are selected will then overide price to $1365?

    What will override price?

  • Having just noticed the routing, FYI this is likely one of the long-published RTW fares from VA/VS which can route either;


    UK gateway must be LHR
    US gateway must be LAX (at least for these prices to apply)