This was posted 2 years 3 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off App Store & iTunes Gift Cards @ Coles (In-Store)


Haven't seen this discount in quite a while. Excludes $20 gift cards. Enjoy :)

20% off $30, $50, $100 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
Excludes $20 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards.

Maximum 5 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 25/09/19 to 01/10/19. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. TM and © 2019 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Offer valid Wed 25 Sep - Tue 1 Oct 2019
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • +39

    Great, just in time for my ATO debt!

    • +1


      • +11

        I also love original jokes hahaha

    • Tax Time!

    • +1

      I know someone who fell for this to the tune of a couple of $K :-(

      • +1

        can someone please kindly explain what the joke is :d

        • +2

          A common scam going around is that you get a call claiming you have an ATO debt and the only way to get rid of it is to pay it back in gift cards (because they can't be traced).

  • +14

    20% off netflix credit. 😊

    • How?

    • yeah yeah!

    • +1

      It’s cheaper using VPN and subscribing through other countries than it is via Apple, even with 20% off gift cards.

      • +1

        Which country is cheapest now?

        • Argentina is still the cheapest. I pay 269 peso for the standard plan which is $7. It used to be 219 peso which is around $5.30 but they increased it recently (however possibly only increased for some users)

    • Wait for a deal like this again

      50% off Netflix

  • +1

    Can this be used on subscriptions like Apple Arcade or iCloud storage?

    • +5

      Of course, yes.

    • +1

      Surely you can

    • +14

      Yep. I use this almost exclusively to pay for iCloud storage.

      • Omg! I never thought of this! Now i finally have a reason to buy the giftcards LOL!

    • It can for Netflix and software subscriptions (like I used it to pay for inFuse media player 1 year sub). I'm guessing yes for Apple Arcade and TV+

      • +2

        Netflix has been grandfathered now though. Existing accounts can continue, but not new accounts.

        • New Apple user here, can I pay for netflix through iTunes?

        • Interesting as on the app store it says it offers in-app purchases, maybe they haven't edited that caption out yet.

  • +2

    It been over 2 years since iTunes Gift Card has been discounted over 15% (not including the Costco $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40 and other loopholes such as eBay UK).

    Expect Officeworks to pricematch.

    • +8

      I remember the days of 50% off… ahh memories.

      • +2

        Last decent sale was 33% at Good Guys. I bought $400 worth to get FCP X when it came out

      • 50% I could buy my own apps and make a profit like that! Woulda just made millions on that alone… dam

  • +3

    Just bought 15% off from Woolies, bit annoying

    • Same, went just today after waiting for a 20% deal for months! :(

    • I bought some last week with officeworks price matching ALDI so very close to 20%

      • Same. I’m guessing OW will price match this one, so hopefully we didn’t really miss out by already buying

  • Great timing, running low on credit here

  • Why is $20 always excluded??

    • +2

      Perhaps Coles (and everyone else) make less profit on the $20 cards?

  • +8

    FWIW if you have Amex cards it would've been better buying them from Myer during Vogue Fashion event (40% discount), or if you can wait until November, find a Shop Small newsagent/retailer that sells iTunes gift cards (up to 50% discount depending on if the merchant surcharges Amex).

    I've been keeping my iTunes balance topped up for Netflix up between those two deals for the last couple of years.

    But otherwise, yeah, this deal is probably about as good as it gets for iTunes.

    • +7

      Why not stack both? Buy Coles Group and Myer gift cards during Amex deals, then use those to buy iTunes gift cards.

      • +1

        Then create an app and sell it for $100, Apple take 30% ? Profit

      • This is why I love OzB. Human ingenuity at its best.

      • +1

        LOL, you sir, are a true professional. I salute thee!

        On second thoughts does this actually work? I thought the supermarkets were cracking down on buying gift cards with gift cards. I know you definitely can't use Coles eGift cards to buy eBay gift cards and get 5% discount. I imagine it'd be the same with CMGC and iTunes??

        • Depends on store, from what I understand… it's been a while since I've bought some (been waiting for a sale). Last time I used Coles Group & Myer gift cards at Officeworks without problem, and they're doing the same price.

    • good call. I'll top up my Netflix for this promo and probably smash out 5x $20 Google Play GC for GPM & YTP via Shop Small

    • just create a new account every month and you save $19 per month

  • +2

    How is this catalogue special posted before 5pm on Monday kept, but others post deals early from the catalogue and they are pulled?

    • Woolworths does not allow us to publish catalogue deals before 5pm on Mondays. That restriction doesn't apply to Coles. See related discussion

      • Booo (to the Woollies lawyers, that is).

  • +1

    I just use flybuy points cashed in as credit on the card

    • ooo forgot about that. Nice.

    • Just tried this and it didn’t work. Can’t use points to buy gift cards.

      • did you add the points as dollars on your card though?

      • yep your right, got it wrong was positive i did before, got $300 from office works and $200 from coles, will use the points for food.

  • Is there any store in Sydney or western Sydney that will allow purchase of this gift card using gift card?

  • Can these be used to buy iPhones? Genuinely curious

    • +1

      No. Software only

    • No

    • Image the chaos if you could! 20% off an apple product is no easy feat. I’d be buying an iMac (or iMac pro) if it applied to hardware

  • +1

    1st time buyer of app store/itunes gift cards. Do you still earn points eg via flybuys when you purchase them or is there still some kind of exclusion?

    • flybuys points are earned depending on $ aount spent, no exclusions to gift cards

    • Just FB bonus offers don’t count it says

      • What about status points? For velocity?

  • Howcome google play rarely has discounts? This is only for Apple right..

    • From this Wednesday at Woolies according to Vooks.

  • Thank OP perfect timing

  • Can we pay for Minecraft Realm? Just curious ://

  • +1

    Stock up for Disney+!

    • You reckon we can pay for Disney+ via the Apple TV / iTunes? They won’t learn from Netflix experience?

    • Yeah the likelihood of that happening is virtually nil. Most places have already pulled/are pulling out of iTunes billing 'coz Apple's too greedy with their share.

  • can you pay for kayo through apple?

      • I did, silly me forgot to cancel after 3 months!

      • I've just started my second 3 months and had the 2 months for $5 with telstra earlier this year. So well aware of this, have gotten 8 months for free thus far. Just prepping for when that deal ends.

        • and had the 2 months for $5 with telstra earlier this year.

          Ok so you did pay for Kayo. Still not sure why as there has been free deals all year for Kayo.

          • @serpserpserp: yeah righto @serpserpserp, just want to know if you can pay for kayo with apple.

      • This is ozbargin @serpserpserp 😂

        But thanks anyway, someone else might find this useful.

  • Does anyone know if Officeworks can beat the price by 5%? I saw they have some of the gift cards as well so it will effectively make it cheaper?

    • No, they’ve already reduced the price of theirs

  • Sorry if it’s already been asked (couldn’t find it), can we use Coles gift cards to purchase these?

    • Used to be allowed (back in 2017). Happy to be corrected and hear some recent success stories.

    • -1

      Consensus is no but it worked for me

    • Successfully used coles gift cards to purchase them today

    • Worked for me at the self serve kiosk. It wouldn't allow partial payment (eg split across multiple gift cards) but it allowed full payment.

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