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Catch Connect 90 Day Mobile Plan 54GB $15 Delivered @ Catch Connect (New Services Only)


Free delivery and $5 cashback via Cashrewards and ShopBack.

New services only. Catch Connect uses the Optus Mobile network.

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  • +1

    New services only.

    Which means it excludes pretty much every Ozbargainer.

    • Not really. I just ordered a sim for $15 using an existing Catch Connect account I had from last year. Going to port the same number across that I used at that time.

      • Let us know if you get cash back

        • The cashback tracked in my Cashrewards account within 5 minutes. Will be a few weeks until cashback is finalised though.

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      porting out and porting back in makes you a new customer. have been a "new" customer multiple times with catch connect.

      • If you already have a service with them and you are porting a new number in (as a second SIM), are you still a "new" customer?

        • Technically it's for new services, not new customers. In fact yesterday I bought two $15 sims under an old Catch Connect account I had from last year. I'm going to activate them under the same account and port my numbers across.

    • +3

      I port back and forth between Kogan and Catch ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Do you know when porting between the 2, which company requires the old SIM to remain active to reply to SMS during the porting process?

        • +1

          I think it is porting to Kogan. Porting to Kogan is activated instantly, but Catch Connect takes several hours.

          • @mah65: So Kogan won't send an SMS to the Catch SIM to verify porting?

        • +1

          When porting to Catch Connect they send a security code to your active sim, which you then have to enter on the Catch Connect activation webpage.

          There is no requirement to reply to the SMS, so theoretically you don't need credit.

          This week I attempted to port to Catch Connect but never received the security code. I think they were having issues with the system. I gave them a call, and soon after I received the code.

          After completing online activation it was only a matter of minutes before my number was ported across.

        • +1

          from catch to kogan, last month, I had to reply some code via SMS but I couldn't because the catch service was already expired(I could receive SMS though). So I called Kogan up and provided the code over the phone.

  • +5
    • Not always. That deal expired. The other existing deal I linked to requires you to be a Club Catch member.

  • If I port out from this after 3 months, and then port back in again after, say, 1 month, then would Catch Connect consider it to be a 'new' service?

    • +4

      In my experience, yes.

    • +3

      yes, in my experience as well.

  • +2

    I tried this in June. New customer. New to shopback. I was given $0.75 on a $12 shopback promo. This was after raising a ticket one time. Then the 90 days expired on the day they paid the $0.75. Be warned. You'll probably waste more time chasing your credits than it's worth. Note that after 90 days, no matter what has happened, they will not investigate further, so get in early to chase your money.

    • I've seen many complain about this. Most have just got $ 0.75 cashback instead of $12 during the Promo. I was sad I missed this deal, as I went in for Kogan's 90 day plan - $15 wihch effectively came down to $5.05 after Groupon Promocode and Shopback.

      Is there anyone who got $12 Cashback in Shopback on this $15 Catch Connect Plan?

      • Is there anyone who got $12 Cashback in Shopback on this $15 Catch Connect Plan?

        Yep. I did in May

      • yes got $12 back when bought in june

  • +4

    very poor reception, even in the middle of shopping centre
    will not use it again

    • -7

      Can't agree more. Very bad reception. I remember sometimes I lost connection even at home. Catch probably use whatever leftover bandwidth given to them

    • hmmmm I never seemed to have any issues, and their customer support is pretty great

    • +10

      I have used this before, it is basically re-branded Optus, no issues with speed or reception

    • No big issues with Catch Connect, had issue with Lebara earlier which works on Vodafone network and I hear from Vodafore direct user that Vodafone doesn't seem to have a good network.

    • +3

      Worse than Kogan, can confirm.

      • mine is opposite. :)

    • Taneda1988 - I find Catch to have worse reception that I got with Optus, the lack of Volte also makes it really annoying.

      I found Vodafone to have much better reception.

    • I agree on this
      Reception if worst than Kogan for me

    • I experience the same. Vodafone is no different.

      Shopping centers and hospitals, these services are not great for me. I'm in VIC.

    • Yes, totally agree. Had serious network issue last time I was with them which was only about 2 months ago. Initiated a chat with them online only to be told that if I am not happy with their service, I can port out to other providers as nothing else they can do… that really made me angry, top customer service hey?? ๐Ÿ˜ก Never Catch again!!

    • Reception is the same as Optus and depends on tower location. Some people will get better reception, others worse, and it's the same with Telstra and Vodafone- it depends where you are. As for shopping centres, if they don't boost signals then of course reception is going to be worse, supermarkets and other big stores, too. Ditto crowded locations with lots of competition for bandwidth.

      • @sepa - I disagree that it's the same as Optus.

        My girlfriend and I have the same phone and I get worse reception than her. She's on Optus and I'm on Catch Connect. This is with both phones side by side.

        • Swap sims, or try with an another Optus SIM, and try it again, for a few days, not just a random few minutes. You'll either find your phone's reception is degraded compared to hers, or there is in no appreciable difference. Phone reception is rarely stable and again, depends on the towers you are currently connected to (it can vary even in the same location at the same time, picking up signal from a tower in one suburb, then swapping to another the next minute). Most of the comments about phone reception, for every provider not just Catch, are almost always random observation that lack proper testing or methodology.

  • Can i purchase now and activate after 1/2 months?

    • +1

      Must be activated within 30 days of purchasing

    • +6

      how can you not know if you are Associated?

  • Any good 12 month deals atm? Approx 120gb?

  • +2

    What happen if I donโ€™t want to continue after 90days? Just turn off the auto recharge, and ignore it?

  • +1

    Is it still a pita to port out after the 90 days?

    Lots of negative reports in previous threads, just wondering if there's a trick to ensure it goes smoothly?

    • Porting out isn't hard. It's just a question of how long they give you after your credit expires before you lose ownership of the number.

      I always use a spare number and not my main number when jumping around. Just in case.

    • -1

      Do not ever port your main number, just put it on a PAYG plan like amaysim and use these for data on a dual SIM phone.

      • Unless you also want to text or call people and not confuse them with your throw away number. I hate people who do that.

        If you use your PAYG number it will cost you money for every text.

      • +3

        what kind of advice is this? I port my main number dozens of times over the last 5 years. Never had an issue.

  • That's actually not terrible.

  • +1

    Just remember that the 54GB quota is all available from the first day. So you could use it all up on day 1.
    For android phones, use the data traffic control settings to "pace" yourself.

  • interesting in 30 days for $5 plans….does Catch Connect sell sims card somewhere in case of emergency? i knew that Kogan have sims at 7-11.

    • $5 only for the first three months.

      If you want $5 per month ongoing, Dodo have a deal for you, unlimited calls and text, but no data

    • Not sure but they arrived pretty quick for me. Ordered on a Friday & received the following Tuesday.

  • Bit of a noob when it comes to this 'sim hopping'. So at the end of the 90 days what happens? Does it restart another 90 days at a higher rate? Does it disconnect your number? Cheers!

    • If you don't disable auto-renew in the settings you'll be charged full price for another 90 days. If disabled, the number will still be connected, it's just that you won't have any call, text and data allowances left.

      Not sure how long your number will stay active with no recharges, best to check with Catch Connect.

  • I got the same deal back in June with the cashback offer. It worked great with an Optus wireless modem for my wife's trip to her hometown. Got another one coming up this Christmas. If I order this under a different name (ie. her's) and email will it work? Do they do anything fancy like check the device imei to catch repeat customers?

    • You can order a new sim under your existing account if you wish. I've ordered 2 $15 sims under my old Catch Connect account that I've had since last year.

  • This at $3.33 per month for 3 months is really hard to pass up, even with telstra 5GB + unlimited 1.5mbps at $15 (but no calls/txts). So I'm coming back to catch.

    Maybe when this runs out I'll finally go over to Telstra.

  • does GoCashbackAU give back $12 from a $15 plan?

    • Cashrewards only give you $5 for 90 day plan.