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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Bonus SIM | Telstra 4G | $135 (Was $150) @ Coles In-Store


Very popular plan, and now only $135 at Coles from Sept 25. Enjoy :)

Boost $150 Recharge
• 80GB
• 12 months expiry, for use in AU
• Bonus $2 SIM

Limit 1 per customer.

Boost $150 recharge: For use in AU within 12 months.

Was $150.00, Save $15.00 $135.00 each
Offer valid Wed 25 Sep - Tue 1 Oct 2019
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • +9

    Bought from Boost last month and it's taken over a month to activate (Still not activated yet). They have no idea why either. This is porting from Optus.

    • +2

      Porting from Optus to Boost/Telstra should be instant (or on the same business day). I would give Optus and Boost a call and ask what is going on.
      Longest I have had to wait is 2 weeks - porting from Virgin Mobile to Optus.

      • Yeah you should give them a call, it took under a hours to port over from optus post paid. The delay could be cause not enough information given to boost for them to get the number from your old provider.

        This happen a while back when I switch to vaya which I had call and ask why it taking so long.

        • +5

          I've connected 3 other services in the past.

          But this time I've given them over a dozen of calls unfortunately. I'm quite patient and each time they've promised or guaranteed me it'll be up in 24-48 hours. Last straw was last week when the customer rep said she get's off in 3 mins and asked if there was anything else she could do for me instead. Told her I waited 40 mins to speak and she hung up on me. Hopefully TIO can get my money back

          • @Kaiserkid7: I've connected a few services for my family members and some of them ported really quick under 10 mins and others, i had to call them to cancel the porting request and give them different ids for them to activate again, just wait for a day and call them to cancel it and do it again

          • +5

            @Kaiserkid7: Might pay to check the DOB that optus has associated with the number against the DOB you've given boost. From experience, this is what usually slows down prepaid ports.

          • @Kaiserkid7: Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear this happened. May I ask if you were given any reference case number from our team if you already contacted the support line or chat? If not, please provide us your details via our FB messenger so I can escalate it. Thanks, Sam

      • I've been in a similar situation! It's been exactly a week for me and it still hasn't ported (from Lebara). When I called customer service, I was on hold for 2 hours and when they finally picked up they told me I had been transferred to Telstra department, not Boost so there was nothing they could do…

        • Well I have no problem with telstra once connected, but beware Telstra customers service a rubbish, had to call them 7 times lodge 2 complaint,you just get transfer to other team. Just go to telstra store let them fix it, since the porting part is Telstra problem not Boost.

    • Both times I've moved numbers from an Optus reseller to Boost, it has been less than a day. The latest was less than an hour, at 6:30 in the morning. You must be very frustrated.

      • Mine ported to Boost within 5 minutes.

        • So did mine

          • @oceang: congrtat! if you read the posts it is not happening to everyone - Telstra has a system issue with some numbers not porting.

    • +3

      Wife's been waiting for about a week as well, coming from vodafone. Boost reckon they have to wait for provider to release the number.

      • +4

        Uh oh.

        Might have to rethink my switch away from kogan

        • +3

          I ported mine over from lebara last week. Only took about an hour

          • +2

            @first in line: Wife’s lebara port to boost has taken a week so far, 4 days ago her lebara plan ran out… this shouldn’t have taken 3 days let alone 7.

            Pretty sucky too, as she gave birth to our son 2 weeks early amongst all this, so stuck at hospital in data limbo between 2 providers.

            Multiple calls to Telstra say 48hrs longer due to system upgrades. I’ll lose my cool if it’s not done tomorrow.

            • @geoffs87: yes told the same thing

            • @geoffs87: Damn…. your wife was in labour over lebara

        • +5

          All good and well to hear all these various both good and bad porting experiences, but most of these are just one off cases most over a month ago.

          In the last week or so I have been reading here about many unusually long (over 24-48 hrs) porting issues, some for weeks up to a month. People are saying that after contacting the various telcos ( seems to be a problem for all 3 ) they say there is a system problem.

          Everyone can have a problem occasionally whilst porting, usually a problem with non correct personal info/account problems, porting after hours on weekend ,or just have bad luck with a hick up in porting and sometimes even deliberately held back to delay for other reasons.

          I have activated new prepaid sims getting both new number and ported well over 100 times, and most of the time it's completed in a few hours, sometimes under an hour, sometimes up to 10 business hours, and a few times ( mostly in last 12 months ) a few days and once a week.

          Check comments below for examples of long term porting problems.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Yeah I've never had a problem but there've been some changes re proof of ownership of number and the different telcos seem to all have different ways of dealing.

            Kogan for example send an SMS asking for confirmation of transfer request but this happens when credit is expired and replies can't be sent, also messages are sometimes sent after the SIM is no longer active.

            I'm just thinking I might be better off waiting a few months until these issues sort themselves as time without a phone isn't going to work for me at all.

            • +1

              @0jay: I had the same problem again porting from kogan. It took about a week.

            • @0jay: Good to hear, but how often do you port. Thanks for info re-proof of ownership, although the cynic in me says the telco are just up to their games slowing down people from porting putting them off in the future, maybe haha.

              The confirmation txt re-confirmation of porting has been standard for most telcos from my experience for over a year now, if info correct no need to reply, just let them continue the process. With Kogan that could cause problems as you can not even receive txt whilst out of credit, but as thought you need not reply, would not think that would be a problem???

              Might be wise to wait a few weeks at least until issues sorted out and they have worked through their backlog. What plan are you on with Kogan, month to month?

              • +1

                @ozhunter68: It's been a year for me since the last port. I'm not familiar with the new process outside of anecdotal posts but I think I read that with Kogan there's a need to respond to the confirmation text from the number in question.

                I snagged a 60% off BOGOF 12 month offer which is just coming up for expiry next month.

                Keen to join Boost but primary number's a dodgy thing to lose when you don't have a landline.

                • +1

                  @0jay: Depends what date next month your current plan runs out. If closer to the end then beginning of the month I think you should be ok by then, just don't port on a Friday afternoon or Saturday as I have found that really increases chances of delays.

                  Otherwise just get a months worth of small credit and wait before porting till December.

                  If you have dual sim phone or spare, just get a Kogan $4.90 sim/code that will get you though for the extra month with cheap data.

      • +1

        i am not sure if i remember correctly but i received a message with a code then i replied the code so the porting was completed. I think you should call Vodafone and ask

        • Are you referring to Kogan sending you a txt with a code for porting in/out, or getting a code from Boost?

          This sounds new to me and I have been porting every 28-35 days between most telcos for years now,

          I will find out what happens this Tuesday porting away from Telstra to Vodafone lol.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: oh, that's right Kogan but with Vodafone when you port in they send you a code that u have to reply. ive been doing the same thing too. IF over 24 hours i think cancel the porting and do it again is better than waiting

          • +3

            @ozhunter68: I ported recently from Telstra to Kogan. Kogan would send a text to confirm which you have to reply with a 6 or 8 digit code (so you need credit or ability to reply as SMS).

            Telstra only sent an FYI text.

            • @fishball: I really don't like hearing about this new port in rule with kogan/Vodafone as many people let their credit expire for a few days before porting over, or held up few days in porting delays.

              So now some people are going to need to re-charge another 28 days or add some credit before waiting longer to port. These Telcos really don't like people porting and losing some profits.

      • Same. It's been a week now for me, and it still hasn't activated.

        • two weeks today and nothing still.

    • +1

      The problem I had was a faulty SIM as my iPhone just couldn’t detect the inserted SIM

    • Turn off adblock and vpns, had issues doing the security bits because of those

    • +3

      If there is any mismatch whatsoever between the info you give to Boost and the info Optus has on you, the port will fail. e.g. If you are trying to activate as John Smith, and Optus has you as John P. Smith, it will fail. Same goes for the address; Flat 1, 27 Smith St is not the same as 1/27 Smith St. Even a full stop will cause a fail. In my (long) experience in porting this is almost always the problem when there is a delay.

      • +1

        Unlikely a mismatch as this would have been my 4th service connecting to boost either on this plan or the $300 one.

    • I have ported over 12 times in the last 1 year. I usually do it on weekdays during working hours. All my ports have went through in less than 30 minutes in all instances. I recently ported from Telstra to Boost in 10 mins. Have ported from Belong to Kogan, Amaysim to Belong and all have been pretty fast and always smooth. Never had to contact customer care.

      • Porting from Telstra to boost did you have to order a blank sim or just straight port from Telstra to Boost?

        btw was your Telstra prepaid or postpaid?

    • I had problems and complained via telstra complaints and got sorted quickly.

    • I would follow up with them. I ported my wife out of Kogan to boost and the number was in limbo for one day.

    • +4

      Happens to me also porting from Optus. Gave call to Optus and Boost several times. Optus replied saying that boost sending Optus account number together with birthday infact they only need account number. Took several days to sort it out. I'm thinking Optus might be trying every trick they know to keep their customers.

    • Activated on 9th of September and still not ported too. Coming from Vodafone.

    • My wifes Port from Optus to boost took 30mins. Always double check Make sure all the details match .. Also do it early in the morning.

    • +1

      Make sure you put the old sim back in the phone until activation

    • Yes! Took me over 2 weeks. On hold with support tech for a record 65 minutes.

      Guy said as long as you did the activation code via sms then just wait and pretty much to stop calling them asking when

    • Have you gotten an email that says that the number on the original starter sim has been activated? If so, I believe that the ported number activates itself when you put in your new sim card. This happened to me and I was confused about the email but when I put in the sim card it ended up working out.

    • -3

      One of my's ported within an Hour
      but… the Other was REFUSED by Telstra,
      AFTER their process gave me a "Success!"

      Telstra insisted I pay MUCH MORE per mon,
      to port my (easy-to-remember) in

      I've had that for over 2 decades!

      So, I, too, am also STILL WAITING for Tel-
      stra to "invite" me to try the port again(!)

      If this happens to you (OR you've been
      WAITING "too long" for a port-in, etc.:

      • Stop waiting, &
      • File a TIO Complaint!

      (That's how I've gotten a first -hint- that
      Telstra -might- FINALLY find a place for
      my 2nd in a BOOST 12-mon long-life

      Don't accept Poor Activation-Turn-Around times
      without a Fight, via TIO.

      Let us know how you go…

      To change Telstra's POOR SERVICE, Talk About It!
      OR Maybe find a way to Report it to their CEO..

      • Thanks OP, but no good for us regional Ozbeez. Wasted a bit of time chasing this puppy.
        So yeh they appear to be not stocking in Lake innes (Port Macquarie) or Kempsey, staff advised that hadnt seen the $150 sims and that sometimes they are not included in these promotions.
        dont know why the other dude is getting savaged for their comments…

        • +1

          There are no $150 sims. It’s a $150 recharge voucher (printed receipt), to be selected on the POS machine. It’s not a physical product on the shelves.

          The bonus $2 sim is a physical product, and when you scan it in at the same time as buying the voucher, the sim is discounted to $0. But you can buy the discounted recharge voucher without the sim, if your store doesn’t have stock (some have sold out!).

          (Helps to read through the comments of a deal before negging!) ;)

          • +1

            @caprimulgus: I just got back from Coles. After a little argument when the checkout dude said they didn't have the $150 recharge and I'd have to try another store, he showed me the POS screen only had the monthly recharge options. So I went over to a self-checkout POS and sure enough it had the $150 recharge option as well as the other 6mth/1yr options - I successfully purchased the $150 recharge and SIM for $135.
            An incredulous self-checkout warden checked on the machine next to me yet it too only had the monthly recharge amounts.
            Seems some POS have it and some don't.

            • @Thrift: That's interesting why different POS have different items…that doesn't make sense at all!

              But glad you got it in the end! That's good advice for others to keep trying different POS terminals! :)

    • Switched from Vodafone to Boost , all done in less than 5 minutes

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Unfortunately, I have no access to your account on here to see why this is happening due to privacy laws, you'll need to ring our customer service line on 1258881 or 1800 100 933 if you aren’t already a Boost customer, or use our online chat and press "wanna have a chat" and they can best help you. If you already tried reaching the support line and chat kindly get back to me via our facebook messenger page so we can escalate this matter to our team.

      We await your response.

      Thank you.

      • @ boost mobile

        Hi boost mobile

        Ive never ported before

        Wondering what the steps are to port and recharge with the 150$ voucher?

        Im currently vodafone prepaid


      • @ boost mobile

        Hi Boost Mobile

        I activated my $150 boost sim on 9/9/2019 and my number from Vodafone still hasn't been ported!

        I've done 3 live chats which told me everything looked fine with the order and I've spent a few hours on the phone trying to call the porting team but they never pick up.

        Yesterday I've registered a complaint with the TIO as I can't seem to get any help from you guys.

        How can have such poor service?

      • Don't use facebook - called many times and been on hold hours and am over it - please get this sorted.

    • Took me 20mims from optus

      • +1

        clap clap

    • I am still waiting, after activating on 13/9. Porting from Kogan. After several live chats & 3 calls (was put on hold for 1+ hour on one of the calls) requested a call back and this afternoon finally receive a message from Telstra saying they are 'processing order'. More waiting…..

    • sorry to hear that, when i ported from optus to boost i did it through a telstra telco kiosk, took less than 10mins about 2 months ago. I recently ported my mothres number from optus to boost same plan as well, took about 2 days. I'm not sure about the delay maybe seems like if u do it all urself it will take couple hours but doing from a telco seems to be best option to me.

    • I just got ported this morning and it took over a week - they admitted they had too many requests and had a backlog!! Optus as well.

    • yep i gave up after a week waiting for a port. Couldn't even get through to telstra port team. Boost support had to email telstra requesting they cancel the port

    • Any update on activation yet?

  • +2

    Does this include international calls?

    • +9


      Unlimited national call and text.
      Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
      Chile, China, Colombia,
      France, Germany, Hong Kong,
      India, Indonesia, Ireland,
      Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
      Pakistan, Philippines,
      Singapore, South Africa, South
      Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
      Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
      PLUS 1200 STND MIN &
      Afghanistan, America Samoa,
      Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
      Czech Republic, Denmark,
      Finland, Greece, Guam,
      Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
      Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
      Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
      Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
      Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
      Republic, Spain,
      Sri Lanka, Sweden
      PLUS 1200 STND MMS TO 55
      as included above

      • -6

        I used to pay [the dreaded MicroSoft]
        AU$ 149 / year for JUST unlimited Skype
        Int'l calls (some incl'g calls to Mobiles)

        BOOST's $150 offer adds Aussie mobiles
        BUT: Lacks UNLIMITED calling, etc. for
        "too many" of "2nd Tier countries"

        Eg, Sweden is too costly to call regularly

        (Skype may have a monthly rate for such
        calls, but we've Not priced it recently)

        In Rural AU, Coles has REFUSED to Carry or
        Get (for its customers) any Discounted-
        BOOST SIM-kits, like this Deal's.

        Only if you have a friend near a Coles
        with stock & who you trust to buy it
        for you & post it to you…

        Coles should REALLY be able to SHIP
        such SIM-cards, but REFUSES to change!

        In lieu of Coles supplying this card,
        BOOST should discount the "any-value"
        ReCharge (that one pays after activa-
        tion) online, so that - if you CAN'T
        get the $135 offer price at Coles,
        you can get it - at home - online.

        BOOST is reportedly a Telstra sibling
        company, which explains Why it's SO
        HARD to get SO LITTLE flexibility
        from the company (even when Coles
        fails to supply "Rural parts of AU")

        • BOOST is reportedly a Telstra sibling company

          They definitely are. I saw the code base when I worked at Telstra

        • Thanks OP, but no good for us regional Ozbeez. Wasted a bit of time chasing this puppy.
          So yeh they appear to be not stocking in Lake innes (Port Macquarie) or Kempsey, staff advised that hadnt seen the $150 sims and that sometimes they are not included in these promotions.
          dont know why the other dude is getting savaged for their comments…

  • +5

    Can I buy now and activate in 2 months?

    • +2

      Can't see why you can't

      • what about 3 months? I'm with Catch ATM and the 3-month period expires mid-Dec.

    • +1

      With the SIM I got from Big W (last months deal), the expiry is April 2021

      • +1

        In the add from post it says valid up to 12 months, so in most cases that should be the minimum.

        Would advice to check the expiry date on sim, but there could be a new policy same as Vodafone now where you get 12 months after purchase of sim/sim +recharge to active, otherwise your credit is lost/wasted as I have found out with $330 worth of Vodafone prepaid sim starter packs I had as backlog saved from various specials/deals.

    • Not at $135

      • Why not?

        • Until 25th

          • @mecind: 25th of what?

            • +2

              @djlee: The offer doesn't start until 25/9 so no-one can 'buy now'…

  • +16

    Just talking to boost they told me they have a massive backlog for Porting numbers I've been waiting 10 days now for my wife's phone to be done they also told me that they have people waiting from the 1ST of this month we have spent hours on the phone to them if we had known this we would have given it a miss. Fyi

    • +4

      Lol I've been waiting since the 15th of last month…

      • Ha ha that is bad - I cannot complain after 2 weeks and hours on hold.

  • Stupid question alert… Is this 80GB for the 12 months or each month?


    • +10

      It's 80GB for the 12 months. They'd go out of business if it were each month! Haha :)

      • Thanks, was going to purchase for home internet but dont think 80GB would be enough

        • +4

          was going to purchase for home internet but dont think 80GB would be enough

          You might have a look at Telstra's new mobile data plans, released a few months ago. There's no long-term contract or exit fee – you only need to sign on month to month.

          $15/month gives you 5 GB of data each month at 4G speeds, but for the rest of the month you get unlimited data, speed-limited to 1.5 Mbps. Granted, it's not very fast after the allowance runs out, but if you were considering 80 GB over a year, it might be worth looking at.

          If you think you could cope with 120 GB over a year, the next plan up is $25/month and has 10 GB a month at 4G speeds, then unlimited at 1.5 Mbps.


          2x $4.90 SIMs = 80GB every 30 days for $9.80
          3x $4.90 SIMs = 120GB every 30 days for $14.70

      • +1

        ~6.7 GB / month, if I did the calc's right
        $12.50 / mon

        • Hard to get this one wrong, LOL…

          12 Months Expiry
          80GB Data

          $135 / 12 = $11.25 per month
          80GB / 12 = 6.67 GB per month

    • +1

      For 12 months

  • +17

    A couple of things that might be helpful based on the last few boost deals and my experience swapping from Telstra.

    • Swapping from Telstra isn’t as simple as porting from anywhere else, but this is the process:

      1. Call Boost to request special blank SIM card. It’ll be delivered via courier the next day to most areas. ($2 sim from a shop won’t work. Blank SIM’s possibly available at company owned Telstra stores, but not franchise stores.)
      2. Swap Telstra number over to prepaid. (Telstra live chat or call them. Possibly instore, however I went to a franchise store who advised they couldn’t do it. Live chat was easy enough. Swapped over instantly and you are not required to buy a recharge straight away)
      3. Call Boost to activate the SIM and complete the swap when you’re ready. (Can’t activate online, this is technically not porting so shouldn’t be subject to any delays/ problems that some people are reporting currently)
        There’s a massive thread over on whirlpool with peoples experiences with this.

    • This deal is for a recharge voucher that can be printed from any register including self serve. (+ a $2 sim for free if you need it) The recharge itself is not a physical item so don’t go looking around for it and don’t let the confused staff tell you that it’s sold out. Even if a store has no $2 sims left you can still buy the voucher for $135 and buy a $2 sim anywhere else.

    • Some people had issues activating their $2 sim that they scanned through the self serve last time. So it might be useful to buy from the service desk.

    • +4

      Im on boost and pay like $20 when i feel like it a month but normally when it expires i pay for another. I prefer to do manually than it come off each time.
      Its like only 100 mins and 1gb of date and i think i get a small boost of date at weekends it's an older top up and there are newer ones boost have but never bothered.
      My question is as im already with boost if i got this deal i just get the voucher and rather than top up next time with my $20 use this and im good to go. And obviously have my same number.
      Wife is in amysim and im not sure who they use optus maybe what should we do with her one? Obviously want to keep her number but we would want her on boost.
      Can we keep the cards/voucher and start using later if so how long can we keep hold of them. I take the 12m dont kick in till you start to use them. If be nice to update our phones but this not be a problem if we used this boost right away or later. Thanks

      • +1

        Your correct that you can just recharge your boost number with this 12 month re-charge when you want before expiry or 12 months after purchase to be sure.

        For your wife's number with Amaysim/Optus network, when ready port the included sim over to Boost, then add your re-charge to the account and your good to go.

        If you have read this full post, you will see that for some strange reason, the porting process has had a backlog of numbers for weeks even longer than a month. As far as I am aware this has never happened before, at least not for this long with all telcos. Maybe buy deal but just wait before porting until porting delay/backlog has been resolved. You should have at least a year before expiry.

        • +1

          The porting issue isn't resolved yet?
          Is it faced by everyone?

          • @crazyboy: There's no "porting issue"!!!
            Yes the system stuffs up for a few unfortunate people, but it always has .
            Those people get mad, and write on sites such as Whirlpool and Ozbargain (I would too if it happened to me)
            But the vast majority have no issue and therefore don't write about their experience as there is nothing to write.
            I helped my girlfriend port to Boost from Optus last week, no issues, only took about 4 hours from activating the SIM to connecting with Boost. She was only disconnected from both services for under an hour. See good stories don't make an interesting read!!!

            • +1

              @PukeyLuke: there is definitely an issue

            • +1

              @PukeyLuke: Are you insane? No issue?? It's coming up to 3 weeks for me. Longer for many others.

              • @Webbo: @Webbo For ever and a day there's been issues for a minority of people porting from one company to another, not just Boost or Optus etc, but when it happens to you, it feels like a major issue in this world. Overwhelming majority of people aren't having an issue, deal with it!!

            • +1

              @PukeyLuke: Telstra Activations are calling it an “ongoing month-long outage”. There is definitely an “issue”.

              • @sw00p: @sw00p So who from "Telstra Activations" stated that “ongoing month-long outage” as I can't find anything about it??

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