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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S 10000mAh $17.19 / $15.22 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have just dropped the price on this power bank to the cheapest price for non eBay plus members.

You can either :

  1. Use the coupon PACKED15 to get it for $17.19 or:

  1. Go to this page and change your registered country to New Zealand.

This will allow you to use the coupon "PKIWI" to get $5 off which results in a price of $15.19. No need to change any addresses, just the registered country to get $5 off.

Make sure to change back to Australia after ordering to be able to use Aus coupons in the future.

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Please Note: If you have any issues of not receiving the power bank (there is a small known issue of Australia Post losing a small &% of these), contact Gearbite at your earliest convenience over eBay message to sort it out.

Original Coupon Deal

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Awesome.. got 1, thx!

  • Can I ask is this compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8?

  • Bought. Thanks OP.
    My old Mi one I'm suspecting is starting to bloat up, or maybe just the metal case has been flexed around a bit in the bag. Still holds capacity and charges quickly for the purpose (even without the new fangled QC stuff) so being a non-Plus member can finally pickup a spare for when/if it finally kicks the bucket.

    • My Mi 10,000mAh Power Bank 2 also has a bulge; 3 years old. I'm traveling at the moment and using it everyday with no change but is still concerning.
      Will retire it when I get home and replace with one of these.

      • I think I have that version (1x USB, and Quickcharge 2 via MicroUSB). Bought it 3 or 4 years ago. It still works and looks the same as it did when new. I always disconnect it as soon as I see it's fully charged. My pocket wifi on the other hand which I bought about the same time… it's plugged into power 24/7 for the internet - and it's bulging like a rugby ball. ;-p

        • The internet suggest lithium bulging is pretty dangerous.
          I have lipos for my quadcopters and dispose when they start to bulge.
          Be careful mate.

          • @grasspun: Yeah, thanks. It's been bulging for a while and I found the battery for it on ebay yesterday. I'll probably take it apart in the next couple of days to see how to replace it.

  • nice thx

  • is Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 and Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2s the same? When the main link of this OP is clicked, it shows Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2. I am new in this thing so a bit of help is appriciated. Thanks.

    • The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 is the original version with only 1 USB port. The 2S is the newest version with the Dual USB ports, essentially the same device but this has dual ports. The listing has just missed the 2S part but it's definitely it :)

  • Bought one. Thanks op

  • Any recommendations for a 20000 mAh version? New to the market and looking for one to take with me to the US

  • Can I charge my Nintendo Switch with one of these?

    • Unlikely…

      The Switch requires PD specs…

      • Anyone want to explain the downvote?

        Was it i said something wrong?
        Or were they unhappy with the reasoning…?

        • I'm guessing the downvote (not mine) was because the switch will charge (portable mode) from a regular 5v source, but requires PD to be used for docked mode. So for a switch lite or someone using the old one as a portable it'll work OK.

          • @CountDuckula: I was under the impression that it wouldn't charge, but if best, slow down the battery drain?
            Or maybe charge if the system was "suspended" at best…?

            • @NGPriest: Just played some doom 3 on my original switch (50% brightness) and plugged it into an old mi 10000mah power bank (NDY-02-AN) for a 1/2 hour or so to test. The battery level went up rather slowly, but it was enough to be in surplus while playing. In sleep mode now it's charging fairly quickly.

              A game like fast rmx might leave it decreasing slowly while playing but would still extend the playtime a lot.

              I only use my switch as a portable and have always used the same 5v/2a samsung charger as I use for my phone, figuring slower charge means less heat so likely better for the battery.

  • My 2 non S version just died the other week for no apparent reason :/

  • i have 2 and can vouch for them, great battery packs

  • Got stuck in this ebay endless verification loop! No idea why.
    Ended up opening a remote desktop connection to a work PC and purchasing via there.

    Thanks OP!

  • If you use the PACKED15 code now, does it also mean you can't use the code for another product elsewhere from another seller on ebay? Like later on (not adding to same cart etc)?

  • Can you charge these through the USB-C port?

    • Last time i checked, it has a MicroUSB port for charging and 2x USB-A ports for… Not-charging :p

  • Are there any 10,000mah battery banks that can be charged with USB C so I don't need to carry both a USB Micro B and USB C cable?

    • That would be ideal one cable for phone and battery bank.
      Also, would like to see more 3400-5000 mAh battery banks with QC3.0 or better QC4.0. When I need a battery bank I want quickest single charge to get me out of trouble not 3-4 charges with a unit that doesn't fit in the pocket.

      • this was a great deal. only gripes with it is the thickness and it won't fast charge if you're using both outputs.

    • Check the 2nd item in OP above.

  • Bought 2, thanks OP

  • Can I confirm that PKIWI only work once per account?

  • Hi Guys

    This is my first post - how do I buy one of those! When I click on 'Go to the deal' - it only offers me at $20+ not at $17.19! Am I doing something wrong?

    Best regards


    • Make sure to use the coupon "PACKED15" at checkout to get it for $17.19 :)

      • Tried it but it says that I have already used it but I haven't. That means I can't get it now, can I?


        • Hmm you might need to jump on ebay live chat and check with them, otherwise I'm sure you could probably check out as a guest or make a new account to use the coupon again.

  • Anyone having issues of theirs not charging?