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Ninebot Segway ES2 Electric Scooter $560.96 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Found this on eBay.
With the 15% code makes this a better deal than the previous OzBargain Deal

Some comments about this scooter:


  • it has solid tires which means no punctures and very very very very hard replacement (if DIY, tested)
  • it has Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • it has 27kM top speed (tested)
  • it has a very smart suspension system that provides a smooth ride
  • it looks good


  • the folding mechanism makes some noise after a few months
  • the braking method is not as intuitive as the Xiaomi M365, but you will get used to it very soon
  • the handlebar is narrower than the Xiaomi M365, can be good or bad depends on you

Enjoy :)

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    Are these legal to ride on Sydney streets yet?

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      From perth. Have been riding my M365 to work every day of the working week since May. 20km return journey. Go past police HQs in the city, been past multiple police in cars at lights, crossings, on foot, on motorbikes and bikes. Never had an issue. If you have your helmet on and your not being an idiot then they have better things to do then to pull you up. Talked to one guy who was pulled up by police and he was given a warning as he had no helmet and that was it.

    • +1 vote

      I live at wolli creek NSW. Been using this for 7 months now. Off to work, gym and westfield hurstville and tried twice to eastgardens and to coogee and never had an issue.

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        How do you go about locking it up or U just bring it everywhere


          Yea i have never locked mine up, i just take it into the stores and push it around. Sometimes fold it and carry it but mostly push. It might look weird but the shopping basket actually fits nicely at the front, i hang one handle around each handle bar. Taken it in to multiple big and small shops and noones ever complained or told me i need to leave it outside. I do have a chain in my bag to lock it up but just find it more convenient to not do it. At work we have a bike room which only we have access to, so i dnt lock it up there either.

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    The first con should be (if not in Queensland):

    -Illegal to ride in public.


    Xiaomi M365 better

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    These things are illegal in the nanny state of NSW. Just came back from a European country, they were everywhere, wish they were legal here.


      Scooters were a life saver in Europe for me. Had so much fun and saved so much money/time compared to taking taxis/public transport.

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    I was riding the free bikes (20 minutes free). Saved me so much money too.
    No need for helmet. Can ride on footpath or road. And everyone was holding their phone in their hand looking at google maps. In NSW I would go to jail.
    Drivers and bike riders get along so well. Totally different culture.


    in Paris at the moment - these kind of things are legit public transport with multiple companies hiring them out….


      I was surprised how prevalent they were too. I did see a younger guy crash into someone on the packed Champs-Élysées ave though.

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    I have the ES4 (ES2 with added external battery) and it's pretty good. To directly respond to the OP;
    Solid tyres are a double edged sword - no punctures but a significantly rougher ride. I've only ever ridden Lime/Neuron & this which are all solid wheel so I don't mind it, but pneumatic filled with goo seems to be the way to go.
    Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) - really hard to actually tell how much it charges but in my experience you'll always have this set to the lowest setting. When you aren't on the accelerator but still moving forward it will have resistance like being a gear too low in a car.
    Top speed - with the battery you can hit over 30km/h as long as you don't update past 1.3.1
    Suspension - I absolutely disagree with smart suspension providing a smooth ride. While yes it does have a rear shock absorber it's tiny and only really "helps" with bumps. You also bottom out pretty regularly.
    Looks - absolutely looks good. The customisable LED strips underneath are a bit of a gimmick but are pretty cool when the time calls to actually have them on.

    No issue with my folding yet.
    The braking is this scooters biggest flaw. Battery stored in the neck, motor in the front wheel and they use electronic front braking which is hopeless. You'll soon learn to be very aware of where your weight is when stopping. There is also a manual footbrake that you need to learn to use in tandem with the ebrake. V1.4.5 severely changed the way the braking works and they've been trying to fix it every since. I would never buy a scooter that doesn't have rear disc brakes.

    Having said all of that it's not a bad scooter and really has some balls. At $560 this is a good deal, but I would definitely recommend adding the external battery as well when the budget allows it. It adds range, top speed & torque.


      Were you aware of controller board burn out issues with the extra battery before u bought? Something like u can't use the front light and accelerate full speed otherwise it'll eventually burn out. And then apparently some just burn out anyway because of a bad resistor in all the units…


        To their credit, the guys at Segway Aus told me about this when I was picking my scooter up. I took it back for a day just to have them fix another simple issue and they replaced the board for the hell of it as well. I didn't realise the burnout was directly linked to the external battery though which is interesting


    how does this compare to the Inokim Lights?

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    Shame the nanny state is scared of anything unfamiliar, especially if there's a motor attached.
    After spending a long time riding an e-bike in a dense overseas city I feel like they might actually be safer than regular bikes. They are speed limited anyway, so the motor only means you can get comfortably moving just by touching the pedal, which means that you can immediately find balance and maintain it at any speed a bit easier.

    I imagine it's similar with these things, but there'll be outcry from some people who will see the motor and think it means that riders will mow down anyone walking in front of them, carelessly and uncontrollably and with the power of at least a small truck. When they aren't hurtling themselves at F1 speeds head-first into the footpath of course.

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