This was posted 2 years 2 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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12 Months Free 1Password Family (Password Manager) ($4.99 USD Per Month Thereafter)


Looks like this coupon is still working which was posted 3 months ago so sharing it again to those who missed it.

Enjoy :)

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    Such a shame that so much software is switching to a subscription model.

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    Thanks OP

  • Ok

  • Pity that Dropbox introduced the 3 device limit because that was the perfect way to keep things in sync across multiple devices. Now I upgrade to Dropbox Plus for a month everytime I need to add a new device.

    • I switched over to google drive.

      • Does 1Password support Google Drive?

        • well im using lastpass for personal use and 1password for work.

          I'm abit confused, what are you syncing over google drive/dropbox and hows that related to lastpass/1password? They're both synced over the cloud for me?

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            @lawyerz: 1Password (before they launched their subscription service) used to allow users to synchronise their "vault" by using Dropbox. Other than Dropbox, they support iCloud (which is limited to Apple devices). To use anything else requires a bit of tinkering/manual workaround/etc which was beyond what I wanted especially since mobile devices like iPads/iPhones woudl be out of the question (since the app wouldn't support other providers).

            • @jace88: ahh gotcha. thanks for clarifying.

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                @lawyerz: In other words though, 1Password/Agilebits feel like they are just pushing everyone towards the subscription model and deliberately not supporting other cloud providers which threaten this business model. I've spent $80ish or so each time on multiple software releases from them because I like having my vault stored by a third party (Dropbox) which I feel is less likely to go down and has a better track record, but to not support say OneDrive or Google Drive (and have no intention to) annoyed me. I was looking at changing to another solution but decided to hold off for now as I'm a bit lazy.

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                  @jace88: dontask appears to have a great solution for you to consider.
                  Thanks for elaborating your reponse.

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    I would recommend Bitwarden, which is open source and free forever.

    The only restriction is that you can only share passwords with 1 family member on the free plan. Much better than paying 60 USD per year.

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      A family plan is $10 per year for 5 members I believe.

      Totally agree with dontask, it's great.

    • 100% agree about Bitwarden. I just logged into my Ozbargain account using Bitwarden to post this comment. I don't have a clue what my password is, but Bitwarden does so all good and secure.

    • I haven't tried Bitwarden yet but I've heard it is great.
      Does it support Safari 13?

    • Is this any better the using LastPass for Free?
      Never heard of Bitwarden before now

    • Went a step ahead and hosted Bitwarden at home. Now the passwords database (encrypted) does not go to anyone's server like Dropbox or 1password cloud etc.

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    @Being Askhole, thanks for reposting this. Canva's investors love your work.

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    LastPass is free.

    • nothing ever is free my friend. Why are they not letting you store your password in your computer or your chosen cloud? Your passwords have to be stored with them.

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    Thanks so much. Forced to upgrade to 1Password 7 as Safari 13 has killed off the old extensions. So happy to not have to pay $55 for this app.

    • Is $55 the "standalone" one off purchase?

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        No, that’s the annual price. License is closer to $100aud and can only be got by downloading 1Password7 from the website, pressing purchase and pressing the tiny “need a licence”.

        If you do that though, go in and out a few times, maybe press the subscription free trial button. Something triggers the license price to drop from what you first see but I’m not sure what exactly. Just be aware that at some point, gst will be added.

  • Thanks alot

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    KeePass is the best and it's FREE.

  • The promo is invalid. Anyone tried it today?

  • Promo code is invalid now

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