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NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming Media Player with Remote $215.20 + $15 Post ($0 eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Decent price for the nvidia shield. Cheapest price at the moment.
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    Was ~$186 after 15% off 2 months ago. Now ~$30 more expensive after 20% off.
    Well done CA.

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    • The price jacking in this has been quite hilarious. Had so many things in my cart seeing how it'd go and the total price dropped by $23 lol

  • If I were to run Plex through a Shield, would it take care of the transcoding? Instead of relying on my PC or a NAS to do it? Cheers.

    • Plex on Shield is brilliant. Also handles Dolby Atmos sound. Highly recommended.

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      Yes, it can act as server and client. All transcoding on Plex Media Server on Shield is performed with hardware acceleration, so it can handle several transcoded streams at once. You just have to go into Plex settings and enable the 'server' option and then just point it to where your media is; either on local network share or hard drive directly connected to the Shield.

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    In the group of dodgy eBay sellers pocketing any real discount. Should be $249 - 20% or thereabouts…

  • What is the difference between this with Android TV Box if not gaming?

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    I have plex on my LG C7 OLED, and Plex on the Shield. The speed difference is very very noticable, navigation is frustrating on the LG and instant on the shield. My shield would have to be a couple of years old too, not sure if the hardware has been updated. The LG's remote controlled the shield out of the box too.

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    Shield Tv's are very good but today's starting price really should be under $200, so for it to be over that applying a 20% off sale is an insult to Australians.

    Just wait folks, the 3rd gen is coming, so is Black Friday, so is Christmas. The latter was when it hit rock bottom last year. For a few bucks more than this price you really should be getting the controller included (~$80 odd separately)

  • I am so confused, I got this 12 months ago for $168 AUD including shipping, should I sell to make a profit?

    • I know, I'm annoyed at myself for not getting one back then

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