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Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 6GB+128GB Black $525 Delivered @ Mi Official Amazon AU


Back again if anyone missed out from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/483680

  • 6.39-inch Magnetic Full Screen Slider: Mi MIX 3 pushes the limits of Full Screen Display with 93.4% screen-to-body ratio. The front of the phone is virtually all screen thanks to the hidden dual camera design, made possible by the innovative magnetic slider, which stayed working like new after 300,000 intensive test slides.
  • 6GB + 128GB | Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Flagship Processor: 6GB of memory means you can swap between apps without a second thought. The Snapdragon 845 is a top-tier flagship processor from Qualcomm. When it comes to smooth gaming, there's no substitute for this beast of a processor.
  • 10W wireless charging. Charging efficiency increased by 30%: A wireless charger comes with the phone. Charge faster. Compatible with all Qi wireless charging standards. Use the wireless charger at the airport, the coffee shop, or wherever your travels take you.
  • World-leading 108 DxOMark Photo Score: 24MP primary Sony sensor camera with a dedicated secondary 2MP DOF camera for the best photos captured. AI is also built into the camera to allow precise analysis of objects in depth within a scene allows for real-time optical blurring, so you can easily capture the full beauty of rich scenescapes.
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  • Again?

  • +4

    great Phones had my mi Max 3 for over 10 months and loving it.. just ensure you install POCO launcher for better system layout/nav

    • +9

      Mix and Max are different phones though

      • Software is like 99% the same though

      • +6

        You can't mix and match the Mix and Max?

    • Or get a Pocophone F1 :)

      • +1

        no OIS makes the camera pretty rubbish. source: own f1

    • How is Poco launcher compare to Oxygen OS?

  • Screen is so big, how do you carry it?

    • +16

      Once you go big.. trust me, you never go back!

      • Do you need to hold it with two hands?

        • +1

          No. Got mi max 3, 6.99 inches. Amazing phone. Had mi max 1 before.

      • That's what she said

        • She wants you to go big

          • @fan8956: For a bigger screen phone yeah…likely to break as it doesn't fit most pockets.

    • +5

      I'm not sure the specs are correct here. Mi Max is giant, mi mix 3 (current phone) is same size as Galaxy s9.

      Remember it has no bezels really, so the entire phone is pretty much the size.

      This phone is easily a single hand phone.

      Edit: phone is 6.4 inches diagonal, and has the weird 19.5:9 ratio - it's tall, but narrow

    • +2

      It's pretty much the same size as Mate 20 Pro which can be similar to a normal 5.5" phones

    • +2

      With your hand

    • +1

      Rofl that's not big. I got a mate 20x, 7.2 inches

  • Screen is smaller than your specs say it is

  • -1

    How much cashback do you get on this ?

  • +2

    How does this compare with Mi 9T Pro?

    • Same question here

      • +1

        Mi9T Pro SD855 vs SD845, better camera setup (+ ultrawide) but probably no real difference in quality. Bigger battery.

        Mix3 probably better construction, wireless charge, good rear fingerprint vs crappy in screen one on Mi9/T/TPro.

        Would buy Mix3 if it had sd855 :( hate in-screen fp.

        • +1

          mix 3 5g had sd855

        • +3

          Just a reminder: Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro) exists and it costs the same. The hardware on K20 is latest and greatest for the price. Mi Mix 3 is now old.

          Was about to post that comment and saw you guys talking about it. I'm typing right now on the Mi 9t Pro. It's pretty good. If you look at YouTube comparisons you'll see the camera on 9T is almost the same quality as One Plus 7/7 Pro which is double the cost. All I want to say here is if you're comparing Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9T/Pro, go for the 9T it costs the same with latest hardware.

          But if I had the money I'd get the Note 10+.

    • +1

      Found this https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9256&idPhone2... not very helpful for hands-on comparison.

    • I would go with the 9T pro.

      • Where to buy it from though?

        • I don't know, since I couldnt find it with warranty in Australia, I got the P30 Pro.

      • +3

        There's newer 9t pro with 855+ in China.

  • Is this dual sim? The item description mentions a SIM 1 & SIM 2.

  • Battery not 4000mah

  • +1

    Mi Mix Alpha is where it's at ;)

    • +2

      It's $4000!!!

      • +1

        Probably $8,000 if JB Hifi ever sells it

      • +1

        "The mission of Mi MIX concept smartphone is to make a truly disruptive product without considering the costs and return, and without considering mass production," says Xiaomi.

    • +2

      The charging animation is sweet

    • That's a dumb arse idea having a screen on both sides.

      • K

  • +1

    Have no need for this but damn that's a nice deal on a nice phone.

  • +1

    Been umming and ahhing about which new phone to grab, was leaning towards the 9t Pro (largely due to the 3.5mm Jack), but this is a killer price.

    That said, I see the 'new' mi 9 was just announced as well which may drive more price drops asking the Xiaomi range.

    And that's to say nothing of the hilarious Alpha

    • yea the new Mi 9 Pro 5G is what I'll be waiting for. Curious to know if and when Xiaomi Australia will start to sell this model

  • Only problem with xiaomi phones is there is nowhere to service them in Perth

    • +1

      Where can you service them in SYD? I always thought if I buy one of these I am service wise stuck, despite warranty.

  • The Mi Mix 2 had a bug that reduced recorded sound on Snapchat to be very low (due to the microphone detecting sound incorrectly)

    Does anyone know if the Mi Mix 3 also has this problem?

  • +2

    Same price on Chinese website, but the spec is 8GB+128GB https://item.mi.com/product/10000123.html

  • +1

    It claims to have 12(700), 13(700). Are they the same as b28(700)? W/o b28 I don't have good 4g coverage here so it's a must have.

  • +1

    Just a reminder: Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro) exists and it costs the same. The hardware on K20 is latest and greatest for the price. Mi Mix 3 is now old.

  • +2

    I've got the Xiaomi Mi 9 for about $550 from geekbuying about 4 months ago, but I'm considering the Mi Mix 3 simply because of the fingerprint scanner. The in-display scanner is just not as good as my previous phone Mi A1, and that was a budget phone! Face recognition is fast, but I don't think it's very secure. I find myself wishing I had a proper fingerprint scanner every time i have a failed read on my Mi 9, which is about a third of the time, and it's significantly slower. The Mi MIx 3 seems to be the closest to Mi 9 spec-wise in the Xiaomi range. It is a tiny step back, but not a huge one for the benefit of the fingerprint scanner. But, I do think I'll miss the ultra-wide camera lens on the Mi 9.

    • Similar to you, i switched from mate 10 pro to mate 20 pro. The back finger print scanner of the 10 pro is so much faster than the in-display scanner of the 20 pro.

    • I am using a Mi A1 too thinking a upgrade. Do you think MIUI is as good as Google Android One? (interface wise and speed?)

  • Well the new mi mix 4 prototype $5000 and yup you can start taking orders, and dam it's no phone you have seen.

    Personally I adore the mi max 3, but the pocof1 phones bad ass for the price, nothing as bad as as the Asus Rog 2, that's a phone that will make you evaluate your life.

  • does it support band 28 for telstra?

  • +1

    Does it support VoLTE/VoWiFi on Telstra?

    • +1

      That comes standard with Android 9. Previously it was up to the makers of these phones to enable the functionality, but that's no longer the case with Android 9 (pie) and future versions.

      The real pain is finding out who does and who doesn't support Volte/Vowifi from each provider. Even then, some limit it to post paid services only, and pre-paid folk miss out.

  • What are android updates like with these phones?

    • Surprisingly good, I found quicker than Samsung but obviously not Open Android so takes a little bit longer than your Pixel 3s.

  • -1


  • This or Mi 9? similar price, mi9 better camera according to DXOMARK and better CPU 855

  • Screen IRL isnt that impressive when put next to samsung or huawei phones. I think the mi9 screen even looks better.
    weird since the display is what the mix is all about

  • I picked the Mi9 as my end choice being practical and affordable over something more novel.

    Mi9: Quicker charger, better camera and slightly better specs. Was cheaper at the time too.

    I came to the conclusion Mix 3 was more unique:
    Nice ceramic coating
    Cute sliding mechanism
    More fun look overall

    • Pretty sure it's just ceramic and is not just a coating. The wireless charging is the only one quicker. The Mix 3 also supports 27W wired.

  • I still think oneplus 7 is the better phone no bloatware. Best OS no stuffing around.

  • The last Xiaomi I had, I needed to disable power saving because it kept killing apps in the background, and install Nova Launcher because it didn't have an app drawer. Admittedly things have come a long way since the Mi 5, but the OS in most Chinese phones still kills apps like no tomorrow

    • Except oxygen os try that, its better than stock android and all launchers. You don't ever touch Samsung again don't even bother with Xiaomi

      • I agree. I have an OP5 and it's a fantastic device

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