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Edifier R1280DB Studio Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker $116 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same as this popular deal but slightly dearer.

Amazon Lightning Deal. Good speakers for the price.

From Amazon:

Edifier R1280DB 2.0 Lifestyle Studio Speakers with Bluetooth and Optical Input - 2x 21W - Dual RCA to Dual RCA, 3.5mm to RCA, Optical Inputs - Wireless Remote Control - Bass, treble and master volume dials - R1280DB-BR - 2 Years Limited Warranty

Features & details
BLUETOOTH WIRELESS - Popular classic bookshelf speakers now can be enjoyed without the hassle of wires. Simply connection to an iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC or Mac.
STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Naturally fine tuned sound reproduction from 4 inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter.
OPTICAL AND COAXIAL INPUTS - Digital inputs to enable lossless connection to most TV and computers.
REMOTE CONTROL - Adjust the volume and toggle inputs at your fingertips. Bass and treble control located on the side of main speaker.

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  • We use them for the TV via optical input, and Bluetooth for music off phones. Great sound quality; I'm no audiophile but they sound better than my Bose QC35 headphones? That's a poor comparison but the best I can do. They go quite loud without any distortion, and are way too loud to use at full volume in a medium sized room.
    At this price point I'd pretty confidently pin a "best in show" ribbon on these bad boys.

  • Bought them at last lightning deal for a little bit more than this. Great sound. People complain about lack of bass, but I actually had to turn the bass down as I found it a bit too much. Sounds perfect now.

    • the complaints about lack of bass are probably aimed more at how deep/low it can go, not how loud it can be at say 60-100Hz (which is not that low).

      Edifier rate them down to 55Hz which is decent for bookshelf speakers with only 4" woofers, but not that low at all in the grand scheme of things. Definitely fair for people to say you need a sub for a full range experience, but doesn't make these any less of a deal for what you pay.

  • Anyone have an opinion on how these would compare to the entry Yamaha soundbar that ozb loves for using with a wall mounted TV…?

  • Annoying thing about these for TV is that you'll need to use a seperate remote to control volume.

    • There is a solution if you must only use the TV remote.
      (Before purchasing the Edifier’s make sure your TV has a 3.5mm headphone output & ‘variable’ volume option in the settings when something is plugged in.)

      1. Connect the 3.5mm headphone output from the TV to the RCA auxiliary inputs on the Edifier (3.5mm to RCA cable should be included).
      2. Make sure your TV’s headphone out volume is set to ‘variable’.
      3. Leave the speakers at whatever volume you prefer (start with around half-way / medium volume).
        And now just control the volume using the TV remote.

      Note: You will still have to turn the speakers on & off with the Edifier remote.

      From the comments I’ve read people can have compatibility issues with sound-bars & TV’s as well. Such as issues with HDMI control & volume adjustment with TV remote.

  • Top work, @op - been keeping an eye on these and this works for me

  • What do people use these for?

    Not even a 2.1 system

    • Our main TV/Surround system is upstairs, so these will be to pump up the sound of the downstairs rumpus room TV (also used for background music, ie. Spotify) which has pretty ordinary speakers.

    • Will pair with my daughter's Google home mini, which has crap sound.

    • I have these in a house with three different sets of 2.1 speakers and these outpower all of them.