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100,000 Flybuys Points (=$500) in 1st 90 Days & 20,000 Points in 2nd Year on The Coles Rewards MasterCard with $99 Annual Fees


Coles MasterCard is giving away 100,000 Flybuys points, yes you read that right! I think it is worth $500. The points are available on the condition of spending $3,000 in the first 90 days and has an annual fees of $99. Then another 20,000 Flybuys points in the 2nd year.

When you spend the $3,000 to get the points, you also earn an extra 2 Flybuys points per $1 spent, which is another 6,000 Flybuys points = $30.

Essentially, it's $530 up for grabs at the cost of $99 in the first 90 days net benefit of $430. Another $100 in the second year with another $99 fee. It's a great way to pay for a month's grocery!!

Issued by Citi.

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      I prefer Velocity for domestic.. for international, I like velocity for booking on Singapore Air on certain routes, or I send from Velocity to Krisflyer.

    • Depends where your want to go.

      Domestic I noticed that Qantas asks for more points for last minute flights, whereas Velocity doesn't.

      Internationally, Qantas business class needed much less points than Velocity. However, you can transfer Velocity points to other airlines for international flights sometimes for less points than Velocity itself.

  • I cancelled my no annual card fee in Sept, am I still eligible for this offer?

    • Spoke to them on the phone, as long as you apply for any of their new cards you are eligible for the offer.

  • Get to last step, all look good with Chrome.

    But was prompt with "we will contact you with further information"

    Then no email communication since then (12 hours)

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      Same here, let me know how you go.. it may be a decline for me as i was instantly rejected when applied citi qantas signature, right after clicked that same page.
      Anyhow I will have a big spend next 2-3 months so planning to churn bonus points from deals like this. My credit history point has been excellent >800 anyway so losing 20-30 pts woulndt that matter

      • Nothing new after 36 hours. No Credit hit check yet.

        Not sure if I have summit my application correctly? e.g waiting for the screen to load

        • Did you try the "check status"? Mine says "application submitted, documents uploaded". Nothing has changed since submission.

          • @gadgetguy: It didnt ask me to upload anything

            Just ask for Driver license and passport number.

            • @Daddyhere: yeah I also had the same problem - I just get a "thank you for your application.." message, I don't get prompted any further via email or otherwise - tried twice now, not going to try anymore as I'm afraid of spamming my credit rating

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                @AzzaD: I called them - seems like they received the application and its in progress - Shit that they dont know how to communicate by email

                • @Daddyhere: Thanks I'll give them a call then, really shit for sure

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      Duck citi bank, Rejected, no communication, had to ring up to find out.

  • Applied 2 days ago but they haven’t asked for payslips etc, anyone similar?

    • Got mine approved after 2 days. I have received a statement and can login - no physical card yet though. They asked for my payslips during the application.

      • How did you register a login without the CVV?

        • They register you for online access and ask for login and password during the application

      • Interesting they have different application process….

        For me (and some others), they dont request for any payslips or docs during the application. Just accept and no email communication

        I have called their [virtual] customer service, and the application is in progress. [No email communication though]

        • Virtual? Did you speak with real person or kind of assistant bot? Or chat?

        • Same. Want asked about payslips. Wonder what happened with tot application?

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    Any suggestions for cash equivalent transactions (that are not excluded) to contribute to the $3,000 minimum spend?

    • What do you mean by "cash equivalent"? You can purchase gift cards if that's what you mean?

      • well I was thinking of starting an account with IG Markets. They accept visa/mastercard, and I was wondering if a share trade would count towards the $3,000 spend.

        Alteranatively, could I make advance payments on my Electricity bill

        • Couldn't tell you about share trading - I've never bought shares on a credit card.

          I had a similar requirement with a Virgin Credit card earlier this year. I basically moved all of my bills, shopping, insurance etc to the card.

          This time I have some big travel payments coming up so it won't be an issue.

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            @gadgetguy: I got an email reply from Coles Mastercard:

            "excluding (but not limited to) Cash Advances, Balance
            Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign
            currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a
            business, payments to other Citi accounts, bank fees and charges,
            transactions made using flybuys points and government related

            So in general, that doesn't rule out making advance payments on bills…

            Full terms http://www.coles.com.au/rewards-mastercard/terms-conditions

  • I currently hold this card and my wife is an additional card holder. If she applies in her name is she eligible for the bonus points as a new customer?

    • Yes, your wife will be eligible as a new account holder (will have a credit history check etc which isn't required for additional card holders)

      • Thanks for the clarification.

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    I was rejected, reason is the minimum working year in the industry is 2 years. I asked is this in the t&c, they said they are not sure, wtf

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    Not recommended. After 1 week, no communication. No credit hit (yet) though.

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      which site do you use to check for the hit?

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        Credit Savy

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          ah ok, I use getcreditscore for the actual score, but they don't show any hits.

    • Didnt you call them? Did they at least tell you that your application has been received? Let alone the status

    • Updated: Got credit hit today - hopefully they are processing the card now

      • It knocked 6 points off my score.

        • Jeezzzz it took 21 points of mine. Freaking steal

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      Emailed them and been asked to contact their Verification Team (different number from their 24x7 1300 in Contact Us)

      Phoned them n been told that my application got rejected by the system n not even proceed to their team (vetification)

      Phoned their machined answered assistant to check the status and said its in progress. I dont believe thats the case

      Seems like citi still have a heartbroken with me since I disconnect our relationship
      Time to move on from their credit department

  • "Eligible Transaction means any purchase excluding (but not limited to) Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a business, payments to other Citi accounts, bank fees and charges such as interest and ATM charges, transactions made using flybuys Points and government related transactions.
    Government related transactions include transactions with government or semi-government entities, or relating to services provided by or in connection with government (for example but not limited to transactions made at Australia Post, payments to the Australian Taxation Office,council rates, motor registries, tolls, parking stations and meters, fares on public transport, fines and court related costs)"

    This worries me… so many exceptions and "not limited to" them - so vague.
    what if you spend $10,000 and they decided to count only $2900 of them as eligible?

    So Myki is exluded, what about WISH gift card? Gas bills?

    • Wish and gas is fine. You can get around the myki thing by topping up at a 7-11 I think.

  • Signed up last last week Wednesday, approved Thurs/Fri and still no card a week later..

    • Check your profile - they had my address recorded incorrectly. Still waiting for the replacement card.

      • How do you check your profile as you need the card number to register on line banking?

        • See one of my previous posts, they offer to register you for internet banking during the sign up. If you took that option you can login without the card.

    • I'm on the same boat as you.

      • I'm on the same boat as you. How many people we've in this boat?

  • are deals like this, I mean collecting rewards points more benificial than just going after plain cashbacks ? I do prefer the later, but i just wanted to know whether its worth it or not.

  • Also still waiting for my card. Approved October 6th and nothing since. Doesn't look like I signed up for the online service yet, but the statement I got has the right address.

    • I've been waiting 2 full weeks now and still no card. Contemplating calling them today and asking for a new one. Their phone systems says allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

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    Got rejected, no idea why, cancellation was even so vague, they must not like using the word rejected!

    Might be because I just cancelled the citibank card…

    • U can call them, ask for verification team and request for re assessment if you think you can easily meet the criteria..

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    Anyone waiting for your card, you'll have to wait a bit longer. I just called and they said there has been a "system issue" preventing the sending of cards and it was only resolved today (if you actually believe that).

    Anyway they've promised to send it by courier and have added 4000 FB points to my account for the trouble.

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      I called and they're also resending mine. No offer of points for me.

      • I haven't got it either and applied 2 weeks ago.

      • It was only given after I complained about the crappy service (2k points). I didn't ask for anything. Then after their explanation I said that was also crap and he added more.

        • Keep complaining til u have infinite points :D

  • I got approved on the 3rd, no card yet. Rang them today and they said it was sent out on the 3rd. couldnt provide me a tracking number.

    They have agreed to send a new card via express post!

    • same for me - said they sent out on the 3rd so will resend out another via express

    • the 90 days period starts from 3rd. the day it got approved.

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        I spoke to them twice, and just got off the phone - they are sending me via express. Something must have happened on their end for quite few of us not to get the card. I didn't get any bonus offer like the @gadgetguy did.

        • So the card production is normally handled by a 3rd party with files sent to them daily containing the card and PIN details for new or replacement cards. Either they failed to send the files for several weeks or there was an issue at the card provider. I used to deal with this stuff at ANZ…

          My main complaint was why they didn't tell me a week ago when I first rang up to complain. They said then they'd send it by "express". A week later I chased again and they finally admitted an issue.

    • Same BS story

  • Same here, called earlier this evening and getting express posted they say. No bonus points for me though.

  • Rang tonight and they said there was some system update and my card was finally sent out today, will take 4-7 business day, didn't even get express!

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    Still no card despite them claiming express post on Wednesday.

    3 months to spend $3k and $99/year annual fee and so far they've taken close to 3 weeks to even get a card out.

    • Same here, got my card over the weekend though. 4 weeks late.

  • I got my card on Friday, approved on Monday

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    Got my card today, almost 3 weeks later. Happy days.

    Got on to live chat and they gave 2000 flybuys points and refused to do 4000. This will at least cover the 3 weeks of annual fee we pay for to not even have a card to use.

    • I too got on live chat and complained about the delay, was hoping for the 4000 points too but instead they are waiving the 1st annual fee for me

  • Reporting back that I just got my card today, which is almost the same with everyone, about 3 weeks later. i'll try live chat and see if they could send something my way too.

  • Decent reward for low earning requirement card.
    Wife can apply for this one so it doesnt effect my credit rating ;)

  • Card finally arrived - 3 weeks after approval.

    • Yours was quick - still waiting here!

  • I just got an email from flybuys that I would get 100k after spending $3k in first 90 days, then another 40k points after first anniversary (instead of 20k).

    Is this targeted, did anyone else get this?

  • do the government charges like ato, city council, water and woolworths e-gift card count toward $3000?

    • nope was thinking what you're thinking haha but no. its in their T&Cs
      You won't even get points for spending with the Gov

    • It should count towards the $3000 spend for 100K bonus points but you may not get any points for the transaction.

      • Just got my statement and the 100K bonus points shows up. My $3000 spend included council and water rates however as expected no points for council rates.

  • is this a target offer? as i received the offer in one email, but another email did not receive it.

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    Can Credit card posts on Ozbargain have a rejection counter? There are 6 rejection comments in this topic and 12 on the other Citi card topic. Maybe it will make it easy for ozbargainers to avoid card offers with high rejection rates.

    • +1

      Good idea!

  • I messaged them to confirm I'd met the spending criteria. Got this back after 2 days:

    "Thank you for your email.

    We confirm that you are eligible for 100,000 bonus points and 20,000
    bonus points on the first anniversary of your account as you have met
    the $3,000 spend.

    Please be advised that your 100,000 flybuys points will be credited to
    the flybuys account linked to the Coles Mastercard within three weeks of
    meeting the required $3,000 spend.

    Your additional 20,000 flybuys bonus points will be credited within
    three weeks of the first anniversary of account approval date. Your
    account was approved on 04 October 2019"

    Happy days!

  • How is the exchange rate on this card compared to 28 degrees?

  • +1

    My 100k points were credited a couple of days ago.

    After I finally received my card I went on chat to complain how long I was effectively paying for an account I was unable to use. They agreed to refund my annual fee. It was posted to my account this week and I went online to remind them and they have just done the refund.

    If your card was similarly delayed you might want to try the same thing.

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      I got my 100k too, which is pretty awesome, considering most card offers have points rewarded at the end of the promo.

      I complained about getting my card late by 2-3 weeks and also the application center guy promised me a 5k for instant ID submission.

      Got 5+5 for my complaints.

      • I got 4k points as well as the refund, when I first complained. 5+5 is good.

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    Applied and got the credit card. They confirmed over the phone about 140000 flybuys introductory offer.
    was shocked to a credit limit of 36000 AUD.
    Banks went crazy!!!! giving money away.

    Reduced to 6000 AUD

  • anybody get this with a 457 visa?

  • Please note you are not entitled to the Interest Free Period on Retail Purchases, fees and charges whilst you have a Balance Transfer. This means that all spend will be charged interest at the applicable Annual Percentage Rate from the date of the transaction.

    This means if you do a balance transfer, and want to get the bonus points, you will be paying interest on retail purchases, for that 3k spend

    • Yes. At least until you get a statement showing those transactions and then pay it off immediately.

      They are obligated to apply payments to those transactions incurring the highest interest first. But they won't do that until the transactions are on a statement. I speak from personal experience.

  • We've a flybuys card and linked to my ANZ travel & adventures card and velocity membership.

    Does anybody know if my wife applied for this Coles credit card, can she link my flybuys card and velocity membership to it?

    End goal is for one velocity account to collect all the points


  • Now that I have received my points, does anyone know if I can just cancel the card and reapply to do it all over again?

    • I doubt it. But u can try if TnC didnt say u cant