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Vodafone $50 Starter Pack (Prepaid) $20 @ Officeworks


First time poster so have mercy. Was trawling through the Officeworks website looking for a prepaid SIM and found this deal. Ordered it online and picking it up tomorrow so unsure if these SIMs are close to expiry or not. Don't know how long the discount will last so jump in quick :-)

The blurb from Officeworks website:
This Vodafone Starter Pack is a quick and convenient way of connecting with the Vodafone network. The SIMs are 4G capable for connecting to a wireless cellular network and you can select from combo options to choose what's right for you.
You can use this pack to connect to the Vodafone network.
A micro, mini and nano SIM are included so you can pick the one that suits your phone.
With this pack, you'll be entering into a pre-paid plan.
The plan includes a recharge amount of $50.

Hopefully the deal will benefit someone . :-)

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    Check ebay they sell these for near nothing

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    When you get it, can you tell me what the options are to activate it? There used to be a great data only option on the 50's 6months expiry. I'm not sure if it's still there.


      I've been looking for that too. Disappeared online. Looking for alternative options

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      "Robc" If in doubt about credit inclusions/offers look online before purchasing and/or time of activation as like all other telco's their offers change at times.

      You are correct that they used to have a great $50 for 6 month expiry, and on top they often offered extra/double data too, I have activated many over the years. Now you only get 30 day expiry if activating for data. Keep in mind that you can activate sim for phone and can then get 35 day expiry, still works as data in modem/tablet etc and can then also put in phone for calls/int. calls or still data as hotspot. Just compare Vodafone's prepaid site for data against mobile, check carefully and pick best deal at time of activation.

      Don't do what I did a few years ago and buy heaps of the $50 sim packs ( on sale half price or less of course ) or any sim pack and stockpile as now Vodafone sim packs that are purchased over 12 months ago are void and can not be activated. There is even talk of only up to 6 months after purchase date ( not confirmed ), so just get what you can use and be aware.

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    Sims won't be close to expiry, they're just on a special offer at Officeworks. Instore at Vodafone, the $50 starter pack is down to $30 at the moment. You can buy this pack and activate it in future if you want.

    AFAIK you can't transfer the service number off one starter pack to another.

    3 Options

    First two for calls and data, the last option is particularly for mobile broadband (USB, pocket wifi, tablet etc)

    Option 1-
    35 day expiry
    Combo Plus

    Option 2-
    1 year expiry
    Pay and Go

    Option 3- Prepaid Mobile Broadband

    35GB data for 30 days

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    Vodafone were good with the kits, but now they're advertising the bonus data only if you opt in to automatically recharge. For example, you get 30GB of data and they'll add 25GB bonus only if you've opted in for auto recharge.
    Just a bit of a heads up.

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    It did make sense for a while when the data option had longer expiry (90 days?) but 'Option 3' does seems pretty pointless nowadays when you can still get Kogan sims with 40Gb on Vodafone for 30 days at $4.90 (voucher expiry 11:59pm AEDT on 31/01/2020) OzBargain. Essentially four for the price of the one here.

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    Does anyone know if I can roam for $5/day with the 35gb?


    can I use this to recharge my current prepaid plan?