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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Starter Pack | Telstra 4G | $135 (Was $150) @ CellMate


Coles deal has expired and if you have missed here it comes again.

Boost $150 Starter Kit

• 80GB Data
• UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
• UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations
• Stream Apple Music Data Free

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  • op, is there a sim card in the package?

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      • For the WIN !!!

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          "jv" A win if you are happy to port or activate new number, not a win if your already with boost and want to Re-Charge.

          So not a "Win Win."

    • its a strater pack which includes a sim card

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        Starter pack when is the expiry?

        • Don't forget that although the expiry date might be more than a year out, some people reporting on here that similar now to Vodafone 12 months after purchase they cancel sim.

          They got it sorted after contacting the ombudsman, but if Boost is advertising this somewhere in their T & C you could be out of luck in future, but YMMV.

      • I can port my current number over with this starter pack correct?

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          Yes, except if you are porting a number on Telstra mobile (not Telstra resellers like Belong, but actual Telstra). For an existing Telstra number, to port it to Boost will require a special SIM (contact Boost customer support if you want to port a Telstra mobile number across).

          • @netsurfer: currently I'm with Telstra postpaid. How long does it take to port over to boost? thanks.

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              @Ninja9: Porting is annoying, but just grab some random Vodafone or Optus sim to port to for a month, then port back.

              4 hrs each port.

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              @Ninja9: It's best to contact Boost customer support as they need to send you a special SIM (which they sometimes refer to as blank SIM). Tell them you want to port a Telstra number to Boost, they know what to do/send you. From memory, they use StarTrack to send you the SIM. BTW, it is the same the other way around, if you want to port from Boost back to Telstra later, you will also need a blank SIM from Telstra.

              I don't recommend porting to Optus (or Vodafone) then to Boost nowadays because Optus and Vodafone NO LONGER allow you to activate a SIM with $0 credit online, the online activation process insists that you recharge (add credits to the SIM). Even if you purchased a cheap SIM deal with credits, it will still cost you at least $10. Also, between Optus and Vodafone, I would choose Optus because their online activation with number porting is more efficient. But if you already have a spare Optus or Voda SIM pack with credits on it, then it is a viable option.

              One thing to note though, if you decide to go port to Optus or Voda then to Boost route, make sure you wait at least 1 day (full 24 hours minimum) after Optus/Voda ported your number to them before initiate the porting to Boost. The number porting system does NOT work properly if you perform double port requests within 24 hour window and will actually ended up causing additional delay. To be safe, you might want to wait 48 hours.

              • @netsurfer: how about porting to Aldi $5 and then port to boost?

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                  @Ninja9: If you are happy to spend $5 then yeah, that should be fine. Just need to wait at least 24 hours once the number is fully ported to Aldi before initiate the porting to Boost.

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              @Ninja9: 48 hours and still counting. Telstra customer service doesn't know what they are doing.

            • @Ninja9: I don't have experience with postpaid, but I believe it's a bit of a pain. For people who are on prepaid, Telstra prepaid to Boost it went dead within 15 and Boost was active by the time I had the sim in within a couple of minutes.

            • @Ninja9: I did it a month ago and it was on the spot while I talking customer service agent.

              • @koakun: So you call boost to port it to the blank card and then call them aagain to port from blan sim to boost?

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                  @Ninja9: i just ported my telstra postpaid to boost. i did these steps and the final porting just took 15 mins
                  1. call boost to request a blank sim card, it will arrive within 1-2 days
                  2. meanwhile call telstra to switch your number to prepaid, wait 24 hours
                  3. when you get the blank sim card, call boost to transfer from telstra

                  • @FA: At step 2 - calling Telstra to switch to prepaid is there a cost, and do you have to go onto one of Telstra’s prepaid plans?

                    Seems a waste to pay for a $30 prepaid plan and then port away immediately- waste of $30

                    • @proudwanderer: you can switch to prepaid without recharge. i did that via online chat and were not asked to go any plan or recharge

                      • @FA: If my phone number stays as Telstra postpaid, can it be ported directly to Boost without switching to prepaid?

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                          @Joe888: no, i've asked 3 cs agents to confirm that

                      • @FA: Okay I see. Thanks.

                        However since you said to wait 24hrs after switching to prepaid - and since you aren’t recharging - then therefore you have no credit - so it would mean you could potentially have no phone for 24hrs right? - no calls and no data for internet.

                        Can you still receive calls though?

                        • @proudwanderer: i can receive call but no outgoing call or data

                          btw the waiting 24 hour method was advised by the boost cs agent, coz i called them within 20 mins after i switched to prepaid - the switch to prepaid only takes 5 mins

                          or if you can't live without data, you can recharge the $10 plan, i also asked telstra about this one. It expires in 7 days

                • @Ninja9: No - on the blank SIM card approach, (you were right) as this deal is a SIM starter pack, what I wrote before is wrong. As this deal has no voucher, in order to take advantage of this deal for someone currently on Telstra mobile network, you MUST port your Telstra number to another mobile service provider (other than Telstra and Boost) first then (wait at least 24 hours AFTER the number is ported fully to the other provider) activate the Boost SIM provided in this deal and port the number across.

                  Basically, none of the pre-coded Boost SIM in any Boost starter pack can be used to port a Telstra number to Boost. Even if you were to obtain a blank SIM from Boost, you won't be able switch to the SIM purchased in this deal (which has the credits). So activating on a blank SIM from Boost means you have $0 on that blank SIM after it is coded.

                  Most of us were on previous Boost deals where we got a voucher + a pre-coded Boost starter pack SIM with $0.

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    Does this work if you are on boost and need to recharge?

    • Out of luck if you want to Re-Charge.

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        may be talk to customer care and they recharge transfer the balance or another option is to port out and port in again

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          or another option is to port out and port in again

          that sounds like a lot of fun, just to save $15.

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            @jv: lol i agree but i wanted to tell him that there is always an option lol

          • @jv: "jv" Well worth it if you already have a $30/$40/$50 sim starter pack you also got cheaply that needs to be used up first.

            Lot's of Sim S**ts here, including myself lol

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          Don’t do that. I mistakenly bought one thinking I could do that and they wouldn’t do it. The recharge is tied to that sim. Luckily I could return it but they didn’t like it.

  • GOAT pre-paid plan

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    How much is "standard shipping"?

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      • Thanks. Wish they would just say 'free'.

  • Far out just bought this last week

    • I hope you got it from Coles last week on sale for same price.

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        Unfortunately on the boost website.

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          Boost doesn’t sell the $150 starter pack though

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            @ATangk: Ah right, yep bought the $2 sim and recharged on their website*

  • Noob question but how to switch to boost and keep your current number?

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      When you activate the Boost sim, make sure you select the option to keep your number…

      Don't try and cancel your current number, it needs to stay active.

      You'll then get an SMS to your old account, where you need to reply to authorise the number transfer.

      (Then wait a few hours to up a few days for it to switch.)

    • Just call Boost, that's what I did. They'll arrange it.

    • Thanks guys.. will do!

  • I just want to recharge :\

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      You can. It's $150 and still pretty good value compared to the rest…

  • Out of stock when trying to checkout?

    • Yes I get the same… out of stock.

  • Any deals for the $300 recharge OP?

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    Anyone know how soon we have to active the sim before expiry? Tempting to switch to this after my kogan is expired

  • That was quick.

  • Out of stock when checking out

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      Hello. Its not out of stock

      • When trying to checkout, you'll receive the following message:

        Sorry, we do not have enough "Boost $150 Starter Kit" in stock to fulfill your order (0 available). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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          I get the same message 0 available… tried on 2 different browsers in case of cache issues

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            @13as13: Hello!

            We are working on a solution urgently. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

            Kind Regards

      • Ill be waiting for you guys to fix it then…

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          We are working on a solution urgently. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

          Kind Regards

      • all good now, bought, thx!

        • Hello. We thank your for your business.

          Kind Regards

          • @Cellmate: currently it shows out of stock. any more coming?

            • @ulun-lpg: Hello. Yes we are securing more stock and as soon as we have confirmation we shall add more.

              Please subscribe to the product on our website and you will get notified as soon as we load stock.

              We shall try our best and keep adding stock as required.

              Kind Regards

              • @Cellmate: Hi Cellmate team,

                I just got the $150. Boost mobile but it already unpack. What happen with my item???

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    When do I have to activate this by? my current plan expires in 3 month

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      No idea about this however the coles deal was 18 months

  • Thanks just made an order:)

  • Working now

  • Thanks Order in

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    OP. when must this be activated by?

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    Still getting this "Sorry, we do not have enough "Boost $150 Starter Kit" in stock to fulfill your order (0 available). We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

    • Maybe they're actually out of stock now. Given the popularity of it on OzB, wouldnt be surprised.

      • Hello. These are starter kits and not recharge vouchers. We shall update you shortly regarding the expiry dates on the starter kits.

        Please note all fresh stock has minimum expiry period of 1 year

        Kind Regards

        • If that was posted on your site, I would have bought it last night when you had new stock. Now you're out of stock again. It does say "12 month expiry", but I assume that refers to the recharge, not the SIM and Recharge Voucher code.

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      I have now been waiting for last 14 days

      It took me 5 days.

      When it's done, call them back and ask for credit as compensation. I got 1 month and 20Gb free…

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    Back in stock again. Just got one. Thanks OP

  • Says instock still (as per bargain-lover007 above).

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    Just thought I'd chime in as I saw a lot of negative comments regarding ports taking a long time. Ported from Optus yesterday afternoon ~1pm Perth time. Port finalised just over 24 hours later at 1:30pm.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Me too: two days, but would have been one if the blank sim wasn't defective. You need to have ordered the blank sim in advance if coming from Telstra though.

  • available, just bought it, hope it's not cancelled later.

  • I bought the coles deal on the last day without a SIM card because they ran out.

    I’m new here, how do I post a deal. I walked around at lunch and found several boost $30 sim packs for $15 in the city I also took a photo

    I highly recommend this prepaid boost pack from cell

    • Those $30 for $15 are a dime a dozen.