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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Starter Pack | Telstra 4G | $135 (Was $150) @ CellMate


Coles deal has expired and if you have missed here it comes again.

Boost $150 Starter Kit

• 80GB Data
• UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
• UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations
• Stream Apple Music Data Free

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        Thought to mention it for anyone like me that bought the coles deal BUT did NOT recieve the free $2 sim card.

        • I picked up a $20 for $10 previously. Even better deal.

          • @ATangk: Not if you want/need more data for that 28 day period.

            • @ozhunter68: Well, per month its cheaper than the $150, but because you can only get the sim in certain stores, it was an option to go straight from the $20 deal into a $150 recharge. Doesnt beat the $135 though.

              • @ATangk: Why not use the 28 day service that you paid for first ( $20 or $30 sim pack ) before Re-Charging as your Re-Charge does not expire for a year + anyway?

                • @ozhunter68: Thats what I am saying by saying its even better deal. $10 for a month is cheaper than $150 per year…

  • I can't find any information about when we need to activate the service by. I called them at 1300 446 929, no one answered.


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      Hello. These are starter kits and not recharge vouchers. We shall update you shortly regarding the expiry dates on the starter kits.

      Please note all fresh stock has minimum expiry period of 1 year

      Kind Regards

      • Hey Cellmate waiting for the answer to this too :). Need to port at the end of February

        • Hello!

          All Boost $150 starter kits have an expiry of more than 1 year so yes you can buy now and use in Feb

          Kind Regards

  • can i activate/port in in December this year?

    is there any international roaming to receive text message?

    • Considering they have a PAYG rate, I'd say they have roaming.

    • International roaming is only available in some countries… better check with them. I've learnt the hard way that Boost roaming is not available in Mongolia…

      • Not available in Mongolia, that is not completely surprising lol.

      • +2

        I've learnt the hard way that Boost roaming is not available in Mongolia…

        What !!! No Mongolia !!!

        Deal breaker for me…

  • Is free apple music streaming only available for apple iPhone users or android can use too download from playstore

  • Can this SIM be used for an International Roaming? I'm only overseas in Vietnam for 2 weeks and will throw it away after. Would like to make some calls to and from home and minimal data usage.

  • Don't bother with it at the moment you can't port your number over. It's taking ages.

    I think everyone jumped on this deal their network and porting process cannot handle which means it's ozbargained

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    I'm reading mixed reports of Telstra vs Boost. Some say it's identical, some say the coverage is not as good, data is slower, and no 4GX. Any comments?

    • Yeah I am having issues

    • Definitely not as good if you’re going to rural areas.

    • +1

      There is no definitive answer on this because:

      • When you put the Boost SIM onto the phone, it says Telstra. On the other hand, if you put a Belong SIM in (which uses part of Telstra network), it says Belong.
      • You cannot port a Telstra number to a standard Boost SIM, you need to get a special SIM (which is called a blank SIM). In that sense, it is as if the Boost SIM behaves like a Telstra prepaid SIM so in order to port a number across, you need to go to a store to get a blank SIM and have it coded.
      • Yes, we've read reports that people stating Boost prepaid not having the same speed/coverage like Telstra.
      • +1

        I agree with all your above points, but really, if Boost/Telstra wanted to, they can easily have different features/speeds as well as network capabilities with Boost V Telstra Prepaid as it can all be done via software system management.

        I have spoken to a Telstra Technician who said there is even a difference between Telstra Business Accounts/Personal Accounts/Prepaid in that order regarding internet priority/speed. So we can only imagine more variances between Boost and other re-sellers.

        There has also been confusion about Boost whether it is Owned and Operated by Telstra, or Not owned by Telstra but using their 100% same network and other Telstra services.

        To throw a spanner in the works, I have even heard some people say they get better rural reception with Aldi ( Telstra re-seller only using Part of Telstra's network ), rather than with Boost, but can not say that this /was/is correct as there are so many varying factors regarding signal reception.

        • +1

          In regards to rural coverage, my wife and mother in law both think that coverage is/was better with aldi. Hence after their 12 months on boost will be going back to Aldi. They both have Xiaomi Redmi note 4x's without band 28.

          To try and gain some better knowledge about this I grabbed an aldi sim to test and currently have both boost and aldi sims in my dual sim phone. To me there is no perceptible difference between them. They both utilise band 28 and 7. Signal strength is always exactly the same, although i haven't done a speed test yet.

          My next step is to test Boost and Telstra side by side.

          • @ridecwb: Interesting experience and good on you for testing both sims in same phone. I was going to go into detail how you would need to test thoroughly but did not go there.

            It is a bit hard to compare networks but it can be done and your on the right track. You would have to test either with dual sim phone or two same phones in same places at same time. To get correct readings you would have to know which bands are being used in that area ( can use app for real time ), and test 3G as well as 4G as in some areas there are only the Telstra 3G/NextG 850mHz towers and still no B28 coverage. That was supposed to part of the better coverage for Telstra and Boost over their other re-sellers.

            You would have to do speed tests as well as duplicate that in other areas, different times of day ( to account for different prioritization of congestion in bandwidth ), even taking the weather into account. So yeah, any test is better than none, but to nut this out properly you would have to spend lot's of time and log your results.

            Is it worth it? That would depend on how you enjoy/dislike the process and how important to you in specific areas.

            • @ozhunter68: Same bands, same coverage just the speed is capped at like 100mbps or something from memory.

    • Not out of stock. Just bought one. 👍

  • picked one up thanks.

  • I moved over to boost a few days back and I am using a xiaomi redmi note 4. I can never get great signal with boost and I cant use hotspot. Does someone know if i can fix this?

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      Tried the sim in the other slot?

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      Try set the APN manually. It might fix the hot spot issue.

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      "Daisycogs" Not sure if you realize, but the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 does not have the 4G/4GX Band B28/700mHz that Telstra/Boost ( and also Optus and re-sellers ) use, so that might explain lack of signal as well as where your nearest tower is located of course.

      As long as your getting decent signal for data, you have set the correct sim slot for data ( it's dual sim ), your hotspot should work as long as internet settings are correct such as APN.

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    Friends this product is showing out of stock however we are securing more stock and will make it available as soon as we have confirmation

    We shall try our best to keep up with the demand.

    In the meanwhile please subscribe to the product to get notified when available

    • Yes, please back order!

    • +2

      Looks to be back in stock.

      I just ordered one.

      Great deal. Thanks.

      Much better than hunting for one at Big W and Coles. Those places never seemed to have stock.

      • +1

        you don't need the sim to buy the recharge voucher, you can save on Coles gift card and/or flybuys points for extra saving on compensation of the loss of $2 SIM

      • +1

        We thank you for your business.

  • Yep, back in stock. Grabbed one for my car wifi 👍

  • +1

    Friends if the product goes out of stock overnight please subscribe to it as we shall try and load more stock tomorrow

  • -1

    Back in stock. Grabbed two. Thanks.

  • Back in stock

  • My plan expires in a few months, hope this would still be valid by then.

  • Back in stock, just grabbed one. Thank you!

  • I bought the recharge from Coles last week at $135. It came with a free SIM. I"m happy with that. It expires around Jan 2020.

    • "TheOtherLeft" Does the included sim expire Jan 2020, the Re-Charge Voucher or both? T

      hat seems too early for the Re-Charge to expire in just a few months from now?

      • +1

        Sorry, I just checked my voucher. It expires Jan 2021, not 2020. My guess the voucher expires not the 12 mth plan. The SIM card packet says it expires May 2021, so I guess it has to be activated by then.

        • Thanks, that makes sense.

          I think mentioning Jan 2020 has made a few people rush to check their Voucher's expiry date lol.

  • How long will this deal be on for?

  • +1

    Just ported in after starting the process at 1am.

    Very smooth, drama free, no text from Kogan only confirmation code from Telstra

    • Good to hear some of the Boost Ports are quick again without long delays, especially coming from Kogan.

  • How's the stock situation, Cellmate?

    • Hello. We have just added new stock

      Kind Regards

  • 6 days and waiting for my number to be ported from Aldi mobile to Boost! Called numerous times, been on hold for numerous hours, live chatted - all to no avail! Any tips on getting this sorted? Call them is not an option - I don't have the time or patience to wait 2 hours or more to speak to someone and their call back service is non-existent…..

  • Hello Friends.

    We have just added new stock.

    Please note that as and when we run out of stock we will try our best to secure more so in the meanwhile please keep subscribing to the product and get notified as soon as stock becomes available

    Kind Regards

  • What are exact expiry date? Looking to use one Feb 2021…

    • +4

      Hello Mate!

      I guess Feb 2021 is a while away and am sure all deals with all Telcos change for good. This is just our humble opinion that we suggest you wait and buy one closer to the time

      Kind Regards

  • Any porting issue from Belong to Boost? (both using Telstra network?)

    • +1

      I just did an Aldi to boost port, took a day and half but worked ok in the end.

  • I have ordered and paid by Paypal, but I don't receive any confirmation email. Is it normal?

  • called boost 2 days ago to port my number from Aldi mobile, told me to wait 24-48 hours, still nothing.

    • Did the same, mine took 28 hours to process.

      • called them today, they just gave me a bulls*** answer of its still in progress and that they will put me on a priority list

  • +1

    Placed order got no email confirmation and no way to check order status.

    • +1

      Same… got order number from check out but no confirmation email or way to track

      • +1

        I got shipping notice from PayPal late yesterday. I guess you will receive it soon.

  • +1

    No more!

    Gone for now.

  • Anyone like me???
    I bought the starter kid $150 on 5 Oct 2019 but did not get confirm email from Cellmate(it not in junk mail too) is that alright??

    • +1

      Yep only received the paypal receipt after purchase. No other confirmation, or email saying it's been shipped.

  • +3

    Anything received their SIM yet? Ordered in the 2/10, but only received an order confirmation on the day. Nothing else since then.

    • +2

      In the same boat, just tried to call their 1300 number but it's ringing out.

      • +3

        Yep came back here to see if anyone else had the same problem. Nothing except the paypay invoice from the 2nd Oct

        • +2

          Exactly the same thing with me: came back to search if I am the only one in this forsaken boat and it seems that there are quite a few others with the same issue: nothing except for getting charged and an email saying the order is being processed.

    • +2

      same, waiting for delivery, no notification saying its shipped
      ordered on 3-Oct

    • +2

      Same here, just received this email but:

      "All orders are now processed and being dispatched and you shall have your tracking number by COB tomorrow.

      Our first step was to process the orders and get them ready for dispatch and then we moved to updating the tracking nos on Paypal.

      I understand it can be concerning but please be rest assured that you will get your tracking number soon.

      Kind Regards

      So hopefully tomorrow!

      • +1

        Fingers crossed.

      • +1

        Probably smarter to do them in small batches if they had that many orders.

    • +1

      Finally got a tracking number from PayPal.

      • +2

        @Cellmate its not impressive if it takes more than a week for you to post the SIM or give a tracking number.
        Still waiting my tracking number

  • I purchased 2 of these on 2-Oct and still no tracing number.
    I Contacted Cellmate by email on Wednesday night the 7th-Oct about this and after 2 days waiting for a response, I have heard nothing at all.

  • +3

    Did anyone receive the order? I got the tracking number of Australia Post but it hasn't moved for over a week

    • No tracking number for me and no reply from an email and a private message here on Ozbargain to Cellmate.

    • +2

      Same here. Got the tracking number, but it hasn't moved since.

    • I got lucky - was on holidays but ordered on 2-Oct
      Delivered today, first day back at work

      Expiry on mine is Sept 2021

      • Did you have tracking on the delivery and can you check if it was updated during the past week?

        I have a tracking number, but it is still sitting in WA according to AusPost.

        • Yeah had tracking

          8/10 Received by Auspost; Maddington WA
          9/10 Perth Airport
          10/10 Arrived in Dandenong South Facility
          14/10 Delivered in Melbourne

          • @mightyhawks23: Thanks, will shoot off another email. This is taking a long time :(

  • Porting from Optus to Boost.

    Put in the porting request via Boost website on Oct 22 - to date, still no Port In SMS received.

    Called multiple times and was told there is an "outage" with the port in system (Telstra) and no ETA on when it will be fixed.

    Anyone else had any issue?