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R5-2600 RX 580 8GB (8G RAM/240G SSD) Gaming PC: $649 + $29 Delivery + BONUS AMD RTG PROMO @ TechFast


Got a cracking deal on MSI RX 580 8GB cards so we can match the NVIDIA GTX 1660 6GB price from yesterday, plus up the bundled SSD to 240GB.

Spec: Ryzen 5 2600 | MSI RX 580 8GB | 8GB 2400MHz | 240GB 2.5" SSD | A320 MB | 550W PSU | Leaper Case
Price: $649 after R52600-580-OCT
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/techfast-amd-ryzen-5-2600-d...

Other deals currently running:
Entry level i3 9100F | RX 570 4GB for $515 delivered: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/486190
$1499 for Base Spec R5 2600 | RTX 2080 SUPER rig or $1799 for R7 3700X version: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/485952

I'm trying to get codes for all AMD-based systems currently on order but can't make any promises yet.

If you purchased the GTX 1660 system yesterday and want to swap to the RX 580 with the SSD upgrade, please let me know and I'll arrange it. Note though that I can't do the GTX 1660 and the 240GB for the same price.


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  • Is the rtg bundle just the xbox game pass for pc for 3 months?

  • Cracking entry level gaming deal!

    Will play AAA games at 1080p over 60fps nicely! Many of them a lot higher than that.

  • What's people's experience with TechFast been, aside from the slow shipping times? How are the PCs themselves?

    I see people say they use bottom of the line components, but what does that mean exactly in terms of negatives? What am I losing VS waiting for decent sales on a whole bunch of PC parts and building myself (for likely a higher price)?

    • Customer service is excellent.

      The parts are compatible but sub optimal in terms of performance… but at this price point it gets you into a gaming PC which works and also gives you upgrade options in the future (although some sub optimal parts like the basic motherboard mean you’ll need to spend some time replacing it)

      Eg basic motherboard, not the fastest RAM, adequate power supply, basic case which some say is hard to upgrade, etc.

      At the end of the day it’s still a cracking deal and makes for a great entry point at all their various price points, but there’s always inherent limitations as a result of some of those component choices.

      • Thanks for the input!

      • Yeah the CPU/GPU combos they put together are fantastic. I would just warn anyone purchasing that you are most likely going to have to upgrade the mobo and memory in the future. This is ok though because your CPU and GPU should be ok for at least a few more years. Like you said… cracking deal.

    • Literally got my Techfast order today. They’ve been great to work with, particularly Luke here on OzB. Always answering my questions.
      In terms of delivery, I ordered on the 12th September, it was delivered today. Apparently there was some extra testing required by TechFast, and StarTrack was slow by a day or too.
      In terms of quality, it’s pretty solid. The case is the cheapest thing I’ve ever seen. It does the job, but plastic everywhere. Even the cheap cases at MSY are at least metal and have real tempered glass. However, it does the job, everything fits, runs smoothly. No hassles. Was able to install an additional 2.5” and 3.5” drive as well (mine came with a m.2 drive).

      I’d recommended them, for sure.

      • The cheap case and PSU is a deal breaker for me. You can build it yourself for the same price with better parts.

        • Bongo, would you be able to show me how to build it with better parts for the same price? I was trying at CA 20% sale with some gift cards I have, but wasn't managing to be able to bring the price down enough to get anywhere close.

          • @snoopydoop: No need. Check past threads as it has been discussed before. Ignoring price, do you really want a plastic (mostly) case matched with a cheap Chinese brand PSU, which won’t last much longer than given warranty? Answer is No.

            • @BongoOB: I've searched through past threads, and been on the lookout for this type of discussion for around 6 months. Haven't found such a build unfortunately

      • Thanks for the input!

    • I bought this exact deal sometime last year for my ex and I at $620 per system (This offer is really quite good as well). Both systems function relatively well for gaming purposes although I bought more ram. Value and communication was really quite good even with all the delay commotion last year. Nothing's blown up or looking like it's going to blow up which in my eyes, is a win. #lowstandards

  • Isn't the 1660 generally better overall?
    Would definitely pick that deal with everything else being equal.

    • Was about to ask that too. Probably been answered before, but the more I ask the more I’m starting to understand all these new PC setups

      • Woops didnt notice the ssd upgrade, makes more sense now
        Edit: so used to most other components being unchanged, so not sure if the ssd upgrade deserves to be in the title to avoid people doing the same and dismissing the deal

    • Yes 1660 is about 15-20% better

  • Get me the AMD game code and I'm in!

  • Are these builds reliable? I never bought pre-build before.

    • I bought a similar build earlier this year, as long as Luke is working there I'd go again. He provided fantastic customer service resolving issues that I believe were due to the courier.

    • How can a build be unreliable out of curiosity?

      Do you mean are the components reliable or is a data plug going to fall out of the motherboard etc?

    • they do use some lower branded components, but in terms of being unreliable or dodgy no issues there. they will serve you fine. most tech savvy people would recommend you get a better power supply though, as the one they supply is at the lower end - but i mean i wouldn't expect it to blow up or play up within the first few months or anything like that. some people think lower reputation power supply is like a ticking time bomb, but i think thats a bit excessive unless its like a SHAW or some chinese no namer.

      if you are looking to getting into PC gaming they are a good starting point, like with anything tho there are cons/benefits to way up.

      if you aren't tech savvy and don't plan to fiddle with the pc its probably better to just spend a bit more money and get a better spec'd machine and just paying the build fee ~100 for most pc retailers. basically the cpu and graphics card are fine, but will be held back by the other components eventually. to give you this great price, the core components are ok but they skimp on all the extras (to put it bluntly)

      but if you purely just want to play PC games at 1080p without fiddling around (or are willing to slowly improve stuff over time), then this would let you jump right into it for the most part.

      • better power supply though, as the one they supply is at the lower end - but i mean i wouldn't expect it to blow up or play up within the first few months or anything like that. some people think lower reputation power supply is like a ticking time bomb, but i think thats a bit excessive unless its like a SHAW or some chinese no namer.

        My friend got a techfast PC a couple years ago and it came with a Chinese no-name PSU labelled "500W" but that was just the model name, the PSU was actually like 350W if you read the tiny writing on it detailing the specs.

  • +2 votes

    It would be well worth spending the extra 39 bucks for the better b series motherboard. Better tweaking options/ssd options

  • Bought the Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 2080 SUPER. What's the expected wait time at the moment?

    • We should be around our average time of 7 business days from order to dispatch. Thanks for your order!

  • Be careful buying computers from these guys. I know many may have come across no issues, but I suggested my girlfriend buy a computer from them and she came across several issues:
    1. Extremely slow delivery - apparently they were out of stock, but still charged her card
    2. She wanted to swap orders as it was extremely slow and she was not allowed to do so even though the computer had not even been shipper
    3. The computer arrived faulty. It restarts every few minutes and she's been wasting time and effort to get it sorted with them

    Extremely unprofessional with issues. They should simply send a new computer and compensate her for all the hassle.

    • Define extremely slow?

      From what I've read of people buying from TF, they are quite transparent (with build times/ delivery ETAs) and good to deal with when issues arise.

      • +2 votes

        OP has posted on a couple of threads and I've replied saying I'm happy to look into any of these issues as it's the first I've heard of them. Awaiting on a reply so I can do so.

      • We heard nothing from them for 1 week. GF called them, and she was told a part was out of stock, so they were waiting for the part to be delivered to them. That's when we tried to change the order as another build that was more fitting had appeared from them. But she was not allowed to do so. Took another week for it to actually be delivered. And when delivered, it was faulty.
        To be fair, their customer service is very attentive, but that does not absolve them from the issues above, plus time and hassle to sort things out.
        They first suspected windows was corrupted, so they shipped a USB with windows after another week. After more time and hassle, we found out it's not windows. Now they offered to send a new PSU, which will take more hassle and time. And if that does not work, we need to ship back the computer and they will send another one.

        So basically, GF bought a computer that she needed to use, but hasn't been able to use it for 1 month due to these issues, plus all the time and hassle. I will be the one having to install the new PSU and testing everything.

        We would've rather spent 100+ more on more reputable and reliable sellers than going through all this.

  • I’m a few weeks late to the party but thought I’d add my 2 cents.
    I suppose this is a pretty good deal if you’re not confident putting together a pc as the price is good.
    The cheapest I could find the parts without the PSU and case is the exact selling price of their PC. (not taking into account postage)
    -Ryzen 5 2600 $199 at msy
    -Gigabyte A320M-H AMD4 A320 $75 at msy
    -PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon Edition 8GB $279 pccasegear
    -Gigabyte SATA 2.5in SSD 240GB $45 at pc case gear
    -ADATA Premier (AD4U266638G19-R) 8GB Single DDR4 2666 Desktop RAM $49 at msy

    Total without a case and PSU is $647

    However, this is from local stores. Are Techfast using Australian distributers with AU warranty? Cos if they are not, they may have to send components back to country of origin if something goes wrong… meaning huge delays and inferior warranty conditions. Many sellers sell what are called grey goods. Luke would have to verify whether they get all their products from Australian registered distributors.

    Also any computer company who encourages people to purchase such a dodgy case and PSU for a gaming computer I dunno if they can be recommended. No gaming computer should ever be built in that thing with such a dodgy PSU.

    I believe they use the Master PSU (not coolermaster but Master) which is a horrible PSU not certified to even work properly with new platforms. Electricity is like blood flowing through a PC. Even if it doesn’t catch on fire a low-quality PSU’s voltage distribution can be dodgy which causes crashes, instability and strange things occurring in the background. Paired crap looking case that has abysmal airflow it will likely lead to shortened component lifespan at the least (if it doesn’t light up your house in fire). It’s concerning as it doesn’t show a lot of care for an unknowledgeable end user.

    PC’s are like lego. They are super easy to put together. Easier in some cases than lego. However there’s a certain magic to building PC’s. Maybe it’s in the components one chooses or the aesthetics and personal touch people put into it a computer. Call me crazy or quirky even, but I believe computers and other objects resonate our energies and having someone slap some pieces together with little care or concern for the end user isn’t very appealing. I reckon everyone should build their own PC and if you can’t, get a magician to do it not someone just slappin parts together and using the cheapest shell they can find! Just my 2 cents! Albeit a little long and wordy 2 cents!

  • One other thing i'll say… is they mention using biostar motherboards in some pc's… i dont think biostar have any local distribution channels… which is what lead me to the fact they may be using grey goods!