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[PS4] God Of War 2018 $12.48 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ EB Games


Far out, absolutely incredible price for this game!

As always, enjoy :)

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  • I got it. Thanks.

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    Thats cheap, drastic price drop. Very likely this will ended up on PSN+ very soon.

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    Fantastic game, but just note the price drop is likely due to the game appearing on Playstation Now, which is Playstation's equivalent of Xbox Game Pass

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      Which, 5 years after launch, still isn't available in Australia. I don't think it has anything to do with PS Now.

  • Thanks, I got it, Is PSN Now available for AUS ?

    Just found out that it is not available yet

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    Amazing price doweyy. Grabbing one !

  • Same here. Plenty of stock in WA. Cheers OP.

  • Is Amazon going to price match?

  • Happy I sold mine on Facebook at the start of the year for $40

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      Lmao that was 9 months ago.

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    Most likely clearing old stock to replace with the 'PlayStation Hit' version.

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    Damn i still got mine from last year's Amazon sale and yet to play it

  • Sweet, price protection time!

  • how long does it take for amazon to price match this?

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  • awesome price thanks OP!

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    Great deal, I just had to GOW for it!!

  • Ragnarok is coming

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    amazon have matched

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    Looks like amazon has price matched.

  • Great deal. Thanks

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    Wanna ask everyone, is now a good time to buy a PS4 Pro? Really looking forward to playing FFVII remake and I think the exclusives are going to make the wait worth while. When is the nearest console sale coming up? Black Friday I guess?

  • got it on amazon. at this price, it's really hard to resist… can't really lose.

    also grabbed snk heroines

  • I don't have a PS4, and only want to play this with PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility.

    Surely I'm better off not buying now. Get all the games from the PlayStation his series at $20 anyway.

  • How does GOW hold up on a OG PS4?

    Also don’t forget cashback with Amazon…

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    Also, YMMV but if you’re after a nicely wrapped undamaged game case, better to avoid EB. I’ve walked out with many “cheap” games such as this only to get home and realise they’ve just used a game case off the shelf with old price stickers and dented or scratched plastic that has obviously been chucked around and in pretty ordinary condition.

    • Guessing that's why everyone's so eager for that sweet Amazon price match :)

  • Showing $19.96 here

  • Lucky me, i ordered just before it increased, Thanks OP! Btw - I only got charged $12.47!

  • I ordered a copy from Ebay Northcote, VIC and called to cancel it because i got it from Amazon after.

    Now, on EB games online i have the option to cancel or get it shipped for free for the $12.48 price. Happy to pass this one to someone who missed out.

    • Wouldn't mind although I'm in another state so not so easy.

    • can you pass it to me? i missed it and really want it

      • Sure, can you DM me. Thanks

        • can not DM you as just finished registration. email me; [email protected]. sorry about that

        • can you DM me you contact no? then i can message you. thx