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Pixel 3XL 64GB $673 | Pixel 3 64GB $595 | Pixel 3 128GB $670 | + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


Secured these ripper prices after being smashed with requests to get these back. Australian stock with local warranty. GST invoice with ABN is included, and TRS eligible. Shipped same/next business day. Very limited quantities of the XL available. An initial 10% discount is applied at checkout, then apply coupon code PLAYNOW for the final price. Sale ends Oct 7, unless sold out prior. Enjoy :)

Thanks to lyl for the original eBay PLAYNOW post.

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  • Pretty sure we can smash them with requests to put iPhones at RRP?

    • they wont do thatfor profit.

      How does pixel compares to s10/iphone in terms of cameras

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    No dual-sim. Damn you Google!

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      get the 3A. support proper dual sim.

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        Need proper deal for 3a though

      • physical dual-sim support?

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          No. Pix3A has e-SIM + 1 sim slot

          Researched quiet a bit on the topic uncovered a few problems;

          Pixel 3a has 1 sim slot + e-SIM, however NO carrier in Australia support e-SIM UNLESS you're a POST PAID customer (month2month plan customer);

          • Optus - e-SIM only for Post paid
          • Telstra - e-SIM only for Post paid
          • Amaysim - no e-SIM support, no ETA
          • Boost - no e-SIM support, no ETA

          My dream would be to have 2 e-SIMs for Pre-Paids allowing me to bounce between cheap plans but… not yet :(

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            however NO carrier in Australia support e-SIM UNLESS you're a POST PAID customer (month2month plan customer)

            Telstra prepaid does support esim for phones

            • @snvl: I talked with online chat AND I went into a T-store and both said no, only postpaid plans.

              Which Pre-Paid option do you use and/or how did you activate it with a QR code? Which store gave you the QR code, etc etc? Which device do you have? iPhone / Pix 3a / ???

              Details would be nice so I can take the same route as they've denied me left and right

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                @Jay-rad: Check here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2763206

                Several people have been able to do it.

                Telstra FAQ also state it is available: https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/mobiles-tablets/...

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                  @snvl: Thanks

                  Looks like a total shitshow reading that thread unless you have a iPhone (which is the only eSIM supported brand on Telstra network). TL:DR Pixel's eSIM activation requires using iPhone eSIM activation link on your Pixel device and Pray that it works, because Telstra doesnt sell that phone so won't help.

                  Seems Pre-Paid eSIM is only for iPhone, unless you try to brute force it onto your Pixel 3a (mentioned in that thread)

                  I guess Vodafone is the easy way.

                  Cheers for that juicy info

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            @Jay-rad: Vodafone supports e-sim on pre-paid..and as snvl said telstra pre-paid as well.

            • @alterego13: I'll update my notes for Vodafone (I might switch from Optus to Voda then :)))) )

              Telstra said no to my eSIM inquiry both in store and on-line chat for activating my eSIM on their PrePaid

          • @Jay-rad: cheers. hoping the pixel 4 will have proper (physical) dual-sim support.

      • +1

        It's a shame that Google supports in on the low end version of Pixel but not these ones. I don't want to get a low end version just because it supports dual sim. Plenty of other options otherwise.

      • That plastic phone with bezels from 2012 and the midrange soc?

        No thanks.

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      Please read the OP.

      • +2

        sorry, i had it on the cart. i had to remove it and add it back.

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      Hi snvl,

      The price is correct, an initial 10% discount gets applied on the price when you add the item to the cart, and then please apply PLAYNOW at checkout for an additional 15% off for the final price.

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      • Can we have Huawei phone deals? :)

        • +1

          Hi BrianGriffin,

          Please feel free to check out our current Huawei range, we currently have some deals on the Huawei Nova 3e and Y7 Pro.

          • @lyl: Hi lyl
            This deal mentions 'Pixel 3 128GB $670' is that specific colours only?
            I'm looking at a 128gb black (non XL) and it's coming to almost $800, even after both discounts

            The deal for the regular 3 64gb works fine for me though ~$600

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    no deal for P30 Pro….

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    A 3 XL 128 GB deal please 😇

    • Yes, would be easy more tempted for a 128gb

  • Thanks OP! Been keeping an eye on this for a while. Wanted to pick up one for my pa because he loves photography - and you post this today! <3 Nabbed one!

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      pick up one for my pa because he loves photography

      For your Personal Assistant?! Geez, you're a generous employer! :)

    • +1

      Are you hiring? ;)

    • -1

      If they love photography, you buy them a camera. Just FYI.

      • Not photography in a professional sense, think more of frequent phone snapper.

        • -1

          So just a normal person. If they are into photography there are better phones for that with manual modes, optical zoom, wide angle lens etc.

      • Nah mate.

        • -1

          Yep I know a person who loves watching movies on a big screen TV, so I bought them an iPhone 5c.

    • Edit: *Pa as in Papa haha

      ( r/woosh on my part, sorry )

      Thanks for the evening chuckle tho!

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    Need deal on mate 20 pro

    • +1

      And the non Pro version :)

    • Have been waiting for one too!

  • +6

    Thanks OP, and sorry again for the early mess.

    finally got one. great use of the 18% gift cards. ~$488

  • +1

    Thanks. Grabbed a 3XL. Good price.

  • Awesome, thanks for the heads up tightarse. Got a 3XL. A bit better than the $1500 Telstra is looking to sell them for.

    • -3

      LOL most retailers THAT ARE COMPETITIVE are around $150 -$200 more than this offer . Don't get your comparison with the highest one around ?

      Note EBC the bold letters lol !

      • +2

        EBC didn't say anything ABOUT BEING COMPETITIVE.

        Note profar the BOLD letters LOL !

  • It says this code cannot be applied to your order when trying to purchase the 3XL?

  • +1

    Anyone switch from the S10 to the Pixel 3/3XL ?

    • +1

      I have 10e and would not switch to Pixel 3.

      Only thing I miss about the Pixels is the Google Photos and unlimited photo storage. OneDrive is just hopeless.

      And of course the clean Android OS, but nowadays Samsung OS is quite good also :)

      • +1

        Why don't you use Google Photos on the S10e?

        • Oh I have it on my 10e but I wouldn’t get unlimited storage without a pixel phone. And I have ~400gb free storage on OneDrive…

          • +2

            @datafellows: Unlimited original is only useful for 4k or photographers.

            Any phone gets unlimited backups on Google photos.

    • +2

      I went from P3XL to S10e, what you after?

      • thoughts on which you prefer?

        • +2

          S10e was a huge upgrade for me, in terms of speed, features, battery life, hardware quality.

  • is this a bad phone or did google price them so high and they didn't sell great?

    • +1

      google price them so high and they didn't sell great?


      and they also release the 3a a lot cheaper.

      • +3

        Not only price, they are also bad phones.

        No innovation, only one (overrated) camera, ridiculous notch on the big one, no real battery life, no Face ID, ugly design, boring software.

    • +1

      Pixel 4 is coming any day now (but yes, too much to begin with)

    • They were a super basic phone with basic features with nearly year old cpu and the least amount of ram on a flagship android for the price of the most expensive androids. Hard sell hey.

  • This code can't be applied to your order.

  • Do you think its worth changing from my OnePlus 5t I'm seriously tempted by this offer but I'm not sure if it will be an upgrade or not.

    • using a OnePlus 5t too, wonder how much i can still get for it if i decide to upgrade.

      • They seem to go for $500 new but mines pretty banged up I could probably only sell it for around $250. Its working perfectly fine right now, the battery is starting to get noticeably worse though.

  • I currently have an S7, would this be a noticeable update for me? Find it hard to compare phones of different brands

    • If you want a good upgrade, S10e would be a better one. Good price and great specs. Otherwise yes this would be an upgrade, but so would any new phone.

    • Same here. I recently got my gf the pixel 3 and she loves it (upgrade from G6). However, not sure how much it will be an upgrade for me considering my phone works absolutely fine. However, still waiting for the S10 range to go down a bit.

      • yeah ideally I want to make the move to the S10 when it has some kind of JB Hifi deal like I got on the S7, it was something like $200 off, plus another $100 off if you traded in any working phone (I bought a $20 cheapy)

        • I got s10e months ago for $720. Jbhifi deals aren't always the best.

  • Also my ebay account never works with any of these codes, I think because it was set up when I lived in the UK, can I change it to become an Australian account so Aussie ebay codes work?

    • Jump on eBay chat and they'll sort it for you.

    • Why not you create Aus ebay account so that you can have benefit of both? eBay UK has regular deals on gift cards which can be used on AU eBay.

    • This was the issue for me as well and I created a new account today and it worked. Never worked before. Give it a shot

  • +1

    I wish Google named the Pixel XL the Mega Pixel.

  • Thanks OP.
    I actually needed to get a new decent phone since the latest FW update on my international Huawei Honor. It has blocked my phone from accessing any Google related app and I can't even open up the Play Store…

  • Surely the code should be ARSEPLAY??

  • Thanks so much! Been searching for a good deal one phones for what feels like forever!
    Ordered a 3XL

  • returning my pixel 3 from google store as it had dust in the camera.

    worthwhile getting the XL?

  • +2

    Worth the switch from an S8?

    • +3

      Have ordered this to upgrade from my S8! Will update

      • +1

        Please do update I would like to know aswell

  • Worth upgrading from a Pixel 2?

    • +1

      May as well go to a 4

  • Yak, Google stock ROM!!!!

  • awesome price!

  • +1

    gots me an XL!!

  • I’m choosing between the sizes and worried XL is a bit too big, but the 3 has “only” 5.5” screen… anyone has any advise?

    • +1

      the xl isnt to big. everyone thinks if they buy a note or xl that it will be to big, wont fit on their pocket, is to heavy etc. but they never are. u get used to it very fast and u wonder how u ever used your old tiny phone. buy the xl. its not to big, your phone now is to small. u will understand.
      6.3" for a phone is a standard size now.
      just bought one for my gf, she has always owned notes and Xls and wont ever buy a "normal" phone, and shes got tiny asian hands lol.
      i just bought a phone a couple days ago which will be delivered any day now and its got a 7.3 inch screen. im the one who should be scared.

      • What phone is that 7.3 inch one? Interested.

        • Nexus 7

        • oops 7.2 inches**
          its a Huawei mate 20x

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