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Bosch 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine WAW28441AU $810.92 + Delivery / C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


I have been looking for this washing machine for a while, this is the equivalent to the BOSCH WAW28460AU seen elsewhere, except that it has an extra light and a pressure sensor. I actually bought this earlier this week for $892 and thought i got a good deal then this came up. Luckily i managed to get them to refund me the difference.

Voted to be one of the most reliable washing machines by Choice

Link updated to eBay store for lower price

Original Coupon Deal

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    Good machine. We recently purchased one of these and love it. Paid $934 at the time.

    • Terrible customer service. Sometimes you go to UK agents that don't have a clue. Everything takes soooo looooong. AEG/Electrolux is much better.

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    eBay might be the better option with POTTER to bring it down to $810.92 and all the 10%/18% discount ebay gift cards that we've bought.

    • forgot the AU $54.94 Standard Postage

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        It’s slightly cheaper than the $881 that was appliances online recently, even with postage.

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    Good machine, highly recommend

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    Anyone figured out the right settings for washing towels so that they don’t come out like sandpaper when dried naturally? How many towels per load and what setting?

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      After they are dry give the towels a 15min tumble in the dryer on COLD. Doesn't chew power and makes towels soft.

      • Thanks. Will give it a shot.

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      That's not the washing machine, that's how things are when dried naturally.

      When they are dry put them in the tumble dryer for a few minutes on the cold setting.

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        Never had this issue with my old top loader. But perhaps it could only spin dry at 100 rpm or something.

        • Yep top loaders are fine with towels because they don’t spin as fast.

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            @D1977: It has nothing to do with the washing machine.
            The only thing the washing machine can do so clothes do not get stiff is not wet them.

            In the presence of large amounts of water like in a washing machine, the cotton fibres swell, hydrogen bonds between the polymer chains are disrupted, the chains can slip past each other, and the hydrogen bonds reform upon drying.

            When fabrics are line dried, water drains and evaporates causing increased cellulose-cellulose interactions between fibres in yarns driven by capillary attraction. As the fibres de-swell new hydrogen bonds are formed within and between the fibres - it's like setting the fabric in stone. Whereas when the drying happens with motion, as in a tumble dryer, there is less opportunity for these fibre-fibre adhesions to occur.

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      Fabric softener will stop the material from being as absorbent, don't use it on towels.

      If air drying them, try a windy day outside. Otherwise in the dryer on cold with some tennis balls, they'll bang around and beat them up helping fluff them up. It works for puffy jackets/anything with down etc.

    • +16

      I like the sandpaper feel

      • +7

        … especially on the balls.

    • Add a small amount of vinegar where you normally add fabric softener.

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        Thanks for that. Tried that many times before but made no difference.

      • This is the real tip

    • My recipe is lowest spin speed, half the normal amount of detergent, extra rinse, splash of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and then hang so that the washing line splits it exactly in half so it drys slower.

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      I agree it's got nothing to do with the machine machine setting. The only thing that works for me is a Rinnai gas dryer. I know it's a bit of a bummer getting it installed but once you get it up and running it costs next to nothing to run. Gas dryer doesn't run as hot and has higher humidity and all your towels and clothes are soft and fluffy. That's how they dry the towels commercially ie hotels. Not ideal for everyone though.

    • On my Bosch I wash them on mixed setting, 30c with only half the recommended powder on the detergent box. Then I give them a thorough shaking before hanging them to dry.

    • Set the spin speed at a low setting

      When you spin fast the fibres compress

    • No but you have figured out the way to get towels nice and scratchy, care to share?

  • has anyone DIY installed it, much hassle at all?

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      You can get it done in 10', just plug in the pipes.

      • -1

        10 feet?


          • +1

            @corbz: ???? 10 arcminutes? It's an angular measurement or an I missing something. Certainly not iso units for time.

      • +12

        And dont forget to take out the transport bolts

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    $810.92 on Good guys Ebay store with code POTTER

    • It depends on if one has access to TGG or eBay giftcards. If you stock Ultimate Home ones, you get 10% to 15% off. Same if you have enough eBay ones.

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    These are quite reliable. Some nitpicks though; the impeller that drains the machine has a tendency to clog up on hairs and lint over time, and you might get an error 18 requiring to drain the machine using the bottom drain before removing said hair. Also, the touch buttons are a bit finicky, and it lacks a programmable button to set to your favourite / most common program. Also, it will only wash 8kg properly if you turn off the speedperfect setting, resulting in a much slower wash. Otherwise it's quite good.

    • Yeah im a bit disappointed in the pump in ours. We do two loads a week max, its about 2 years old. The pump is super noisy. Ive drained and cleaned a few times from the service door but it makes no difference. Also agree on the touch buttons, their responsiveness is weird at times.
      Would love a 30m option along with the 15m wash. Other than that, its pretty good.

    • I literally pulled a paddle pop stick a 10 cent coin and a round Lego dish from the filter yesterday blocking the drain hose. I can't believe the size of things that can get through.

      • I've never had anything go through. I get the odd $2 coin in the rubber bit inside the machine. I thought they would all do this. My Bosch is about ten years old, small 4-5kg model.

        Should I be cleaning anything? I did once open the drain hatch and all I found was a little water and a thin slimmy coating around the drain hole.

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    Great machine, highly recommend

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    Mods please edit title

  • Other brands are cheaper. Repair cost a lot

  • Whats the pressure sensor for? can't see it on the specs

    • Pipe bursts, it's called AquaStop. The other model has a supposedly less sophisticated one called AquaSecure.

    • The aqua stop unit is just a solenoid valve at the end of the water inlet hose

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    Eligible for TRS?

    • Yes.
      The extra baggage charge might cost more

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        Put it through as a musical instrument or a pet.

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    if you're going to purchase one of these Bosch washers you've got to turn that annoying beeping sound at the end of the cycle ASAP, other than that they are fantastic

    • Yeah, super annoying:

      • Haha…yeah. My wife had me trawling through the manual for that stat!

        • LOL ive been dealing with that beep for 2 years, just assumed you couldn't turn it off. A job for tomorrow.

          • @ddr0001: i know you can turn it off but i'm too lazy, and yeah it drives me up the wall. i should sort that tomorrow.

            • @dirkgonnadirk: Yep, with you on that. Challenge to try and turn it off lol

              • @LANCASHIRELASS: it's very easy to turn it off (set to position 1 (cottons), press the temp whilst at the same time turning to position 2, then set positions 2 and 3 to 0).

          • +1

            @ddr0001: it's very easy to turn it off (set to position 1 (cottons), press the temp whilst at the same time turning to position 2, then set positions 2 and 3 to 0).

    • My 10 year old model doesn't beep at all. Weird that they never had this feature.

  • Hoping for a special on the Bosch heat pump dryer soon. We have one of these front load machines and love it.

    • +1

      Me too, I've been looking for about 6 weeks. I can see specials on here previously so Dec not paying the price their asking now.

    • Same

  • You'd hope a washer made in Germany would last, their customer service locally aren't the best to deal with from recent experience not are the prices they charge for parts

    • I bought a Bosch washing machine over 10 years ago based on Choice review, still going strong (knock on wood!).

      • +2

        I had mine for 7 years, the call out to fix simple problems isnt worth it, and parts are twice the cost of other manufacturers.

        I was quoted all up $600 to fix a simple "water imbalance" issue

        No thanks Bosch, I've bought a brand new one for less than your cost to fix and I'm not keen on dealing with their customer service team ever again

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    Aren't websites like choice and canstar just all affiliate sites who just review mainstream items to get commission?

    • +6

      I thought Choice was independent. They're a consumer advocacy group, and you can pay for a membership. They also do the shonky awards, which I'm sure no manufacturer would pay a commission for.

      Not sure about Canstar.

    • Choice isn't.

      Canstar earns money from their referrals however that is independent to their review and editorial.

      • Well…sorry, I know it's off topic but I have to call you out on that after a little research…

        Choice is basically the Australian Consumer's Association, and is a not-for-profit and independent organisation, funded by members. They also license brand use ('Choice Recommended') on those products they've rated highly.

        Canstar is a privately owned company that makes money from referrals. Similar to Choice, they also have a sort of endorsement program for those providers they've rated highly. Their bread and butter was originally in comparing financial products - Canstar Blue seems to have come later.

        I'm not sure if this would rate one above the other for you…I think they seem to both do a reasonable job, but I'd probably lean towards Choice in terms of being certain of impartiality. In fact, if you look at Canstar's financial comparisons site, you'll immediately see that they prioritise providers who have paid for prominent position (yay for alliteration!), and they exclude providers without quote links by default (no click through referral income here?). To my thinking this indicates at least some small level of bias - if only in their site design and manipulation of searches/reports.

        Info on Choice impartiality etc etc
        Interesting report on Insurance Comparison Providers: (Interesting because there is research here into comparison providers such as Canstar).

        For our resident time-lord who posed the question about review site impartiality in the first place - I guess that's a 'No'…neither Choice nor Canstar are in the business of taking commissions. Both do offer a brand licensing program for products that are awarded recommendations, and Canstar make money from referrals (this is not a commission). Choice would probably be the most reliable consumer review site around, and Canstar is certainly the peak of privately owned comparison sites. Both are well reputed and both rank Bosch highly.

      • I think you were replying to Gallifr3y on that…so…my bad. As you were.

  • +1

    Great machine, highly recommend

  • Carful when choosing your Bosh machine. I was told by the sales rep at Harvey Norman some are made in china which is why they are cheaper and the quality is not as good.

    • Yeah I bought a bosch for an apartment and it was made in turkey, had a plastic liner instead of steel. $500 so whatever.

    • Where is this one made?

  • From top loader to front loader.. World of difference to how clothes are treated.

    • It's a world of clash

  • Any top loader deals?

  • now or wait for the next 20% off sale?

    • +1

      Wait till the next 30%

    • +1

      This model is exclusive to TheGoodGuys. They reduced 20% until Sunday/today. You may get 20% off sale later off TGG eBay, however if you need one now, you get this for little less with POTTER.

  • Attention OZbargainers, I have a favour to ask. I have one of these Bosch machines, but I have misplaced the transport screws. Could anybody send me their set and I'll send them back once I've moved the machine into its new home? I am moving in about two months but I am putting feelers out now. I would buy a set but they are expensive! Plus, what sort of Ozbargainer would I be then?

    • If you're interested in my review, it's worked great so far but I've only been using it 6 months and I'm kind to it, so nothing really to add yet lol

  • I'm interested in this, but I'm concerned about the size. Not the physical dimensions, but the capacity. I will likely be living alone / maybe with one other person when I move out. Is 8 kg way too large? I am interested in investing in a nice washing machine for the long term, but I also don't want to be doing my washing once every 4 weeks because I can't fill the machine. Is it especially wasteful to do a load not at capacity? I also prefer to separate and sort clothes for separate washes based on colours / temperatures, so the size seems way too much for me. But also, I can't seem to find anything of decent quality at a good price that's a significantly smaller capacity. Like 5-6 kg.

    • I also prefer to separate and sort clothes for separate washes based on colours / temperatures,

      Don't separate.

      Detergents are just as good in cold water, the colours don't run and you save on electricity.

      • +1

        You must be lucky, in my experience, colours can and do run in some cases (whites will tinge grey/blue), so separation is required.

    • +1

      I think it should be fine.

      If you get a smaller machine, how will you wash big things like sheets and towels etc

      There's only one program which allows you to put 8kgs anyway. If you set it to that, 8kgs (about 2.5 hours), it detects the amount of clothes and drops the amount of water and time if it's not full. If you set it to speed perfect (1 hour), which I think is a max of 5 kgs anyway, it will take the full hour.

      Google the manual and have a look at all the programs.

      • +1…this machine is supposed to use less water for a smaller wash.

        Really dirty stuff tends to benefit from smaller washes too…the clothes get smacked around by the fin things more I guess.

      • Thanks for feedback guys!

  • Don't mean to hijack OP's post, but we recently bought a Bosch front loader and it's making a weird noise.

    (See my post here:

    Kinda tempted to return our machine and get this one instead but not sure if we can do that… Any help would be appreciated.

  • I had some Harvey Norman vouchers to use and our Bosch washer decided to fail after 11 years. Went into store this morning (so ebay discount not applicable) to see if they would price match this model with their WAW28460AU model.

    Was able to successfully have this priced match and the bonus is $100 cash back from Bosch. Works out to be $736!

    • I can’t find any cashback information for the model you listed on the coach website. All current cashback offers I can see are related to the cooktops.

      Update: found the cashback for 3x i-dos washing machines but not the model your listed. If you got the price here for an I-dos then you certainly got a good deal.

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