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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $66.49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Don't forget cashback.

comfortable and great for gaming for long periods of time in TV mode and tabletop mode.
Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.
Take your game sessions up a notch with the Pro Controller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is sold and shipped by Amazon not 3rd party

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      careful because if you click the link now it defaults to a third party, not amazon.

  • Worthwhile?

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      Pretty damn good, some units have a crap Dpad mine seems fine. Sticks are so much nicer than the Joycon ones

    • +3

      A must for TV play tbh

      Joy cons only used in Mario odyssey, everything else I use this controller

    • +1

      Yep, for serious play, this is the way to go. They Joy-Cons are creative and have nifty features like being able to turn sideways into two controllers, but they're nowhere near as comfortable and well built as this.

  • Just googled switch controllers and this cheaper one came up , are they the same ?


    • +2

      likely a fake

      • -4

        This isn't a fake I've bought this in the past and can guarantee it is official.

        • +2

          Have you purchased from that specific seller?

          • @FireRunner: i have and confirm its what it says it is, 1 year in now

      • if it claims its got rumble and amiibo functionality…then $50 is not bad

      • If it is a fake, doesn't Amazon have buyer protection?

    • +3

      Does claim to be original Nintendo but seller only has a single positive feedback rating

      • +3

        After postage it comes to $59. Better to pay an extra $7.50 for guaranteed official and easier return/warranty from Amazon.

  • Literally was looking at this last night and thought to myself if it goes down to $66.xx again I'll just buy it. Been on my wish list for quite a while.

    Welp, more money spent…

    • Delivery on Thursday to Melbourne. Prime shipping seems to get worse as time goes on…

      • +3

        Probably because of the public holiday on Monday this week.

        • Hmm good point. Must be coming from Sydney warehouse.

      • I've found that they always arrive prior to the date. I think it's because they usually offer refunds if it's late. I ordered from the US last week with expected date of 10th October. Arrived on Friday.

  • +1

    If you’re a Switch owner, but don’t have this controller - buy it.
    Have been gaming since the SNES (largely a Nintendo and PlayStation gamer, brief Microsoft flirtation), and I truly believe that this is the most comfortable controller ever created.
    It’s weighted perfectly, and the offset analogue sticks are superior to the DS4 (not to mention a stupendously long battery life).

    • +1

      I second this (but gaming since Generation 5, not 4)

      This is the most comfortable controller ever created. I use it whenever possible (even with emulated WiiU, PS2, PS3 games).
      The one area where it falls weak is the D-Pad (inferior to the DS4 and Wii U Pro) but this doesn't affect me as I almost never use the D-Pad.

      Not to mention a stupendously long battery life

      This is not bad, but the Wii U Pro Controller has the best battery life of any controller.

      • You're using this on your pc playing emulated games?

    • -1

      No analogue triggers make it markedly inferior to the DS4 or any other modern controller for that matter.

      • That’s the only con. Even that purely depends on whether you play games/genres that actually need analogue triggers (hint, not that many).

        Everything else is superior. The fact that PS is stubbornly sticking to the two thumb sticks down the bottom is bewildering, and the touchpad…well, yup, a complete waste.
        And I do love PlayStation!

      • +2

        DS4 Pros:
        - Better D-Pad
        - Analogue triggers

        DS4 Cons:
        - The shittiest battery life of all Gen8 controllers (and worse than the DS3)
        - microUSB port (vs USB-C on the switch)
        - the touchpad (although I use this sometimes as a mouse when hooked up to the PC)
        - can't turn off the stupid light even when you're not using VR
        - analogue sticks as Juan93 said ^ (similar to the placement of the sticks on the Wii U Pro controller, which also sucks in this regard)

        Despite it's shortcomings, the DS4 controller is my second favourite of all time, followed by the Xbox 360 Wired Controller.

  • Thanks OP I’ve been waiting for it to drop to sub $70

  • +2

    The last one I bought from a 3rd party was fake. I got a refund.

    Amazon au is selling the official one with prime shipping for $66 as well, id buy that.

  • +1

    Looks like it's also usable on pc. Native steam support, crappy manual workarounds for games outside steam though.

    • Most PC support seems to be in relation to xbone controllers.
      The thing with ps4 and Nintendo controllers is, some games (usually outside of steam), when showing keybinds on screen, show the xbox ones instead.

    • +1

      Not brilliant for pc use as it doesn’t have analogue throttles. The Xbox controller is the best for native support.

  • +1

    Um… a must-buy for Mario maker 2 multiplayer mode. I joined last time the Costco deal.

  • For those on the fence, I bought an 8bitdo SN30 controller and would very very highly recommend it. It was only $50 through catch. Super portable, and replicates the old school feeling when playing the SNES app.

    • +2

      imo, pay a bit more and get the 8BitDo SN30 Pro or the Pro+

      • +1

        Much prefer the Pro+ and 8bitdo's entire range of controllers in general also.
        I've never been a fan of some of these newer controller models like this or Xbox moving the Left Stick and Dpad around =(

      • Oh sorry, correction, mine is the SF30 Pro

  • +1

    The price for me is $58 delivered… is it the same?

    • +1

      No, that's from a third party seller (and most likely fake).

      • When i click on the link posted in this deal, thats what I get. I don't get $68 version. Says "By Nintendo" as the Seller

        • The one directly from Amazon AU is out of stock. 'By Nintendo' just indicates that the item is made by Nintendo

          IThe current Listing has:

          Ships from and sold by STORE LHL-AU.

  • I've seen one person comment on the dpad, but has anyone used it specifically with fighting games? I'd like to know how it goes.

    • +2

      Haven't personally used with fighters but it is unusable for Mario Maker. The pad has ghost Up inputs constantly when swapping from Left to Right.
      You can mod it easily enough with a piece of tape to block part of the circuit but does require disassembly.

      I bought the 8bit Do retro usb adapter and just use my Dual Shocks with the Switch, no complaints.

      • I bought the 8bit Do retro usb adapter and just use my Dual Shocks with the Switch, no complaints.

        Cool. DS4 or DS3? Do you use them for fighting games?

        • DS4. I haven't played any fighters besides casual Smash but if you've used a DS4 D-Pad before it is exactly the same experience on the Switch and the Ps4.
          I've not had any input lag or ghosting issues with any of the tougher platformers I use it for (Celeste B Sides, Mario Maker Super Expert etc.)
          It has full rumble support if care about that.

  • For those who missed out Catch eBay has it for $71.10 Delivered (with eBay Plus). Cheaper if you have eBay Gift Card.

  • +1

    Back in stock.

  • wow that's a really good price. making it a bit harder to decide between this or the newer 8bitdo's.

    • This.

      Admittedly I only have the SN30 Pro and a NES30 Pro, but it doesn't hold a candle to this in terms of ease of use and comfort. Syncing is a pain for the 8bitdos, where as this thing just does what it is supposed to do, when it is supposed to do it. Another big plus for me is turning the console on, which I've never been able to do with the 8bitdo controllers - my console sits behind a bunch of stuff, so this is a big deal for me from a convenience perspective.

  • Back order now. In stock on 19th Oct.
    Anyone know the difference between pro controller and the enhanced version? Price seems fairly similar on Amazon.

  • In what way is the Pro controller better than https://www.bigw.com.au/product/nintendo-switch-wireless-con... for example?

    • +1

      The Big W one is a third party(PowerA), requires AA batteries and I don't think it has rumble.

      • Cheers, guess that makes the Pro a definite winner

  • Looking at the review here: https://www.amazon.com.au/Nintendo-NINTENDO-SWITCH-PRO-CNTRL...

    This one is sold by AMAZON AU, but still it's a fake one :(

    • that is sold by 3rd party seller. Not Amazon.

  • -2

    Tried to buy 2 with Maccas Monopoly $20 off $79 spent but were not successful. Maybe I am not new user as per terms?

    • Maybe you are not

      • It's really disappointing. At the moment I have 4 retail vouchers having eaten at Maccas only 5 times.

        5% off or $5 off for orders over $20 for everybody would have been much better, perhaps even for Amazon.

        I would have offloaded the 2nd controller here for $55 if it would have worked out :(

  • I might have to get this for when I eventually buy my Switch around Christmas.

  • +1

    Great price, might have to grab one. I did buy a Gulikit Kingkong NS08 recently and it's a solid alternative for $59.


  • +1

    Finally, I don't have to travel to Costco only to be told they're sold out on the first day of its promo…thx OP

  • +2

    Make sure the listing says "Ships from and sold by Amazon AU" before you add it to the cart, otherwise it will select the cheapest 3rd party seller and you might end up with a fake one. You can pick your seller by clicking on the "XX new from $xx.xx", it will take you to the price page of all sellers (including Amazon themselves). Amazon's listing will have a Prime logo next to the price and "Amazon.com.au" logo in the seller column, it's pretty hard to mix it up from there.

    In terms of the controller itself, I find it infinitely better than the joy cons and pretty much a must if you play anything more than party games (great for smash/fighting games). Your hands will also thank you as these are much more ergonomic, I'd place these up there with Xbox controllers in terms of comfort but they do lack proper triggers if you intend on using them for PC(they're just really nice clicky buttons). The dpad can also be a little finicky if you use it a lot, but then again so are most Dpads these days unless you have Xbox elite controller.

  • +1

    It's a must have if you play at home on a TV, but it's not the best D-pad Nintendo's ever made surprisingly… It doesn't hard pivot around the middle, the entire + pad can be pressed in. (hard to explain but it makes it feel a bit clumsy to me) But that's my only complaint. The battery lasts for ages.

  • ”Sold By: Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd“ is that correct one?

  • No more talking, just buy it because it's made by Nintendo!

  • +1

    Just got an update on my order: it’s expected to ship earlier than expected. Delivery date adjusted from 23-Oct to 10/11-Oct. Nice!

    • +1

      Also got that, so happy.

    • Yeah, appears to be back in stock at present - just ordered 2 for delivery on Wednesday (supposedly).

  • Mine arrived today. It is an excellent bit of kit. I am not sure how I spent so long without it!

  • In stock as of 12th October, just ordered.

  • Looks to have expired, it's back up to $79