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Kogan 10000mAh Qi 10W Wireless Power Bank + 18W PD $25 (Was $59) + Delivery (Free with Kogan First)


Been watching this one for a while. Was $29 a little while ago and then went back up to $59. Now at its lowest price at $25 + shipping (shipping was $7.99 for me, metro Melb). Free shipping if you have Kogan First.

You can get a Kogan First membership included with this credit card deal if that appeals to you:

Is it the biggest power bank available?
No, but good for a spare or to slip in your bag or pocket.
Is it the most powerful plug in power bank available?
No, but 18W will fast charge most android phones and any Apple phone. Not suitable for laptops though.
Is it the cheapest power bank available?
No, but this has wireless charging at 10W, which is what is needed for most android and apple fast wireless charging (most cheap wireless power banks are 5W). And PD/QC3 for smartphone fast charge. A great and rare combination from my research, especially at this price.

Specs -
Input Micro: 5V/2A | Type-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A
Output Type-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A | USB QC3.0: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A | USB 2: 5V 2A, Wireless output 10W Also support 7.5W for iPhone fast charge

Thanks to price hipster for the price alert.

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  • Looking for a fast charging power bank for overseas trips. Does anyone know if this (or any others) will charge two iPhones at once? Also why is one of the USB-A ports orange and the other black?

    • +2 votes

      Compatible 18W Devices

      Connect up to three devices at the one time for conventional charging, or 1 device for ultra-fast charging.

    • Most of them do charge two at once

    • The orange one will charge at QC3, the black one will charge at QC2. Both of which will charge normal iPhones. (The newer models X and 11 can use quick charge at faster rates)

      For your situation, I would recommend something like the Xiaomi 2s power banks which is cheaper than this, since you don't need wireless charging or USB-C PD.

      • The newer models X and 11 can use quick charge at faster rates

        No they can't. They do not support Quick Charge.

        They do support USB C PD.

        • It's not technically "QC" certification, but they do have their version of fast charge that charges faster than the standard 5w charger.


          Which an 18w power supply or power pack will deliver

          Unless what you're saying is that they will only charge faster when using usb c -pd and not a usb-a with the same output numbers.. if that's so, then iPhones are weird.

          • @Herbse: Why are you insisting?
            They support power delivery, not quick charge.

            There is a protocol literally named ‘quick charge’ that iPhones do NOT support.

            You said ‘they support quick charge’ THEY DONT. They just charge faster.

          • @Herbse: Yes the Iphone 11 pro max comes with 18w charger which charges faster than normal 5w from previous generations of iphones.
            I am still thinking whetther I buy this one or ill pass…hmmm we will see

    • Still a bit confused then!

      I’m just looking for a power bank that will quick charge my phone and my wife’s phone quickly without having to carry two power banks. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • You’ll be fine. If one of your iPhones supports it, you can even grab a USB-C PD to lightning cable to fast charge your iPhone and just use a regular cable for the other iPhone.

      See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208137

  • Genuinely curious: what is the appeal of having Qi charging in a power bank? Isn't wireless charging most useful when the charger is on a desk etc (i.e. in a fixed location)?

    • Use a rubber band to hold them together and charge anywhere any time. If you're on a plane, this will charge much faster than the planes USB port and you won't need to worry about cables.

    • For me it's for situations where I need to charge and still pick up the phone occasionally, but don't have access to a wall plug and I don't want the hassle of plugging and unplugging.

    • You can forget the cable and still charge.

      • Fair enough! I keep a cable inside each power bank case/pouch to avoid that situation, but I guess it's not as convenient for some

        • It's more just the freedom of being able to pick up the phone and put it back to charge with one hand really. It depends on the situation you're in.

          I've always thought wireless charging to be pointless like yourself until recently where I've felt like I need it.

          • @Herbse: Yeah that makes sense. In my case, I always use my power bank while commuting or on the go, so a cable seems more convenient; otherwise, I'm already near my desk (with docked Qi charger).

            (Obviously that's not to say that my use case is the only legitimate one)

    • +2 votes

      Good when you have mixed Android/Apple households :)

  • How does it compare to the Xiaomi one?

    • Spec wise they're the same. I like the design of the Xiaomi one better, but double the price 😟

      • The Kogan spec sheet is a little unclear, but from the photos it looks like the Kogan has one more USB-A port than the Xiaomi? From what I could find, neither are clear how the power is divided if all ports/methods are used simultaneously, both state 3A max…

  • Does anyone know if this will charge the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

  • Can this be used as a dock just so it charges both the phone and the battery pack at the same time while will being fast charged ?

    • I got mine today. No, it can not charge other devices while the pack itself is being charged.

    • Anyone know of one similar to this one that can be charged whilst also charging devices, preferably charging the devices wireless?

  • Will this be fine for a nintendo switch?

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