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50% off Premium/Traditional Pizzas (Pick up or Delivery) @ Domino's


50% off pizzas starts from 14th of october so cant use it right now

Mod: Alternate Codes - 829413, 997577, 485445, 493055 (Exp 20/10) Expired.

369985 code is the only code that runs until 23/10.

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  • be good for value range

  • Prepare for 10 different comments saying that dominos pizza has shrunk 95% in the last 2 hours.

  • I'll get this part out of the way:

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    "Code didn't work for me"

    DisabledUser788998777 +1
    "Starts on the 14th"

    DisabledUser7747747 -1
    "My bad"

  • yeh i hated how they raised their prices some months ago to compensate for their bigger discounting they do more often now

    not saying i dont eat their pizza but i generally find a pack of laxatives are cheaper for similar result

  • The new loaded burger one is pretty good.

  • This is more of a sensible amount of pizza compared to 3 for $22 (being a Sunday).

  • It's a shame their pizzas are $15 or so. $7.50 is only marginally cheaper than the usual $7.95 code, why has this got so many upvotes?

    I upvoted the $20 for 3 premium pizzas, because that was a good saving. But with this, it's $26 or so for 3.

    • For those without a domino's close by and requires delivery, "$26 or so for 3" is still a good deal

      • Funny, Domino's don't deliver in that large a radius. At least not around here.
        Alternatively, I could get $30 for 3 delivered from an actual pizza shop that are a decent size.

        I'd rather stick with the Value Range, $15 for 3 for the $11 difference.

    • how did u get $26 for 3 premium? i paid $30.11

      • I based it on premium pizzas costing $17-$18 each minus 50%.
        That's not including any surcharges that may happen.

        Edit: some comments below are claiming prices have increased. I haven't looked tbh.

  • Queue me thinking I am crazy as the Dominos right near me is actually really damn good, literally everyone else that hasn't had it from there complains about the quality :S

    • my domnios is good too..i mean for $7 it's either this or a Mccaines reheat chicken and peas.

      I choose the former.
      i just don't like it because of the fat content that's all

      pepproni deep crust dipped in garlic sauce..yum

      taste: 9/10, cost: 9/10, healthy 2/10

    • Where in Melbourne is this? Some users here might be near by.

      • The Dominos in Cheltenham VIC, 3192

        Swear by it, will always stand up when people give Dominos shit because of that place

  • Talked with a friend that works at Dominos about this; prices have been raised of Traditional & Premium pizzas by $1-2 since he worked last night (Sunday), so typical australian businesses jacking up prices before launching a massive sale… Getting pretty sick of so many places doing this.

  • A chicken, Bacon and Avocado pizza shows up as $23.65 before discount…

    You could go to a pub and get a full size Parma and a pot for less. That's insane.

    • That includes the delivery fee as well FYI (~$7ish). If you add a second pizza or select pick up instead you'll see the actual cost of the pizza.

      $23.555688KJClassic Crust
      $16.555688KJClassic Crust

      • Mine had an additional $5.95 for delivery separate.

        Had another look and turns out they charge an extra delivery fee to my place on top of a delivery fee…

        Cool and normal.

    • well you're still getting a full size pizza and a box.

  • Budget Direct customers received a free dominos pizza coupon, check your emails folks

  • +1 vote

    You can get a half and half pizza from the value range for $4.72 using the coupon, I got half pepperoni and half cheesy garlic

  • Can someone pls confirm the expiry date, 20th or 23rd October?

  • It worked for me for today pickup

  • "50% off pizzas starts from 14th of october so CANT use it right now"

    What do you mean by cant?

  • Domino's seems to be working on deals only, everyday something.

    Wondering if I own the franchise for domino's would I be really happy with this that there would be higher sale but at the same time discount?
    or there is altogether different equation used?

  • Maybe they need to spend less time on all these discounts and more time actually ensuring their staff are properly trained unless they are directed to often leave advertised toppings off the pizzas… had BBQ steak and bacon pizza last week that was supposed to include mushrooms and red onion. Not a single red onion in sight…. probably a couple of pieces of mushroom (though not 100% sure that was what I was eating) and the steak was more like mince/dog food than steak imo!) Certainly didn't look like the advertised photo. Trouble is by the time you get home and discover the crap you've been given it is hard to want to go back out the house to take it back and complain about it….

    Not the first time of being disappointed with them these last few months. Decided after the disgusting offering above that I will no longer be ordering there until I hear they've bucked up their ideas. I used to enjoy their pizzas a few years ago too.

    Feel free to down vote my whinging if you want…

    • +2 votes

      B-but what about the pizza camera that they advertised that doesn't even show up half the time, or only shows up when your food is at your door, a-and how about the GPS that seems to never work until 5 minutes after the driver was supposed to have already delivered the pizza! Surely they are worth spending money on?

    • Don't they have those cameras that check every pizza and let you check the photo yourself to make sure you get what was advertised?
      To prevent problems that you have just described? Or did you order over-the-counter?

      • Sure, but it often doesn't work, or the image doesn't appear until the driver has already delivered, leaving you with a pizza that looks nothing like what you ordered.

    • Agree completely. .I'm pretty confident that my local (st kilda) are under directive that whenever a 50% discount code is used. .50% less toppings go on pizza. They just ain't what they used to be.

  • Great deal, but I was a little miffed how Dominos responds to complaints. When the news revealed Dominos used meat on a vegan pizza, Dominos simply offered to re-make, nothing else. It's a business that has got caught up in too much dodgy practices in the last few years. However, even though head office is shocking, my local Dominos are super-friendly and accommodating so it's a mixed bag.

  • +2 votes

    I often wonder how these guys survive. Margins must be low. How many of you guys add drinks/sides to your order.

    • I 100% just order the pizza but when I ozbargain a free pizza ill buy a gourmet thickshake to ease my guilt for the cool local franchise. Coke, garlic bread, mousse etc ill get from Woolworths whilst I wait for the pizza.

    • Don't reckon the mergins are that low. .. dough costs nothing and the toppings sre so low grade and sparse… Maybe a $1.50 max to make a pizza…of course then there is the overheads. But the actual pizza cost is bugger all

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