50% off Premium/Traditional Pizzas (Pick up or Delivery) @ Domino's


50% off pizzas starts from 14th of october so cant use it right now

Mod: Alternate Codes - 829413, 997577, 485445, 493055 (Exp 20/10)

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Domino's Pizza



    be good for value range

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    Prepare for 10 different comments saying that dominos pizza has shrunk 95% in the last 2 hours.

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    I'll get this part out of the way:

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    "Code didn't work for me"

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    "Starts on the 14th"

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    "My bad"

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    yeh i hated how they raised their prices some months ago to compensate for their bigger discounting they do more often now

    not saying i dont eat their pizza but i generally find a pack of laxatives are cheaper for similar result


    The new loaded burger one is pretty good.

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      Depends which store (and person) makes them.
      Huge variation from one store / day / person) to another


    This is more of a sensible amount of pizza compared to 3 for $22 (being a Sunday).

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    It's a shame their pizzas are $15 or so. $7.50 is only marginally cheaper than the usual $7.95 code, why has this got so many upvotes?

    I upvoted the $20 for 3 premium pizzas, because that was a good saving. But with this, it's $26 or so for 3.


      For those without a domino's close by and requires delivery, "$26 or so for 3" is still a good deal


        Funny, Domino's don't deliver in that large a radius. At least not around here.
        Alternatively, I could get $30 for 3 delivered from an actual pizza shop that are a decent size.

        I'd rather stick with the Value Range, $15 for 3 for the $11 difference.


    am sorry but still too expensive with Pizza @ $7 each …


    Queue me thinking I am crazy as the Dominos right near me is actually really damn good, literally everyone else that hasn't had it from there complains about the quality :S


      my domnios is good too..i mean for $7 it's either this or a Mccaines reheat chicken and peas.

      I choose the former.
      i just don't like it because of the fat content that's all

      pepproni deep crust dipped in garlic sauce..yum

      taste: 9/10, cost: 9/10, healthy 2/10


    Talked with a friend that works at Dominos about this; prices have been raised of Traditional & Premium pizzas by $1-2 since he worked last night (Sunday), so typical australian businesses jacking up prices before launching a massive sale… Getting pretty sick of so many places doing this.


    A chicken, Bacon and Avocado pizza shows up as $23.65 before discount…

    You could go to a pub and get a full size Parma and a pot for less. That's insane.


      That includes the delivery fee as well FYI (~$7ish). If you add a second pizza or select pick up instead you'll see the actual cost of the pizza.

      $23.555688KJClassic Crust
      $16.555688KJClassic Crust


        Mine had an additional $5.95 for delivery separate.

        Had another look and turns out they charge an extra delivery fee to my place on top of a delivery fee…

        Cool and normal.

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      well you're still getting a full size pizza and a box.


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