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Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB Hybrid SIM (+ Galaxy Buds via Redemption) $949.05 (Was $1349) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, seems like a great price for this phone, and includes the Galaxy buds via redemption!


Prism Black
Prism White
Prism Green

Price match is available at Officeworks also to get it for $949.05.

As always, enjoy :)

Get 5% extra off on 1 Day Sale @ JB Hifi

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  • +6

    Great deal, but no love for S10e :(

    It fits in my tiny baby hand(s) much better and is flatter on the sides.

    • I'm on the hunt for s10e. Is local stock dual sim or do I gotta grey import it?

      • As far as I know, local stock is Single SIM

        S10e = Single SIM
        S10 = Hybrid SIM (1 SIM + microSD or 2 SIMs)
        S10+ = Dual SIM

        • Yeah Aus S10e stock is definitely single sim, I've got one.

        • Can also confirm.

  • +3

    if the note 10 plus was at that price with the free headphones, thats a deal

    • +4

      If …

  • -1

    Tempting now…This or the p30 pro?

    • +8

      Who seriously risk buying the P30

      • +24

        Don't mention negative about P30, you will get negged (must be Huawei fanboys lurking around in here).

        • +14

          Do not underestimate the power of stupid people in numbers

          • @dlakers3peat: iPhone owners. (hides and waits for the bombs) :D
            I'm just playin Apple, you know I love ya.

        • +6

          And the Chinese government is after you, if talk sh*t about Huawei

        • +7

          Of course, everyone who doesnt share the same opinion, is a 'fanboy'
          So, if you downvote you a huawei fanboy, but if you upvote you are a Samsung fanboyr, amirite?

      • what is the risk buying the P30 and Pro?

        • edit: forget that, that's the mate 30 not the p30

    • +6


      • +7


        • sure? P30pro has bigger battery n better photo

          • +3

            @Kooratz: And the S10 is noticeably lighter in weight, supports 4K60 recording, has 512GB storage and arguably better software.

            Both phones have their pros and cons, what's your point?

            P.S. I didn't neg you.

            • +3

              @DisabledUser294758: I am confused, should I buy this or p 30 pro, been saving my$500 gc from the other telstra deal to buy a phone to replace my S7.

              • +2

                @Kooratz: "Kooratz" These two phones are both great with minor pros and cons.

                Focus on what's more important to you, then go for phone that ticks most boxes.

                If you are more impulsive and emotional/visual then go for the phone that feels/looks the best to use in hand when you compare both in the flesh.

            • @DisabledUser294758: Easy there "Limboi"

              You also definitely made your point.

              For those prices I would buy either, how's that lol.

              • +2

                @ozhunter68: Yeah, I realised my tone was a little too harsh after I read his response to my comment.

                Sorry, @Kooratz.

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  • +2

    Jbhifi sending 5% coupon on top of this deal

    • Where?

      • +1

        92MNJM7D99S46D - this one, which got included in deal after my comment

        • Riight. Cool thanks

    • +1

      This already includes the 5% off

      • Does now after editing.

  • +1

    Great deal. Bought my S10+ 128gb for 970 a few weeks ago but would have probably got this for the extra storage.

    • +4

      Trust me, you'll appreciate the extra battery life over the storage. Plus SD cards are cheap af anyway.

      • +1

        Unless ufs cards becomes universal, highly doubt the it has the speed to match internal

      • Yeah I could have repurposed the SD card to the switch but the S10+ has been fantastic

      • +1

        p30 pro has the best battery life pulls slightly ahead of note 10(negligible), and 10% more than s10

        • +4

          Agreed that p30 pro has best battery, but I'd rather take a slight battery hit and stay on the S10+ because Huawei just doesn't give you that peace of mind (subjective, I know) and also there's many finicky things about Huawei's that the masses would probably not like. I'm a techy dude so I'd probably be fine with a p30 pro, but yeah it just doesn't have that mass appeal of course

    • Where did you buy it for 970? That's a bargain

      • +1

        Samsung EPP.

      • Not a bargain, when you consider S10+ has been $840 with a case from EPP.

        And when the note10+ was $1039.

  • +1

    Im not following, are we guaranteed to get the airbuds if we buy this during this time?

    • +4

      Yes, except Samsung promotion division is known to be slow with cashback and promotion. So, if the terms and conditions state that you need to respond within 14 days after submitting the claim and allow Samsung 30 days to deliver the airbuds, be ready to accept the worst case scenario that they actually take that many days.

      • Though wouldn't Samsung have a marketing company, or distributor conduct this on their behalf like brightstar?

    • I still got my free 256GB from Samsung long after my launch-day Note 7 went back lest it catch fire. Took a while, but it did come.

      • -1

        Do airports still check if you're carrying that phone?

        • Occasionally I’ll still see a Note 7 sign at an airport, think the last one I saw was in Abu Dhabi earlier this year!

          • @Mitch889: I don't think anyone who still has one can even use it. Samsung issued a kill switch on it years ago. The only way to not have your Note 7 disabled is if you never connect to the internet with it, making it of questionable value as a smart phone.

            • @lostn: You seem to be under the impression I still have one. As I said in my comment, it went back to Samsung when they recalled them. I got my free 256GB card (pre order promo) after the phone went back.

              The signs at airports are likely still up because no one has been bothered to pull them down.

              • @Mitch889: No I understand you perfectly. My comment is with respect to air ports who still think this phone is a threat to them. Wondering if they will be required to leave those signs up in perpetuity just in case one crazy person still hasn't got rid of their Note 7 yet.

                Bafflingly Samsung did release a new phone based on the Note 7 but rebranded (maybe using refurbished recalls of Note 7s). It looks identical to the Note 7, so yeah that's going to go well in airports right..

  • +1

    Got excited thought it was note :(

  • +1

    I think Samsung need to shift some serious numbers now, as the s11 will blow the p30 pro, previous galaxies and obviously iphone 11 series away.

    • +1

      Only if, Samsung is allowed to use their own chips instead of matching the performance with SD, performance would be lightyears ahead

      • +1

        They're allowed to. They just don't want to unless they have to.

        • Not really sure about if they are allowed to due to their agreement with Qualcomm that they must source chips from them, which apple relentless fought.

          But if they could i don’t see why not, cause earn huge royalties when other firms use your chip that you have invested.

        • +1

          If Samsung could, they would do that (for Exynos). Was it just coincidence that Exynos stopped beating Snapdragon after Apple decided to only let TSMC fabricate latest Apple A series CPUs?

          Clearly Samsung has issues with CPU design for the past 2 years and their 7nm started after TSMC. If Samsung or Qualcomm could beat Apple in CPU performance, they most certainly would.

          • @netsurfer: Yeah I agree with you, but under every iPhone the powerful chip has nothing to do with apple but rather Samsung, Qualcomm and tsmc manufactured it. Not sure about the design of the chip but nearly the whole iPhone manufacturing it’s just parts from other companies e.g. screen is from lg and Samsung.

            • +2

              @DisabledUser223792: It has a lot to do with Apple (i.e. P.A. Semi - which Apple bought a while back). Sure, TSMC did give Apple their best: 7nm+/EUV, but Qualcomm 855 did get 7nm from TSMC, yet it cannot beat A12 (iPhone XS) let alone A13. Qualcomm do NOT make CPUs, they design CPUs and 4G/5G chipsets. The only weakness in A13 is its use of intel 4G chipset (it is not as good as Qualcomm latest 4G in multi-band mode). Apple WILL switch back to Qualcomm 4G/5G for A14. We know Apple is not happy about that, and will eventually make their own 5G chipset.

              The performance issue started with Apple A7, in which Apple introduced 64-bit CPU for mobile. This caught Qualcomm by surprise, and even Qualcomm admitted at the time they were behind so they had to rush a 64-bit CPU out (they just used ARM reference design initially). Most people felt the gap at the time was roughly 2 years. So basically, SD 800 to 810 weren't competitive enough and 820 is too little too late. This was also a big issue as tablet war is around that time, with Android CPUs lagging behind, Apple simply got the tablet market. We don't see many SD 835, 845 or 855 based tablets as Android tablets pretty much are not popular anymore.

              Apple A11 onwards also give intel U series CPUs a hard time. People are expecting that eventually Apple will use future A series CPUs for their laptops and desktops.

              • @netsurfer: I must admit, apple a series chip especially the a12x in iPad Pro, it’s astonishingly powerful and little heat generated which apple can easily take over intel’s chipset imo

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser223792: As I mentioned A11 onwards already give intel U series a hard time, you pretty much need to have a 8th gen U series laptop CPU or later to beat it. A11 is 10nm TSMC (so it isn't true 10nm, more like a heavily refined 14nm).

                  So anything that in the same class as A11 or above is quite fast for general public. Samsung did manufacture CPUs for Apple for a few years, but not because they offer the best performance (it was because they offered the best price and the performance was comparable to TSMC; with TSMC slightly ahead in performance now, Apple picked TSMC exclusively from A10 onwards). Only A12 onwards, you could argue Apple used the best manufacturing process (because before than, intel had the best and intel screwed up for years).

            • @DisabledUser223792: "but nearly the whole iPhone manufacturing it’s just parts from other companies e.g. screen is from lg and Samsung" - They are contract manufacturers, nothing more nothing less. If LG was so good, they would have had great screens in their phones but they dont.

              • +1

                @dealsucker: LCD screen from LG and Samsung - well, if it is IPS, Japan Display could also be a supplier. Without Apple, Japan Display would be long gone already (I doubt they can survive long). Pretty sure Samsung had to come in with very competitive pricing to land sufficient orders from Apple. With many Chinese companies making IPS displays now, IPS market is so low margin now, both LG and Samsung don't really see that as a key market.

                Samsung OLED screens are currently the best for phones. But, how long can Samsung and LG make decent profits out of OLED before the eventual onslaught of Chinese display makers start making OLED in bulk? Only Samsung can really make every component of a phone (LG - no quality CPU nor camera sensor), but Samsung still need the OS from Google.

                Sure, Apple do basically ask Foxconn to glue components made by others and sell them for a big profit, but that's what a lot of US companies are doing nowadays. They sell you products and services which use or run on components made by other countries. But deep down, they still have the most critical parts of the technologies. IPS is old tech (Hitachi stopped making IPS displays years ago (they had LG make them), OLED…. well, micro LED is coming).

                iPhone 11 will sell the most out of Apple's iPhone lineup this year and if we REALLY look at it, it has an inferior screen (IPS only and not even 1080p), an inferior 4G modem chip (compared to 11 Pro), slightly inferior optical image stabilisation (not dual OIS, compared to 11 Pro). We know Apple is also holding back (and they did give customer incremental upgrades in certain years; you could argue this year is one of those years). Whether we like it or not, in Australia, iPhones have the most dominant market share.

                • @netsurfer: I am not sure what you are trying to say here. All Apple did is make a decision, the decision to design components in house and then outsource it to these contract manufacturers to manufacture at scale. If Apple wanted to be vertically integrated, surely they can but that will be a poor business decision. They can have their own chip foundry, or a display factory but that would not be a good business decision especially when they can get really good prices from these suppliers and not worry about manufacturing and all the related headaches of operating such a unit.

                • @netsurfer:

                  We know Apple is also holding back (and they did give customer incremental upgrades in certain years; you could argue this year is one of those years).

                  They've gone from a 2 year cycle per chasis to a 3 year cycle. It used to be if you upgraded every second year, you were guaranteed to get a new phone design each time. Now they're reusing the same design for 3 years. Gone the way of Intel CPUs which also used to be tick-tock.

                  It's a kick in the teeth when your new phone 2 years later is still the same design as the previous one but has an extra lens on the back and an updated CPU.

  • Where’s my holepuncher…

  • +2

    Awesome offer great storage and specs. Paid via giftcards to get additional savings :). Need to redeem buds now

    • +1

      Same here.

    • +1

      Where to buy giftcards?

      • +2

        Used suncorp rewards.

  • +3

    why there isn't any special for Note 10?

    • +1

      because it's a newer phone? wait till Note 11 is close to being announced and I'm sure the price will drop, if you are willing to wait that long.

      • Damn myself, should have bought that 899 note 10

      • You don't have to wait a year for a discount lol

      • +1

        It dropped a month ago. We are just waiting for it to drop again.

  • +1

    This or the iPhone 11 pro 512gb for $2231 with no buds?

  • Plus can get another 5% off if you buy gift cards to JB, if you have Suncorp benefits, youi, NIB ect. (If not 4% with RACQ, see the gift card wiki).
    Cards would have to be bought in one lot of $500 and another of $426.55.
    Totalling $901.55

  • Thanks a lot OP, bought this s10 instead p30 pro…

  • Hi there,

    Question to whose bought this phone: does it come with clear screen protector and case like the Note 10+ (I bought it and it came with these two things). I am planning to replace wife's phone.

    Thanks in advance

    • Just bought one, no case but there is a layer screen protector already stuck on the screen.

  • Can you use the JB Hifi 65 phone plan gift certificate to buy the S10?

    • I just did

  • Just picked up the phone. How do you redeem galaxy buds? Ive created an account but the dropdown box for Select Promotion is empty.

    Edit: nevermind just appeared

    • How did you get through the address search step?

      • Dunno, just went through for me

        • Was it through

          • @williamk30: Yes something like that, I just googled it and chose the Aussie version. There is also a UK promotion happening at the same time.

  • +6

    Unable to claim the galaxy buds. Stuck at the address box as pop up message shows "Failed to communicate with address validation service". Tried couple of times, no luck.

    • I had the same problem. Fixed it by opening a new window and log in again

    • same problem here

      • done, dunno what happened after more than 10 times try

    • I've had the issue with Firefox (tried multiple times, logging in, out, different networks, etc) but to no avail.

      Changed to Chrome and it went w/o a hitch the first time.

    • +1

      Tried 20 times and still no luck.

  • +1

    Unless you want to buy a new phone again next year, I'd recommend future proofing yourself with a 5G phone.

  • Tempting deal with the extra 5% off and thanks OP for posting it. I'll hold out for a few more weeks. With the S11 release looming the S10 and S10+ deals may get better still and we
    have until end of November to get the bonus earbuds.

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