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LG OLED55C9 $1996, Sony KD75X95G $3196, 75X80G $1756, 65X80G $1116, Hisense 65RG $956 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ TGG eBay

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  • 60$ cashback via Shopback app

    • I doubt we can get this offer. Tried ordering through Shopback app but can't apply the coupon. eBay saying this code (PGGUY) can't be applied.

      Did you apply this coupon by any chance?

      • I just tried adding the coupon code (went through from shopback app to ebay app) on the LG55C9 and it worked - got 20% off. Now whether to pull the trigger. 60$ essentially mean free shipping for the TV.

        • Thanks for that. Somehow I am getting an error repeatedly. Probably it could be something related to my eBay account. Which is an overseas account?

          • @geowest: Can't confirm as I don't have an overseas eBay account. I'm asking in the shopback post for confirmation from the Store Rep on whether the coupon code works with the cash back. If it is, then it's likely to be your overseas account.

  • If only there were worthwhile deals for the LG C9 77" :(. Cheapest I have ever found it was $7995 + $40 postage.

    • $40 delivery for a 77" TV is a pretty sweet deal

      • Yeah I wouldn't think that $40 would be an issue after spending $8000 on a TV, heck if you're spending that much and paying for delivery, might as well try and hustle free installation and rubbish removal too.

  • Oh man, I got a tv about a week ago. Similar price, but I got the Samsung where I'd have loved to have gotten the Sony 🥺

  • Hisense 75” r7 vs Sony KD758000g, which one is better? Pls advise.

    • +3 votes

      R7 has a slightly better picture, but the Sony runs Android (so you can do much more by downloading different apps) and is arguably more reliable. That being said, you get a 3 year warranty with Hisense.

    • The built in Android TV is a huge plus - it's fast and so much better than any 'smart' feature. Apps actually work, and since they are downloaded from the app store they are always up to date.

      Quite a few software issues with the hi-sense, people complaining about remotes and smart features. Might be slightly better picture quality, but not worth the hassle.

      • A Vodafone TV running Android only costs like $70

        • So, extra remote, extra bootup time, extra power consumption, extra pain in the arse to have to use. But yeah only $70.

        • Not the same. Separate device, using a HDMI port, has to boot, remotes, wall socket etc…

          It's better than smart features, it's not better than built in for your normal use apps.

      • What exactly are the benefits on Android TV vs non-Android (that comes with basic Netflix Youtube etc.) Are there any extra apps that are useful on Android tv/Vodafone box?

        • Pretty much can use like your phone. I downloaded my favorite file manager into the tv, which made accessing movies from other computers and devices around the house a breeze, especially the HDD I've got attached to the router.

          Netflix app from the app store actually works, and you don't have to wait for the manufacturer to update the app : you get the current one from the app store.
          Much better than my LG OLED - they Netflix app on that hasn't worked in a long long time, and LG don't seem to bother updating it.

          Smart TVs rarely have the codex required to play many downloaded video formats. Android TV? Just download mxplayer/vlc/whatever.

          It's fast too. I never experienced any lag opening the menu or remote lag within the Android environment - and I had a very cheap Sony TV.

          My LG takes a while to load, every time, and most apps barely work.

          My Samsung 6 series… 😂🤣🤣😭😂🤣
          (profanity) thing seems to update every second hour, refusing to load for 20 minutes until it has. Once updated, no change.
          Takes 3 minutes to open, just to give me some old ass Netflix app that doesn't even let me choose the user easy.
          About 40% of the time the loading pop-up appears, but never goes away. Stays on top of every channel, need to turn the TV off to remove.

          Best TV's I've owned?
          Sony something something Android TV. Looked great, worked better than anything.
          And a 75inch sharp without smart features, with an Android box. Worked exactly as I wanted it to, with perfect menus and responsiveness.

          Tldr: Android TV is the premium phone, 'smart' TV is that unbranded $29 phone from India, still running gingerbread.

          • @Salmando: Wow. That's detail. Thank you for that.

          • @Salmando: Yeah I'm gonna call bullshit on the LG Netflix app not working or things taking too long to load, I have the 2016 model and it still runs perfectly fine.

            • @Mooncakes: I'm glad yours is fine.
              I've done more factory resets with that thing than I can count.

              Every 10th time I turn it on it seems to have reverted back to demo mode - colors become unbearable.

              It's a great tv, but considering I paid $3400 for it I expected more than just great blacks.

              Might be somewhat limited to the model I got, Google search shows hundreds of people with the issue - but for me it's another in a somewhat long list of issues I've had with the LG brand

              • @Salmando: I have the 2016 LG OLED, and I've found restarting the TV helps when things get funky. I can't find an official way to restart the TV, but turning "ULTRA HD Deep Colour" on or off on one of the HDMI inputs will force a restart.

          • @Salmando: Don't forget you get apps like Kayo sports on Android TV, and not on many others who need to chromecast

            I also like that it's easy to install a VPN and use it to watch overseas Netflix all from within the TV

          • @Salmando: Not sure why software really matters when choosing a tv. Get $70 mibox with Android TV and it becomes a moot point.

            • @shaun1800: Again, that's another HDMI port used, another socket used, 2 or more extra cables, an extra remote, and doesn't interface as well with existing tv features.

              Far from moot. In fact, other than gaming (talk about moot) I can't often justify any benefit of a box vs built in.

              Main point is, if the TV's are similar, or one is only moderately better when it comes to picture quality - integrated Android is a much bigger deciding factor

              • @Salmando: Point is software shouldn't be a deal breaker imo. You're far better off jist getting the best picture quality you can for the price. Also if you get a universal remote (which I have ) the experience is pretty seamless anyway.

                • @shaun1800: My point's opposite.
                  At this price point quality is similar enough that the software is the deciding factor.

                  • @Salmando: But in this case the Android TV was $200 more, has slighly worse picture quality and less warranty, so imo you'd be better off giving it miss and just getting the Android box if your really need to have it.

    • Around $1400 price difference?

  • Got the 75R7 to replace my 6+ year-old 70" dumb Sharp FHD TV. Cheers, OP! :)

    • Hey docpol, what are your views about the picture quality and overall performance of the R7? I am very keen to get one.

    • Might have had the same sharp TV in Victoria. Other than the edge bleed, I (profanity) loved that tv.

      Have a 75inch Samsung coming on Friday - I'd love to compare it to your own and see if I got ripped off.

  • Click & Collect doesn't seem to be enabled on all (I checked the Samy 65 inch Q80 and Q75). I guess they are doing some drop-shipping direct from the warehouse. That said, even with delivery included the price is pretty keen. Although I got my rumpus TV (Q75 55inch) $200 cheaper during the sales a few weeks ago.

  • What's the main differences between the Sony 8000G and 9500G? Keen to pull the trigger on the 8000G 75" looks like a great deal!

    • +6 votes

      9500G has a much better processor (better for lower quality content and sport, and faster to load apps and menus), 100Hz panel instead of 50Hz (better motion), is backlit rather than edge lit (better contrast and much better HDR), and according to Sony, will support AirPlay and HomeKit (iPhone/iPad screen sharing) with an upcoming software update.

      TL;DR: 9500G has much better picture and is better to use. I’d say heck then out in person and see if the difference is significant enough to you to justify the cost.

      • Thanks for the response!

      • Technically the backlighting is FALD (full array local dimming) which is far far superior to edge or direct backlights (sometimes direct refers to FALD but not always)

        Means you get much better contrasts particularly with black areas/scenes, where it shows real black instead of grey (similar to OLED)

    • Local dimming… better processing… better viewing angles due to filter.

  • Must hold off until Black Friday!

    • Last year's Black Friday was very disappointing.

      • really? Hmmm, i dont need a new TV for another couple of months so can hold off. Youre never a month or 2 away from a price low on tech

  • All the models listed come with the 4-leg design stand and they are not pleasing at all…

    • Wall mount and put legs in attic.
      Probably good reason for 4 leg design (safety, stability). Many child injuries from fallen TVs.

  • Great price for the KD75X95G.

    • Just pulled the trigger on the 75 9500g, I was veering toward the 65 C9, but it was too tempting at this price $3195. I got TGG to price match their ebay deal, in store, so picked up today!

  • Oh damn that 75R7… I paid that much for the 65P6 last year. Must resist!

  • 75 inch Sony 9500 would be great but holding out for HDMI 2.1 65 inch + LG OLED.

    Know that when ps5 and nextbox get announced next year it's going to be worth the wait for a TV that can make the most of the new specs.

    • Sir, I would like to join your newsletter or mailing list.

      I take it hdmi2.1 is required for 4k gaming at a respectable fps which is what the next gen of consoles are believed to perform at?

  • What's the main advantage of the hisense r8 over the r7?

    • More local dimming zones, so better blacks. Small difference in brightness so improves HDR content.

      • How is the overall hdr and DV on these hisense panels. I have a LG 2016 75h885t(I think) and have been pretty unimpressed with the hdr and light blooming. Would the hisense be a substantial step up? Its this one https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http....

        • HDR is better but brightness isn't top end so you won't get that ultimate punch you're looking for unless you get a Sony 9 series or Samsung Q7 and up. Upscaling is average. It does have a VA panel instead of the IPS one on the LG so contrast is over double the amount which means good blacks. Blooming isn't too bad because brightness isn't that great around 500-600 nits. Your current TV would be around 300 nits

          • @Monstalova: Thanks for the info. So from my reading its appears the R8 hits 1000+ Nits. Might be better off waiting for that to drop or see when the R9 appears?

            • @hazzad: That's at its maximum on vivid settings even then the highest has been 700 from my reading. Real world picture will give around what I said. Also motion is horrible on Hisense. Wouldn't recommend

  • Does anyone know which LG tvs are getting the Airplay?


      Most of them already have it as long as they’ve been updated to the current firmware.

  • damn just bought Hisense 75R8 @ $2995 two days ago. Any chance I could get the price difference with TGG?

  • Pulled the trigger on 75R7

  • thank you! just order OLED55C9PTA!

  • Hey Guys, I am new to OZbargain. I would love some guidance in regards to TVs. I am looking at purchasing the Hisense R7. Any views on picture quality and tv performance ?
    And I am also looking at the 55in Panasonic GX850 but can't find any reviews for it at all. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Check out RTINGS.com mate. One of the best resources out there for tv reviews and settings

    • +1 vote

      GX850 has quite good picture quality for the price, Panasonic use IPS panels though so you won’t get the “blackest” blacks, but you’ll get good viewing angles. They use their own software (formerly Firefox OS) which is quite fast but you’re reliant on Panasonic for updates. They also have decent recording functionality if you’re one of the few people that still record free to air TV.

      The picture I’d say will be slightly better than the Hisense, with slightly nicer software.

      Another good feature of the Panasonic is that the remote has a “my app” button that you can customise. So you can make it launch Stan, for example. Or any other app, and not just be limited to YouTube/Netflix/Amazon buttons on the remote like most brands.

      • Slowey, thanks mate. Any opinions on LG SM 8600 compared to the Panasonic ?


          To my eye the Panasonic has better colour reproduction than the LG, and I perceive slightly better contrast. That being said, I think the software is much better on the LG.

          Generally I only recommend LGs if someone is watching from a very wide viewing angle or likes the software (or they’re buying an OLED). LGs LED TVs just don’t have the contrast of other manufacturers (even Panasonic who also use IPS panels), and their ”local” dimming is pretty rough.

          At the end of the day though, unless you’re quite fussy about the picture quality, most people will notice differences in software much more than black levels, motion processing etc.

          • @slowey: Thanks mate, appreciate your review. I went to JBhifi and observed the Hisense R7 and Pana Gx850. Ended up buying the 65R7. Paid $1066 after price match and discounted JBhifi gift cards from Suncorp.

      • +1 for the detailed review

  • Sony-KD75X8000G-75-X8000G-4K-UHD


    Samsung 75 Inch Smart 4K TV UA75RU7100WXXY 

    Just wondering which one is better value. I have been googling about it but cant really compare maybe someone can help out.


    • There's a marginal difference between the two tvs and it comes down to usage. Check out the site i mentioned above for a detailed analysis

  • ahh man.

    I had decision paralysis between the Hisense 65R7 ($1096) vs 75R6 ($1399) and now these come up.

    Now I have to choose between Sony KD75X8000G ($1756) vs Hisense 75R7 ($1596).

    Can anyone help with what what is best bang for my buck? I will most likely move in a year as well so I have to think about moving the thing later.


      Have a read through the comments that were posted earlier, a couple of us have posted our thoughts on this.

      Or go to your local JB/HN/TGG and check them out in person :)

  • Nice deals, very nice! Deciding between that LGC9-55" or the Sony KD-55X9500G, with this deal, they are both same price.

  • Just price matched the R7 75" at JB
    Thanks OP!

  • I ordered the Sony 75" X8000G for delivery, and it turns out their sending it from my local Good Guys anyway. Coming tomorrow. Perfect.

    • why did you go with the Sony 75" X8000G instead of the Hisense 75R7? I'm trying to decide what to go with

      • I was in the same position… It's a tough choice. I went Sony because of the Android TV (which is nice but not a dealbreaker), and the actual cosmetic look of the TV. Everything else I own is black so the Sony fits better.

      • Also decided on the Sony primarily for aesthetic reasons.
        Silver border was not acceptable to others. Sending on Sat from near by warehouse, not from a store.

      • Looks like the X8000G has built in chromecast, supports Bluetooth and supports wireless AC which I don’t think 75R7 does.
        Prolly just worth going through spec sheets and comparing to see what is important to you.

  • Thanks OP, bought the Samsung 82" QLED Q60, awesome price.

  • Really itching for the 65" C9, but even with discount not a great price.

    Thought you normally see all sizes drop at once…

  • Would anyone know if any or all of then can watch NBA on using NBA app?

    I've been screen mirroring on all my previous TVs

  • Can anyone with the 75R7 comment on whether the positioning of the stand is adjustable?

    They are spaced that far apart that they dont seem they would fit on a 1500mm wide cabinet, and unfortunately wall mounting for me is not really an option, nor is buying a new cabinet. To do that I would just go with the Sony.


      To my knowledge they’re not adjustable so yeah, you’ll need a pretty wide stand (1600-1700mm) to fit it. The manual should give you the spacing of the legs though.

  • Has the price gone up for the 75r7? it's showing as $2495 ($1996 with PGGUY code) for me

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