Xiaomi Smartmi Natural Wind Pedestal Fan 2S (2019 Version) $161.54 Delivered @ Banggood


I believe this is currently the cheapest price online and the cheapest it's ever been. Kogan currently sell the Mijia DC ($101) and Smartmi 2 ($109) shipped, however these don't have the built-in battery like the 2S does and the fan speed is not as powerful.

There are also some other differences which make up for the big price difference between the two earlier models. Keep in mind, neither of the 3 fans have a remote included as the Mijia app is used to control the fan & use smart features. You can also turn it on/off from the buttons or alternatively purchase the official remote for $16 from Aliexpress.

Without the coupon the original price is $247.42 inclusive of shipping and GST. Having checked multiple websites such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, Gearbest, eBay etc, you will not find one for less than $250 with fast shipping.

02:15 - BG increased the price by $0.70

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    I'm having a devil of a time trying to track down the version that actually has the physical remote included :( thanks though OP!

    EDIT: I guess it still works out cheaper to buy this and then the remote separately from aliexpress… I'm just not 100% sure if those remotes are genuine

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    "fan speed is not as powerful"

    Where did you get this from? I struggled to find any info on the differences of all 3 when I was looking at buying one.


    Got 18 (100%) 5/5 stars rating, must be good quality fan. Just that $160 for a fan… especially already purchased $89 Kogan's fan last year.(before that all fans under $30)


    It's a good fan. J have this as I needed a battery fan.

    Only problem is banggood. Having a massive PayPal dispute over a a high value dead on arrival product and they just ignore me. Escalating the dispute today


    How does this compare to a Vornado? Love my air circulator.


    Is this fan compatible with Apple home kit ?

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    I got the Smartmi Fan 2 (not 2S) from Kogan for $89 last week and I reckon it is a fantastic fan. That natural wind mode is totally silent up to about 25% power (and pretty damn quite above) and it's perfect for sleeping under. I think it's plenty fast enough at full power too. If you want to sit inside a tornado then there are other fans available for that purpose.

    Kind of wishing I'd waited another week as I would definitely prefer this model with battery now. Oh well I don't really need 2 of these…

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    Wouldn't a natural wind fan be a windmill ?

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    Ordered for summer. thanks op


    Just a quick update, ordered fan on 10/10/ and received fan today 15/10.

    I was surprised at how fast it got here, never thought AU Direct Mail was fast enough to spend the extra few dollars on.

    Fan looks amazing and it is also super quiet, well worth the money! Can't go wrong with Xiaomi.

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